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Pet food, people who have pet like me knows that we are often out looking for good deals for our lovely pet. In my case, I often travel a bit further just to get my Sofie’s food and treats at a more affordable price. The only problem with that is I’ve to carry it all the way back home and to be honest, it’s really TIRING. Then again there are options like free shipping from other sites, which another problem arises, I’ve to buy at least S$100 worth of products. 

So image how delighted I am to learn that Kohepets does Free Shipping over S$60 and delivered within 2 days, talk about efficiency. That’s also a price point that I can hit as I don’t buy a lot of things. Now, I can wait in the comfort of my own house and with a few click, I can get my items delivered to my doorstep in a few days. They do regular promotion on food, treats & etc so you can get pretty good deals out of it.
Most physical stores give free sample when you ask. Although Kohepets is online base, they do have a section of free sample that you can pick from with any purchase. They carry more than 5000 range of products including premium brands such as Wellness, K9 Natural, Merrick, Honest Kitchen & etc. If you are into new products, they are also one of the first stores to carry them.

As for their Facebook and Instagram page, they have occasional contests so you might want to follow them as well!

One important point I wanted to share with you is the fact that they have a Donation section where instead of giving money, you can buy food (at 38% off) that are donated and delivered directly to Animal Lovers League or Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelters. Isn’t that such a lovely way to help out other animals?!

Those things above are what I’ve picked for my dog, Sofie. (hehe a little cameo of her too)
I have been feeding her Wellness’s completes puppy dry food. She enjoys her JerHigh sticks for treats. Since she is 6 months now, the period where she is still into chewing so I’m glad that she loves the SmartBones Rawhide-free Chicken chew in which she literally devoted it.

I’m definitely gonna continue getting Sofie’s stuff through Kohepets in the future so I don’t have to travel which really save me alot of traveling $$$. Thank you Kohepets on behalf of Sofie for all the yummy food!


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