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Watsons is a drug store in Singapore that carries beauty, skin/body/hair care as well as medical needs. They even have their own brand of beauty products. In this post, as you will see there is quite a range of products featured here. Let’s jump right into it!
Body & Hair
Watsons Essence Bath 975ml – This big bottle that will definitely last you quite a while. It contains natural extract as well as coconut oil so it doesn’t dry out your skin. It leans towards a more herbal smell rather than floral though.
Syoss Silicon Free Shampoo 750ml – This is a new brand of shampoo in Watsons that’s suitable for dry, fizzy and fragile hair. If you are conscious about having silicon free products in your shampoo, you can consider trying this out. It actually smells really nice!
Nivea Skin Delight Body Lotion 400ml – Nivea is no stranger to most people as it’s a brand that has been around for a really long time. Use this after bath to keep your skin moisturise!
DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment 100ml – Need some deep nourishing treatment then you can opt for DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil. I used this before drying my hair to act as a protective layer from the heat and it smells good too!
Bausch + Lomb Renu Colour Contact Lens Solution 355ml – I’ve always been a user of this brand Multi-purpose Solution so it’s interesting how they have branch out to making solution specifically for colour contacts. So the different between this vs the usual ones was this solution state that it increases wearing comfort, gentle and pH- balanced, strengthens lens wettability as well as contain Poloxamine. I’m just guessing that if you have colour contacts and wants it in tip top condition then maybe go for this instead of the one for the usual contacts lens. I however have no problem with using either.
Gillette Fusion Proshield Flexball – The newest addition to the Gillette Fusion family. This power pack comes with two blades and a protector. The Flexball right in the middle act as a flexible wand to ensure better glide while shaving. My man approve!
ZA True White Cushion Compact 12g – One of the newest products in ZA where there aren’t many reviews on this products so I will share a little about this. SPF 30 PA++ and made in Korea, this cushion compact is good for people who wants to obtain fairer skin. Coverage wise, it’s about 3/5 which more suitable for an everyday natural look.
Essano Treat Your Skin Pack – In this travel size package, you get to try 5 products. It consists of a facial cleanser, moisturiser, night cream, body lotion and rosehip oil. Their products works fine on me. Facial moisturiser and night cream both are creamy base. They all smell like roses but I’m not a fan of the smell of the rosehip oil because it didn’t have sufficient rose smell for me which means the oil smell was heavier. Other than that I think the products are pretty alright and absorb quickly into skin.
DHC Suncut Q10 EX Gel 80g – I personally never try this brand before and I definitely enjoy using this. This sun block of SPF50+ PA++++ is very light-weight and blends on easily on skin without leaving my face looking like a ghost because of its gel texture so I’m satisfied with the product.

SVR Sebiaclear Mat+Pores Cream 40ml –  Another brand that’s new to me and this is a pore mattifier which can be used before makeup and after skin care. It apparently gentle, has an AHA-free peeling effect, refines the skin texture and regulates excess sebum.


Eu Yan Sang Slender Gold Slimming Essence 14 x 15g – The benefits of this products is that it promises 6% reduction in BMI, 14X stronger than caffeine in blocking sugar and average of 1 to 8 kg weight reduction. Since it comes in sachet forms, it’s convenience to travel around with.

Blackmores Radiance Marine Q10 30 capsules – If you need collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants, this covers your beauty from within. It all starts from within right!

Listerine Total Care Zero 250ml – I didn’t like using Listerine before because it’s very strong for me and for many. I believe this is why they decided to come out with one that doesn’t sting and taste sweet! Grape flavour is what I’m saying. Now I can use this without worrying about the pain!

There are way too many products and brands that you can check out in Watsons so I hope this post helps you in one way or another. Thanks for reading & enjoy shopping!


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