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Part 1 | Hair Treatment
Hair treatment is a must! After any hair colouring process, hair treatment will inevitability fall under the NEED category. In my case, Nic uses the Mucota Scena Treatment for my hair which feels and looks flying after the treatment. This treatment makes my hair smell nice by the way! Aloha to new hair!
Part 2 | Hair Colouring
Changing this hair colour was definitely a great decision because I finally bid goodbye to my black roots that growing out from my blonde hair. This colour is dark with a little bit of ash grey towards the ends. Even when it fades, it really managed to fade beautifully because its two tone. Best part, when my hair root starts growing out, it’s not obvious anymore because the top section of my hair is darker now. I have gotten a lot of praising for this hair colour, even my students love it! In conclusion to this part, I’m definitely getting a touch up of the same colour once my hair fades off to blonde due to next part, perming!
Part 3 | Mucota Dyna Perming

Part 3 is where I went to get a haircut and Dyna Perming. Since I’ve long hair, I’m prone to split ends because I’m lazy! Yes, I said it, I am lazy to even put mask or conditioner so as a result, I end up having a lot of spit end hence Nic recommended that I get my hair trim.
After the trimming, he proceeds on to getting my hair permed. It’s interesting to see how the hair roll works. After rolling the hair, they would then insert the machine tube into the roll so it heats up the roll to curl my hair. My hair remains curly for days. As you can see due to the heat applied to perm the hair, the colour had faded off to blonde. The top section thankfully still able to remain dark.
As mention on Part 2, I will be heading back to touch up the colour in 2 months time. so I’m excited about that. I will definitely be doing a post on what colour Nic dye for my hair so stay tuned for that.
By the way, all these hair services are done one month apart from one another.

In the meantime, if you and your friend are looking into hair perming or straightening, do call Headlines Hairdressing at +65 62216866 and look for Nic, quote my name and both you and your friend can enjoy Dyna Perming/Straigtening at S$218* each. (original S$350 each)
*must be 2 new customer


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