Floral Garage Singapore

This is my first ever flower collab and I’m more than happy to be featuring Floral Garage Singapore! I believe the visual speak for itself in terms of how beautiful they are. These flower looks so pretty that it’s an ease capturing it. I’m loving each and every shot!

The bouquet featured in this shot is call ‘Cinnamon’ in red and I customise it by adding cotton flower! Since most of them are preserve flowers, that means they are very practical where you can separate them out and put them in cute vase! Perfect decor piece if you ask as they will last for a long time!

If you are looking into getting flower for the up coming Mother’s Day, you can also check them out HEREOr, if you are looking into flowers in general, they even have flower stand and some party supplies. Head over to Floral Garage Singapore and check them out!