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Hey lovely,
before I jump into my experience in Headlines Hairdressing, here’s a little info about them.
Founded by Gary Lee based on a simple principle [ Gratitude ] for over 30 years, he believed that people who approach life with a sense of gratitude will be kept in constant awareness of what is wonderful and beautiful in their life.
With the intention to provide the hair industry with a salon that catered to the needs of clients using state-of-the-art techniques, at Headlines Hairdressing client is listened to, patiently guided, educated and most importantly genuinely befriended.
Headlines Hairdressing is located at  China Square Central
China Square Central: 18 Cross Street #01-15 China Square Central (Exit E/F)
Headlines Hairdressing 
Hair stylist: Nic Ling
How many years of working experience as a hair stylist: 9 years
What inspired you to be a hairstylist:
I used to have curly hair since young so I started to get interested in straightening my hair, after all, who doesn’t want to look good, since then I have been exploring the world of hairstyling. My aunt is a hair stylist herself so that may also be a contributing factor.
One funny story that Nic shared with me was when he was young, in order to straighten the curly hair of his, he once lied to his Mom that he needed money for something else in school and skip meals as well when in reality, he needed the money to straighten his hair.
Back then the Chinese F4 boy band was the hit so he actually grows his hair longer just so he can do the hairstylist that they had!
Don’t we all have moments where we look back and wonder what were we thinking! Hahaha~
So story aside, before Nic did my hair, he asked me whether anything about my hair/scalp that they need to take note of and after explaining that I’ve got a recovering wound, he and his assistance Li Mei (who is super friendly and easy to talk to) ensure that they be more careful with that part.
They started off by bleaching my hair first (since I’ve already wash my hair the night before), thankfully my hair only required to bleach once.
No. of times of bleaching will differ base on hair types/colour.
The bleaching part didn’t hurt at all. They actually apply the bleach near to my roots without touching it at the beginning, only after 30 minutes then they apply the rest of my roots for another 15 mins. After that, they proceed to wash off and blow dry my hair.
After my hair was dry they apply the ash tone mix to my hair. That’s when the pain comes in. Initially, I was surprised since I didn’t bleach my hair before so I was expecting the bleach part to hurt, but it didn’t. It was applying the colour part that hurts. Honestly, it’s pretty painful but I was able to bear with it cause beauty is pain! >.<
My scalp was pretty sensitive by then so I can’t wait for it to wash off! After washing off they proceed with treatment which keeps my hair soft and smooth. Finally, Nic trim my hair a little since I have split ends, curl a little and I’m done!
Firstly, you can consider wearing something like a tank top because that means lesser chances of getting your top wet. Since I’m wearing strap top it means I didn’t have to worry about that.
Next, I do have a few red spots from the colouring part because as mention above my scalp was sensitive after applying the ash tone dye which probably causes the pain and redness. If you have sensitive or you think you may have it then don’t be afraid to mention it to your stylist. I didn’t think I’ve any sensitive scalp so that was my mistake for not mentioning it.
Lastly, since hair stylist usually knows best, you can definitely ask them for some recommendation on the colour you intend to dye such as picking a few option so they can tell you which would suit you better.
♥ Tadaa to the most beautiful hair I’ve so far ♥
A shot with my stylist Nic
<Perfect hair and sunlight calls for a selfie>

I hope this post have been very helpful for you, I’m so loving my ash tone hair now and it is by far the nicest hair I have like hands-down. I can’t stop taking hair selfie~
I’m excited to be onboard with Headlines Hairdressing, for my readers, you can quote [ Cassandra ] for 10% off your hair service at China Square Central Headlines Hairdressing. *not applicable with other promotions*
Go enjoing having beautiful hair! ?

Thank you Headlines Hairdressing and my stylist Nic once again for making my hair beautiful! ❤



  1. Hehehe thank you! it's because there is treatment done right after colouring the hair 🙂
    Ash tone really look nice on many one.

    By the way, if you head to Headlines Hairdressing at China Square Central, look for my stylist Nic, quote my name, you can get 30% off hair service now! 🙂

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