Body Wellness | Hydro Emulsion & Protective Sunblock SPF 25++ Reviews


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you would not be unfamiliar with Body Wellness if you have been reading or following me. I’ve last blogged about my experience with them is the Body Wellness Facial Treatment, now I’m back to share with you about their skincare range
Their skincare range consist of four products which you can see here and I’m tapping into two of the products that I’ve been using religiously. 

Prior before I started to use these 2 chosen products, I did a skin analysis at Body Wellness and was told that these 2 products best suit my skin type. So not to worry that if you have sensitive skin or if your skin is prone to breakouts, the beauty consultant will be able to advise you accordingly.
First up is the Hydro Emulsion with Sodium Hyaluronate which acts as a double-action ultra-hydrating serum. The ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate will lock in moisture on the skin surface in order to prevent moisture loss. I wanted to test it out myself and see if it can live up to what it state hence I decided to use only this product for one whole week. Usually, I’ve a few steps of skincare products but I wanted to see it for myself if this serum is hydrating enough to keep my skin hydrated without the use of other products.
After trying it out for one week, I can be safe to say that it manage to live up to it name. I didn’t have dry patch or breakout over the course of using it so I APPROVE this product. Just to let you know, while I’m writing this post, I’ve already finished up using the serum which means I enjoyed using it! It’s lightweight and non-greasy which leaves no residue on my skin, this means no clogging of my pores!
Next, I have the Protective Sunblock SPF 25++, I personally dislike sunblock because they can either be too white or greasy and I am particularly lazy to add another step into my skincare routine. Since everyone I know is telling me that I MUST use sunblock unless I want to get wrinkle/skin pigmentation at an early age, I figured I need to be a little more hardworking then.
This lightweight sunblock is easy to blend, doesn’t leave my skin looking pale and consist of UV, UVB & anti-ageing protection, I knew it’s a good start.
Now, you can get to purchase these Innovelle skin care range from Body Wellness at an exclusive 20% discount by using the Promotion Code: CassXBW when you quote by calling 6737 1577 / 6323 1511 However, if you are keen to do a facial treatment to prep your skin you are entitled to enjoy a Customised facial session (60mins) at only $19.26 inclusive of GST. This is an exclusive promotion only for my readers from this blogpost! My promotion code is mentioned above. J

Body Wellness Outlet Location:

Winsland House 1 
3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #B1-02, Singapore 239519
(5 minutes walk from Somerset Mrt Station, Exit A)
Hotline: +65 6737 1577
Heritage Court 
60/64 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079323
(3 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station, Exit A)
Hotline: +65 6323 1511
Largest Ladies Beauty Spa ~ Body Wellness since 1997

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