UA Headphones Wireless – Engineered by JBL


For most Tech Savy people, they will know the brand JBL as they are really well-known for their sound system products. When it comes to the Athletes, Under Armour is no stranger to them either.
What if I tell you that this two amazing brand came together and design this new standard of what a sports headphone should be really like! Yes, I’m talking about this brand new UA Headphones Wireless that was engineered by JBL and designed by the athletes for the athletes. Sound like the best of both world!
Since its design by the athletes, they know exactly what are some of the main concerns that faced when they are doing their workout. 
Here are some examples:
  • Sweating
  • Comfort
  • Headphone falling out
  • Sound bass
  • Battery lasting
You see, all these are the common problems that were faced by the athletes and with this new technology by JBL, all of the above issue has been dissolved! 
The features of the UA Headphones Wireless | Engineered by JBL are
– Durable Build [ sweat-proof construction provide the ultimate durability ]
– TwistLock™ Technology [twist and lock ergonomic ear tip designed specifically to secure in place]
– Bluetooth Compatible [ free from wired and distraction ]
– JBL Signature Sound [Premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers and Pure Bass Performance deliver big sound in a compact size keeping you driven to finish strong ]
– Universal control [ Control tracks, volume and calls easily with a inline 3-button mic ]
– 8 Hours battery [ for a Bluetooth device, this is definitely pretty long lasting ]
Since its a collaboration with Under Armour, when you purchase a set of this UA Headphones Wireless – Engineered by JBL, you will get to enjoy 1-year membership to MapMyFitness Premium app where you are able to monitor your health and progress.

Next, you might be wondering if it is suitable/useful for people like me who don’t really work out?
My answer is definitely! I’m speaking from experience as I’m not someone who work out, but I love being able to hear great music while being hands-free without it compromising the quality sound. Many of the wireless headphones may lose the power in terms of the sound system hence, I love that I didn’t have a problem when using this.
Since the size is so small and compact, it is awesome to carry around or pack. When I’m listening to music or watching tv show on a crowded train, I didn’t have to worry about my long wire getting drag or tangle onto somebody else’s bag (happens to me a lot of time). While I’m shopping I can enjoy the music handsfree, everything just becomes so convenience now that I’m using this. 

To start up this headphone, press and hold on the middle button to turn on.
Once it’s turned on, connect it to your phone by pressing and holding on the middle button again, this time when you see the blue and pink light flicker, let go because that means it’s finding device to connect. When it’s connected you will not see any light flickering.
I suggest to wear it while you connect your headphone to your device because you can actually hear the status update that says power on/looking for device/connected/low battery or power off.

Last but not least, you can get your hand on this baby at Tangs Plaza Level retail at S$289.
I hope this post is helpful and you will enjoy using this headphone as much as I do.