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Watsons is a drug store in Singapore that carries beauty, skin/body/hair care as well as medical needs. They even have their own brand of beauty products. In this post, as you will see there is quite a range of products featured here. Let’s jump right into it!
Body & Hair
Watsons Essence Bath 975ml – This big bottle that will definitely last you quite a while. It contains natural extract as well as coconut oil so it doesn’t dry out your skin. It leans towards a more herbal smell rather than floral though.
Syoss Silicon Free Shampoo 750ml – This is a new brand of shampoo in Watsons that’s suitable for dry, fizzy and fragile hair. If you are conscious about having silicon free products in your shampoo, you can consider trying this out. It actually smells really nice!
Nivea Skin Delight Body Lotion 400ml – Nivea is no stranger to most people as it’s a brand that has been around for a really long time. Use this after bath to keep your skin moisturise!
DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment 100ml – Need some deep nourishing treatment then you can opt for DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil. I used this before drying my hair to act as a protective layer from the heat and it smells good too!
Bausch + Lomb Renu Colour Contact Lens Solution 355ml – I’ve always been a user of this brand Multi-purpose Solution so it’s interesting how they have branch out to making solution specifically for colour contacts. So the different between this vs the usual ones was this solution state that it increases wearing comfort, gentle and pH- balanced, strengthens lens wettability as well as contain Poloxamine. I’m just guessing that if you have colour contacts and wants it in tip top condition then maybe go for this instead of the one for the usual contacts lens. I however have no problem with using either.
Gillette Fusion Proshield Flexball – The newest addition to the Gillette Fusion family. This power pack comes with two blades and a protector. The Flexball right in the middle act as a flexible wand to ensure better glide while shaving. My man approve!
ZA True White Cushion Compact 12g – One of the newest products in ZA where there aren’t many reviews on this products so I will share a little about this. SPF 30 PA++ and made in Korea, this cushion compact is good for people who wants to obtain fairer skin. Coverage wise, it’s about 3/5 which more suitable for an everyday natural look.
Essano Treat Your Skin Pack – In this travel size package, you get to try 5 products. It consists of a facial cleanser, moisturiser, night cream, body lotion and rosehip oil. Their products works fine on me. Facial moisturiser and night cream both are creamy base. They all smell like roses but I’m not a fan of the smell of the rosehip oil because it didn’t have sufficient rose smell for me which means the oil smell was heavier. Other than that I think the products are pretty alright and absorb quickly into skin.
DHC Suncut Q10 EX Gel 80g – I personally never try this brand before and I definitely enjoy using this. This sun block of SPF50+ PA++++ is very light-weight and blends on easily on skin without leaving my face looking like a ghost because of its gel texture so I’m satisfied with the product.

SVR Sebiaclear Mat+Pores Cream 40ml –  Another brand that’s new to me and this is a pore mattifier which can be used before makeup and after skin care. It apparently gentle, has an AHA-free peeling effect, refines the skin texture and regulates excess sebum.


Eu Yan Sang Slender Gold Slimming Essence 14 x 15g – The benefits of this products is that it promises 6% reduction in BMI, 14X stronger than caffeine in blocking sugar and average of 1 to 8 kg weight reduction. Since it comes in sachet forms, it’s convenience to travel around with.

Blackmores Radiance Marine Q10 30 capsules – If you need collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants, this covers your beauty from within. It all starts from within right!

Listerine Total Care Zero 250ml – I didn’t like using Listerine before because it’s very strong for me and for many. I believe this is why they decided to come out with one that doesn’t sting and taste sweet! Grape flavour is what I’m saying. Now I can use this without worrying about the pain!

There are way too many products and brands that you can check out in Watsons so I hope this post helps you in one way or another. Thanks for reading & enjoy shopping!


Look Book | The Boss In Me

11 | 11 | 16
Marks the day I officially join MyFatPocket family as a Guest Blogger. I’m filled with excitement and drive to produce even higher quality work and so for starter, I decided that it would be my Look Book that gets the first visual hits. Every time I read a magazine, I love how a graphic designer can make a page looks so enticing to read. That’s something I see in blogs too as I explore! People are getting more creative in the way they edit and I found myself browsing through their post, picture by picture.
My dear friend Christy does some pretty sweet visual so I’m super inspired too. (Go check her out )
After browsing through magazines and blogs, here’s what I can come up with and I’m still very much a beginner at this and hopefully will get better with time! I really am working hard on this so in the meantime, do let me know if you enjoy such visual too!
In this Look Book, the key is to bring out the inner boss. Since I want to ensure that it’s still looking chic, I pair it with a classy sling bag with gold details and the choker neck off-the-shoulder top certainly prevent me from looking too formal.
Outfit Details
Choker | Heels | Bag [ Ezbuy ]
Wide Leg Pants [ Love Bonito ]
Other LookBook shot with her here



