Look Book | Bed To Streets

 Outfit Details
Mal Leather Crossbody [ Anastasiabyraine ]
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans [ Flea Market ]
Choker [ Taiwan ]
Belt [ H&M ]
Shoot By [ Johnathan Tan ]

Pyjamas look has been on of the latest trend recently and I found myself tapping into this comfortable yet effortlessly chic look. The material as you can guess it is pretty much silk-like which is exactly what I wanted. The only different is that this is actual pyjamas that I manage to get my hands on through Ezbuy. It cost me less than S$10 so that’s definitely a steal, talk about 2 in 1 right!

I decided to pair this top with a 2-layered choker as it has just the right amount of V-neck to pull it off. I think it helps to add some edge to it. Keeping to the blue hues, I pair the top with a ripped boyfriend jeans to bring this style to the streets.

What do you think about this pairing? Do you prefer it be pair with an exact same shade for the bottom, let me know below?!



Handmade Heroes | Beauty Made Naturally


From face mask, skin & body care, dry shampoo to lip balm/tints, Handmade Heroes produce products that are all natural, free of preservative and parabens. Most importantly they are completely vegan and cruelty-free.
Away from a chemical lab and only using the finest natural ingredients, Handmade Heroes products are gentle on the skin while nourishing it. Handmade Heroes are made locally too. *Yay to local products!* In case you didn’t know, they have been featured in many magazine and articles such as Herworld, Female and The Straits Times just to name a few.
You can check out all their products HERE, but for now, I’m gonna share with you 3 products that I’ve received.
Firstly, this does not smell like coffee which was not what I initially expected, rather it smells more like cinnamon as that’s one of their ingredients. From the name, you can tell it’s a detoxing scrub, this scrub helps to stimulate circulation using organic ground coffee to fight those tough cellulite.
I prefer using this while bathing as I found that it’s less messy and definitely the best time to give your body a good scrub in a hot bath, scrub that cellulite and tiredness away!
Next up is the face mask in Black Charcoal Rice, this mask helps to soften and brighten skin while doubles as a gentle face exfoliator.
Lastly is the face mask in French Green Clay, this mask does wonders. From blemish busting and rejuvenating of dull skin to removing impurities and tightening pores. It even brightens and counter-redness in skin with antioxidant turmeric while nourishing skin with vitamin E, this mask does it all hence my favourite one. Since it’s a clay mask, it also draws out toxins and excess oils from the skin to reveal a brighter and fresher skin.
How to use both Purifying Clay Mask:
As you can see they come in powder form, so there are 2 ways to use it.
-As exfoliator-
Mix 1/2 spoonful of the face mask with 4 spoonfuls of water. Slather mask in circular motions, lightly exfoliating the skin.
-As face mask-
Mix 2 spoonful of the face mask with 1½ spoonful of water, adding more water if a thinner consistency is desired. Smooth a generous layer to the face, avoiding the eye area.
Leave on for 5 minutes and allow the clay to draw out the impurities and excess oils. Just before the mask dries out, rinse off using circular motions to gently exfoliate the skin.
In the image above I use a thinner layer, but on usual days I prefer thicker mask. To me, aside from the really pretty packaging, I love that it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Since it’s made with natural ingredients with no preservatives, I know exactly what I’m putting onto my skin.
I hope you have learnt a little more about their products, below are all the links to their social media page so do check them out!
Handmade Heroes Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



Look Book | Like A Breeze

 Outfit Details
Off-shoulder Top | Colour-blocking Heels [ Ezbuy ]
High Slit Skirt [ Young Hungry Free ]
Choker [ DIY ]


A feminine look that has a touch of edge through the white choker. Never really thought I would fall in love with an off-shoulder top, certainly a keeper.

P.S. – Head to Headline Hairdressing located at China Square Central 18 Cross Street #01-15, look for Hair Stylist Nic and quote my name, you will get to enjoy 30% off the hair service! 
*while stock last



