50 Shades of Grey Hair Edition


As promised, here I back to hit you up with another hair post and this time round I’m sharing with you the hair colour that I’ve received much compliment with. Ever since I had my hair permed where you can read here, I was saddened to wave goodbye to my dark grey hair and been longing to get it back. Finally, after a long wait, I head back for another hair colouring session and wahla, I back and better than before!
As you can see the above, the colour that I dye this time round was Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1. The first time round of colouring was before my permed and back then I had Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1 which is a much lighter tone compare to 5.1.
My main reason for going back to darker hair was because I can’t stand the dark roots that has been showing yet I wanted to retain some colour, hence, Nic my hair stylist introduce me to Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1 which I gladly took it and now am obsessed with.
This colour works in a way that if you have bleach hair, the part that’s bleach will appear the lighter tone of grey (left section) and darker for nonbleach hair (right section) hence you see two tones on both the sample hair.
For first timer, to have a more obvious result, I recommend try Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1. In these shots is where I’ve dyed my hair with Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1 and I personally have hair that “absorb” colour well base on Nic hence even though Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1 was supposedly darker, my hair turns out pretty well. If you have bleached hair or “absorb colour well” type of hair, feel free to go for it or consult Nic because he is friendly!
Lastly, I also did colour hair treatment after dyeing my hair because it’s a must! Here’s what Nic combine. Matrix Biolage Cera-Vital Repair Colourcare Treatment + MaxCare Moroccan Organics Argan Oil Pure Nourishing Hair Mask. With these complete, I leave the salon with beautiful soft hair!

If you want to get this hair colour, do contact Nic from Headlines Hairdressing at +65 62216866. Also, check with them if the Hair Dye Matrix SOCOLOR 7.1 is available if you intend to go lighter because the last time round, this colour it ran out hence I got my hair dye in Matrix SOCOLOR 5.1. Go check them out!

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