50 Shades of Grey Hair Edition


As promised, here I back to hit you up with another hair post and this time round I’m sharing with you the hair colour that I’ve received much compliment with. Ever since I had my hair permed where you can read here, I was saddened to wave goodbye to my dark grey hair and been longing to get it back. Finally, after a long wait, I head back for another hair colouring session and wahla, I back and better than before!
As you can see the above, the colour that I dye this time round was Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1. The first time round of colouring was before my permed and back then I had Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1 which is a much lighter tone compare to 5.1.
My main reason for going back to darker hair was because I can’t stand the dark roots that has been showing yet I wanted to retain some colour, hence, Nic my hair stylist introduce me to Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1 which I gladly took it and now am obsessed with.
This colour works in a way that if you have bleach hair, the part that’s bleach will appear the lighter tone of grey (left section) and darker for nonbleach hair (right section) hence you see two tones on both the sample hair.
For first timer, to have a more obvious result, I recommend try Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1. In these shots is where I’ve dyed my hair with Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1 and I personally have hair that “absorb” colour well base on Nic hence even though Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1 was supposedly darker, my hair turns out pretty well. If you have bleached hair or “absorb colour well” type of hair, feel free to go for it or consult Nic because he is friendly!
Lastly, I also did colour hair treatment after dyeing my hair because it’s a must! Here’s what Nic combine. Matrix Biolage Cera-Vital Repair Colourcare Treatment + MaxCare Moroccan Organics Argan Oil Pure Nourishing Hair Mask. With these complete, I leave the salon with beautiful soft hair!

If you want to get this hair colour, do contact Nic from Headlines Hairdressing at +65 62216866. Also, check with them if the Hair Dye Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1 is available if you intend to go lighter because the last time round, this colour it ran out hence I got my hair dye in Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1. Go check them out!

Look Book | Dentelle

This outfit is super sweet and girly hence I had to add in a cupcake bag to complete the look. An interesting part was I actually wore the back of the top in the front instead and let’s just say it fits and look better.
Outfit Details
Lace top | Cupcake Bag [ Ezbuy ]
Skirt [ Asos ]
Heels [ H&M ]
Shot by

I’m honoured to be working with my friend Anya, who is a talented professional photography and she does high-end photo retouching too. She curates lots of interesting work from portraits, fashion, still-life to animals. Hope over to her site and be amazed by her shots which will speak for itself! For collaborations, you can contact her here as well!

Dreamer. Star gazer. All about the visuals. ~ Anya Likhitha

Look Book | Shades Of Fall

Fall, the season where I love layering and playing with all the different shades from burnt orange to brown and burgundy. In this look, I’m wearing shades of fall as well as a sexy little peekaboo that’s not showing too much but just the right amount of skin. To give it a little edge, I wore a pair of black boots. To add a bit of casual chic element, I decided to throw over a boyfriend denim jacket to balance out the look. This look overall has a bit of an attitude to it which is the way I like it!
You can check out my first Fall Look Book here.
Outfit Details
Top | Boots | Suede Culottes [ H&M ]
Socks [ F21 ]
Bag [ Taiwan ]
Shot By
Johnathan Tan

Look Book | Feeling The Breeze

This Look Book is featuring the floral printed shirtdress from H&M Fall Collection. It’s the perfect layering piece in Singapore humid weather as it’s lightweight yet super chic. It can act as a strong statement piece in an outfit as it diverts the attention to this shirtdress. 
If you are located at a much cooler climate, then you can add-on another layer over this such as a trench coat or a denim jacket.
You can check out other fall look book here.
Outfit Details
White Strap Top [ Ezbuy ]
Mitju Evangeline Strappy Heels [ Zalora
Bag [ Taiwan ]
Shades [ Miniso ]