Headlines Hairdressing | China Square Central

Hey lovely,
before I jump into my experience in Headlines Hairdressing, here’s a little info about them.
Founded by Gary Lee based on a simple principle [ Gratitude ] for over 30 years, he believed that people who approach life with a sense of gratitude will be kept in constant awareness of what is wonderful and beautiful in their life.
With the intention to provide the hair industry with a salon that catered to the needs of clients using state-of-the-art techniques, at Headlines Hairdressing client is listened to, patiently guided, educated and most importantly genuinely befriended.
Headlines Hairdressing is located at  China Square Central
China Square Central: 18 Cross Street #01-15 China Square Central (Exit E/F)
Headlines Hairdressing 
Hair stylist: Nic Ling
How many years of working experience as a hair stylist: 9 years
What inspired you to be a hairstylist:
I used to have curly hair since young so I started to get interested in straightening my hair, after all, who doesn’t want to look good, since then I have been exploring the world of hairstyling. My aunt is a hair stylist herself so that may also be a contributing factor.
One funny story that Nic shared with me was when he was young, in order to straighten the curly hair of his, he once lied to his Mom that he needed money for something else in school and skip meals as well when in reality, he needed the money to straighten his hair.
Back then the Chinese F4 boy band was the hit so he actually grows his hair longer just so he can do the hairstylist that they had!
Don’t we all have moments where we look back and wonder what were we thinking! Hahaha~
So story aside, before Nic did my hair, he asked me whether anything about my hair/scalp that they need to take note of and after explaining that I’ve got a recovering wound, he and his assistance Li Mei (who is super friendly and easy to talk to) ensure that they be more careful with that part.
They started off by bleaching my hair first (since I’ve already wash my hair the night before), thankfully my hair only required to bleach once.
No. of times of bleaching will differ base on hair types/colour.
The bleaching part didn’t hurt at all. They actually apply the bleach near to my roots without touching it at the beginning, only after 30 minutes then they apply the rest of my roots for another 15 mins. After that, they proceed to wash off and blow dry my hair.
After my hair was dry they apply the ash tone mix to my hair. That’s when the pain comes in. Initially, I was surprised since I didn’t bleach my hair before so I was expecting the bleach part to hurt, but it didn’t. It was applying the colour part that hurts. Honestly, it’s pretty painful but I was able to bear with it cause beauty is pain! >.<
My scalp was pretty sensitive by then so I can’t wait for it to wash off! After washing off they proceed with treatment which keeps my hair soft and smooth. Finally, Nic trim my hair a little since I have split ends, curl a little and I’m done!
Firstly, you can consider wearing something like a tank top because that means lesser chances of getting your top wet. Since I’m wearing strap top it means I didn’t have to worry about that.
Next, I do have a few red spots from the colouring part because as mention above my scalp was sensitive after applying the ash tone dye which probably causes the pain and redness. If you have sensitive or you think you may have it then don’t be afraid to mention it to your stylist. I didn’t think I’ve any sensitive scalp so that was my mistake for not mentioning it.
Lastly, since hair stylist usually knows best, you can definitely ask them for some recommendation on the colour you intend to dye such as picking a few option so they can tell you which would suit you better.
♥ Tadaa to the most beautiful hair I’ve so far ♥
A shot with my stylist Nic
<Perfect hair and sunlight calls for a selfie>

I hope this post have been very helpful for you, I’m so loving my ash tone hair now and it is by far the nicest hair I have like hands-down. I can’t stop taking hair selfie~
I’m excited to be onboard with Headlines Hairdressing, for my readers, you can quote [ Cassandra ] for 10% off your hair service at China Square Central Headlines Hairdressing. *not applicable with other promotions*
Go enjoing having beautiful hair! ?

Thank you Headlines Hairdressing and my stylist Nic once again for making my hair beautiful! ❤


Why shop through Ezbuy?


Hi lovely, 
Just as the caption says, why shop through Ezbuy? Well you see, I only starting shopping Taobao this year
( very late into the game I know >.< )
My reasoning has always been “I don’t really know how to read all that Chinese words” or “All in Chinese that’s so confusing”. Yes! because I found it EXTREMELY confusing back then, the amount of Chinese words I have to key, read and understand was too much for me. So much crazy deals that I have missed out on because it’s too troublesome. 
Some of you may previously know 65daigou, well now they have re-brand themselves to Ezbuy and even launched the PRIME service which I will tap into details below.
Since most of my friends actually shop Taobao through Ezbuy, I constantly see such pretty things on them which they’ve got at such a jaw-dropping prices comparing to what I can find in Bugis Street, that was what got me started to shop through Ezbuy too. 
So you can imagine after doing lots of shopping myself, I was so thrilled when Ezbuy contacted me to share with you some of their services! 
[ Disclaimer: The clothing piece in the outfits are fully paid by myself ]
These are the items I’ve bought through Ezbuy

Why Shop Through Ezbuy?
1. You can shop Taobao with ease!
Yes, you heard me right! On Ezbuy, instructions are pretty clear-cut. Even for beginners like me, it is not difficult to understand. Plus they actually convert the Chinese language into English simply by copying and pasting the Taobao link into Ezbuy search bar! Most importantly, shopping from Taobao is way cheaper that in Singapore. 
Flash Deals are my favorite section to go! I found myself shopping a few times within 2 months because I was browsing through the Flash Deals! *Guilty Pleasure*
2. Fast and Safe Shipping
No one likes getting lost parcel after shopping online, with Ezbuy I know I can receive my items within a time-frame as well as lots of location for me to collect my items. I really appreciate the fact that I am kept updated on my products if it runs out and if it does, the money is return right back in my prepay account.
Now is where I explain why Prime Service. Firstly, as we know the heavier your products is, the more expensive it can get when it comes to shipping. When you become a Prime Member on Ezbuy, you get to enjoy flat international shipping fees at S$2.99 regardless the size, weight or quantity!!!
That can really save you a huge sum of $$$ on shipping when you buy lots of shoes, bags and especially furniture!
Example when I shop 5 items that weight around 3.5kg, I paid about S$11+ for the shipping, so you can imagine how much you can save when you buy lots of items!
You can start your 30-Day Trial at only S$9.90 here! You will not feel the pinch as much if you order with your friends because you can definitely see how much shipping fees you all can actually save on in total!
To help you kick start your Taobao shopping adventure through Ezbuy, click HERE to enjoy a S$10 Shopping Voucher now! 
I hope this post have been helpful to get you started and if you have any more inquiry on the How To, you can either check out Ezbuy’s Quick Guide or comment below and I will try best to let you know!
Buy The World For You ~ Ezbuy