H&M x Clozette | Fall Fashion Lookbook 2016

September is a month that I’m excited about. Apart from all the Fall Collection that’s coming out, what makes it special this time round was that I’m part of it. For some, you may know that I used to work in H&M, hence this particular project has a special place in my heart. I’m so ever grateful for this opportunity and before I jump right in, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Clozette and H&M!

To kick-start this post, here’s an interesting quote. “SHE is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”. This year, H&M’s Fall Fashion Collection is more than just another collection. There is a strong social movement campaign behind it (#Ladylike), bringing awareness of Gender Equality and Female Empowerment to women and girls like you and myself. A lady/woman CAN be #Ladylike in so many ways! Such as feminine; badass; powerful; fun and etc.

Personally, #Ladylike to me is being confident about who you are. We ALL have our own insecurity (even me), but that’s alright because confidence can be built. There are many ways to build confidence. As for me, I love dressing up. I enjoy being able to dress and look differently such as preppy chic today and edgy on other days. Dressing up allows me to present myself in a specific way on a specific day, kind of like makeup.

I was invited by Clozette to be part of this campaign where I’m dressed in 2 looks. From the moodboard that I was given, the women look strong and powerful, and that’s exactly what I want to portray in my shoot. I also made sure I was having fun at the shoot. You bet I did.
In the first look, it has more feminine and fun factors to it. Definitely a look I would wear! I love the turtle-neck as an inner piece because it brings out the fun polka dot. The finishing accessories such as the beret to the socks and boots are “Fall” perfect. From the lookbook, I believe you can tell I was having fun. Can I also point out how that big pair of earrings surprisingly manage to add a subtle touch to the outfit. It’s an outfit I would like to go around town in.

For the second look, it screams cool, boss and chic. I never knew that adding a big scarf to a black maxi dress could instantly look that cool! I believe feeling confident in what you wear can really bring out the look even further. So ladies, don’t hide behind all those fabric. Instead, wear them and rule them!
I had so much fun at the shoot, I wish I could do it over and over again! In fact, everyone was having fun and the beautiful Clozette team was even dancing to the background tunes. I on the other hand was trying to keep my cool persona at that point.

After the shoot ended, I’ve also gotten a chance to style my own take using the Fall Collection items on a mannequin! Based on the allocated 2 looks and my styling take, you can see that H&M Fall Collection is very versatile and wearable. 
Also, good news! H&M’s Fall Collection is NOW available in store so do head down and join me in the #Ladylike movement. Here’s how:
Stand up for the diversity of women and you may be one of 3 lucky winners to get a $200 H&M gift card. Simply post an OOTD on your Instagram with the caption: I am #Ladylike because…
Remember to hashtag #HMSingapore (be sure to make your account public). Winners will be notified on 19 Oct 2016.
You can also see more looks from my fellow H&M Digital Ambassadors on Clozette here.
Clozette Team
Jessie | Carissa | Becks | Jamie |
Hair and Makeup Artist from Vinvola’s Artistry
Vinna | Lilian
Girls compete with each other, Women empower one another~

Headlines Hairdressing | Treatment – Hair Colour – Dyna Perming

Part 1 | Hair Treatment
Hair treatment is a must! After any hair colouring process, hair treatment will inevitability fall under the NEED category. In my case, Nic uses the Mucota Scena Treatment for my hair which feels and looks flying after the treatment. This treatment makes my hair smell nice by the way! Aloha to new hair!
Part 2 | Hair Colouring
Changing this hair colour was definitely a great decision because I finally bid goodbye to my black roots that growing out from my blonde hair. This colour is dark with a little bit of ash grey towards the ends. Even when it fades, it really managed to fade beautifully because its two tone. Best part, when my hair root starts growing out, it’s not obvious anymore because the top section of my hair is darker now. I have gotten a lot of praising for this hair colour, even my students love it! In conclusion to this part, I’m definitely getting a touch up of the same colour once my hair fades off to blonde due to next part, perming!
Part 3 | Mucota Dyna Perming

Part 3 is where I went to get a haircut and Dyna Perming. Since I’ve long hair, I’m prone to split ends because I’m lazy! Yes, I said it, I am lazy to even put mask or conditioner so as a result, I end up having a lot of spit end hence Nic recommended that I get my hair trim.
After the trimming, he proceeds on to getting my hair permed. It’s interesting to see how the hair roll works. After rolling the hair, they would then insert the machine tube into the roll so it heats up the roll to curl my hair. My hair remains curly for days. As you can see due to the heat applied to perm the hair, the colour had faded off to blonde. The top section thankfully still able to remain dark.
As mention on Part 2, I will be heading back to touch up the colour in 2 months time. so I’m excited about that. I will definitely be doing a post on what colour Nic dye for my hair so stay tuned for that.
By the way, all these hair services are done one month apart from one another.

In the meantime, if you and your friend are looking into hair perming or straightening, do call Headlines Hairdressing at +65 62216866 and look for Nic, quote my name and both you and your friend can enjoy Dyna Perming/Straigtening at S$218* each. (original S$350 each)
*must be 2 new customer


Body Wellness | Hydro Emulsion & Protective Sunblock SPF 25++ Reviews


Hey lovely,

you would not be unfamiliar with Body Wellness if you have been reading or following me. I’ve last blogged about my experience with them is the Body Wellness Facial Treatment, now I’m back to share with you about their skincare range
Their skincare range consist of four products which you can see here and I’m tapping into two of the products that I’ve been using religiously. 

Prior before I started to use these 2 chosen products, I did a skin analysis at Body Wellness and was told that these 2 products best suit my skin type. So not to worry that if you have sensitive skin or if your skin is prone to breakouts, the beauty consultant will be able to advise you accordingly.
First up is the Hydro Emulsion with Sodium Hyaluronate which acts as a double-action ultra-hydrating serum. The ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate will lock in moisture on the skin surface in order to prevent moisture loss. I wanted to test it out myself and see if it can live up to what it state hence I decided to use only this product for one whole week. Usually, I’ve a few steps of skincare products but I wanted to see it for myself if this serum is hydrating enough to keep my skin hydrated without the use of other products.
After trying it out for one week, I can be safe to say that it manage to live up to it name. I didn’t have dry patch or breakout over the course of using it so I APPROVE this product. Just to let you know, while I’m writing this post, I’ve already finished up using the serum which means I enjoyed using it! It’s lightweight and non-greasy which leaves no residue on my skin, this means no clogging of my pores!
Next, I have the Protective Sunblock SPF 25++, I personally dislike sunblock because they can either be too white or greasy and I am particularly lazy to add another step into my skincare routine. Since everyone I know is telling me that I MUST use sunblock unless I want to get wrinkle/skin pigmentation at an early age, I figured I need to be a little more hardworking then.
This lightweight sunblock is easy to blend, doesn’t leave my skin looking pale and consist of UV, UVB & anti-ageing protection, I knew it’s a good start.
Now, you can get to purchase these Innovelle skin care range from Body Wellness at an exclusive 20% discount by using the Promotion Code: CassXBW when you quote by calling 6737 1577 / 6323 1511 However, if you are keen to do a facial treatment to prep your skin you are entitled to enjoy a Customised facial session (60mins) at only $19.26 inclusive of GST. This is an exclusive promotion only for my readers from this blogpost! My promotion code is mentioned above. J

Body Wellness Outlet Location:

Winsland House 1 
3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #B1-02, Singapore 239519
(5 minutes walk from Somerset Mrt Station, Exit A)
Hotline: +65 6737 1577
Heritage Court 
60/64 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079323
(3 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station, Exit A)
Hotline: +65 6323 1511
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