Shot By

Johnathan Tan


Etude House Pink Skull Collection | Celebrating Halloween in Glam

Pink Skull Colour Eyes | S$25.90
 Pink Skull Lash Perm Curl Mascara | S$24.90
Pink Skull Cream Blusher | S$15.90
 Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint | SS23.90
Pink Skull Colour Scent Eau de Perfume | S$27.90 
 Pink Skull Play Nail | S$5.90
Pink Skull Play Nail Sticker | S$4.90
 Pink Skull Travel Tag | Free with purchase up to S$180
*little extra gift*
Since it’s Halloween this month, Etude House does it again as they nail the packaging every time. Before the products are out, I saw the picture of the packaging and that was enough to get me super excited about this collection! The picture right above is my favourite of each product. From the beautiful eye palette, rosy shade of blush and sweet scented perfume to the very crazy long lasting mascara! All this is it’s winner in their own way.
The Limited Edition Pink Skull Collection is one that celebrates Halloween so you can be sweet, edgy or both. Get ready to get glam with this collection.
Pink Skull Colour Eyes
Both palettes consist a good mixture of pinks, reds, brown as well as shimmer and matte shades. The size of it is perfect for travelling, the colour does not powder off which means you don’t have to worry about getting it all over the place. PK001 has more matte shade and PK002 has more shimmery shade. 
PK001 Lovely Skull | PK002 Funky Skull
Pigmentation: 4/5
Texture: 4/5

Pink Skull Lash Perm Curl Mascara
I have use Etude House mascara, this Pink Skull collection mascara is very similar to the previous collection mascara, but I’m not complaining because they both are crazy long lasting, once those lashes are up, its STAYS up the entire day. You will definitely need a proper eye makeup remover to get off! It’s smudge-proof and water-proof so you can hit pool with it.

Curl Fix Defining Black or Funky Brown | Long Lash Black
Texture: 4/5

Staying Power: 5/5

Pink Skull Cream Blusher

Firstly, the applicator is the bb cushion kind of applicator. Although this is a cream blusher, it definitely leans towards a smooth powdery finish so I’m able to use a brush or the puff that comes with it. I enjoy this blush as it’s very buildable, not the usual one swatch and you have super pigmented kind of blush. My favourite is the rosy shade in PK001.
PK001 Skull Rose | PK002 Funky Pink
Texture: 5/5
Pigmentation 3.5/5
Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint
This is a very pigmented tint that has two different colour and texture. A matte mousse tint and a moisturising glossy tint.
The matte mousse tint definitely has better staying power and stronger colour payoff. I personally am not very adventurous with lip colour so I would prefer the mousse tint over the gloss.
PK003 Pink x Pumpkin Shot | RD304 Funky x Skull Shot
Texture: 4/5
Pigmentation: 5/5 (tint) 3/5 (gloss)
Pink Skull Colour Scent Eau de Perfume
If you love sweet scent then you are going to enjoy this. The packaging is super cute and I actually like the scent so I’m definitely going to reach out to it more often, The sweet scent comes from a combination of sweet berry and floral as well as an empowering base of musk and sandalwood which keeps the sweet scent from overpowering.
Scent: 5/5
Pink Skull Play Nail & Nail Sticker
The nail polish in terms of texture is pretty much the same as their usual nails polish where 2 coats and you are good to go. They come in a total of 5 colours that sweet, edgy and glam which you can check them out in store.
The Nail Sticker comes in two version, the one you see above is 3D while the other one is in 2D and super cute.
#1 (black) & #3 (pink)
#1 Sparkly Boss Skull (nails sticker)
My favourite top 3 products would be the Pink Skull Colour Eyes, Pink Skull Cream Blusher &  Pink Skull Lash Perm Curl Mascara. 
All products of the Pink Skull Collection is now available in all Etude House stores so do head down to get them before it’s sold out!
Lastly, thank you Etude House & Touch PR for the lovely invites!
Life is Sweet ~ Etude House

Look Book | Dive In Emerald

Out and about in this well-fitted silhouette romper. From the colour, comfort to texture and fitting, it’s the perfect romper that I’ve ever come across. I am definitely loving this one where the v-collar neck incorporates the PJ style cuts and black border. It formal yet chic enough for events or ladies nights out! 
 Outfit Details
Romper [ Love Bonito ]
Mitju Evangeline Strappy Heels [ Zalora ]
Gold Bangles [ H&M ]



H&M x Clozette | Fall Fashion Lookbook 2016

September is a month that I’m excited about. Apart from all the Fall Collection that’s coming out, what makes it special this time round was that I’m part of it. For some, you may know that I used to work in H&M, hence this particular project has a special place in my heart. I’m so ever grateful for this opportunity and before I jump right in, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Clozette and H&M!

To kick-start this post, here’s an interesting quote. “SHE is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”. This year, H&M’s Fall Fashion Collection is more than just another collection. There is a strong social movement campaign behind it (#Ladylike), bringing awareness of Gender Equality and Female Empowerment to women and girls like you and myself. A lady/woman CAN be #Ladylike in so many ways! Such as feminine; badass; powerful; fun and etc.

Personally, #Ladylike to me is being confident about who you are. We ALL have our own insecurity (even me), but that’s alright because confidence can be built. There are many ways to build confidence. As for me, I love dressing up. I enjoy being able to dress and look differently such as preppy chic today and edgy on other days. Dressing up allows me to present myself in a specific way on a specific day, kind of like makeup.

I was invited by Clozette to be part of this campaign where I’m dressed in 2 looks. From the moodboard that I was given, the women look strong and powerful, and that’s exactly what I want to portray in my shoot. I also made sure I was having fun at the shoot. You bet I did.
In the first look, it has more feminine and fun factors to it. Definitely a look I would wear! I love the turtle-neck as an inner piece because it brings out the fun polka dot. The finishing accessories such as the beret to the socks and boots are “Fall” perfect. From the lookbook, I believe you can tell I was having fun. Can I also point out how that big pair of earrings surprisingly manage to add a subtle touch to the outfit. It’s an outfit I would like to go around town in.

For the second look, it screams cool, boss and chic. I never knew that adding a big scarf to a black maxi dress could instantly look that cool! I believe feeling confident in what you wear can really bring out the look even further. So ladies, don’t hide behind all those fabric. Instead, wear them and rule them!
I had so much fun at the shoot, I wish I could do it over and over again! In fact, everyone was having fun and the beautiful Clozette team was even dancing to the background tunes. I on the other hand was trying to keep my cool persona at that point.

After the shoot ended, I’ve also gotten a chance to style my own take using the Fall Collection items on a mannequin! Based on the allocated 2 looks and my styling take, you can see that H&M Fall Collection is very versatile and wearable. 
Also, good news! H&M’s Fall Collection is NOW available in store so do head down and join me in the #Ladylike movement. Here’s how:
Stand up for the diversity of women and you may be one of 3 lucky winners to get a $200 H&M gift card. Simply post an OOTD on your Instagram with the caption: I am #Ladylike because…
Remember to hashtag #HMSingapore (be sure to make your account public). Winners will be notified on 19 Oct 2016.
You can also see more looks from my fellow H&M Digital Ambassadors on Clozette here.
Clozette Team
Jessie | Carissa | Becks | Jamie |
Hair and Makeup Artist from Vinvola’s Artistry
Vinna | Lilian
Girls compete with each other, Women empower one another~

Headlines Hairdressing | Treatment – Hair Colour – Dyna Perming

Part 1 | Hair Treatment
Hair treatment is a must! After any hair colouring process, hair treatment will inevitability fall under the NEED category. In my case, Nic uses the Mucota Scena Treatment for my hair which feels and looks flying after the treatment. This treatment makes my hair smell nice by the way! Aloha to new hair!
Part 2 | Hair Colouring
Changing this hair colour was definitely a great decision because I finally bid goodbye to my black roots that growing out from my blonde hair. This colour is dark with a little bit of ash grey towards the ends. Even when it fades, it really managed to fade beautifully because its two tone. Best part, when my hair root starts growing out, it’s not obvious anymore because the top section of my hair is darker now. I have gotten a lot of praising for this hair colour, even my students love it! In conclusion to this part, I’m definitely getting a touch up of the same colour once my hair fades off to blonde due to next part, perming!
Part 3 | Mucota Dyna Perming

Part 3 is where I went to get a haircut and Dyna Perming. Since I’ve long hair, I’m prone to split ends because I’m lazy! Yes, I said it, I am lazy to even put mask or conditioner so as a result, I end up having a lot of spit end hence Nic recommended that I get my hair trim.
After the trimming, he proceeds on to getting my hair permed. It’s interesting to see how the hair roll works. After rolling the hair, they would then insert the machine tube into the roll so it heats up the roll to curl my hair. My hair remains curly for days. As you can see due to the heat applied to perm the hair, the colour had faded off to blonde. The top section thankfully still able to remain dark.
As mention on Part 2, I will be heading back to touch up the colour in 2 months time. so I’m excited about that. I will definitely be doing a post on what colour Nic dye for my hair so stay tuned for that.
By the way, all these hair services are done one month apart from one another.

In the meantime, if you and your friend are looking into hair perming or straightening, do call Headlines Hairdressing at +65 62216866 and look for Nic, quote my name and both you and your friend can enjoy Dyna Perming/Straigtening at S$218* each. (original S$350 each)
*must be 2 new customer