Summer Vibe

Channeling summer vibe with inspiration from Boho and Coachella chic!
This outfit is perfect for the hot weather to come as the material is thin and breathable.
Pop on a shade to add a hint of hipster, the look is not complete without a pair of chic lace-up heels.
 Outfit Details

Bell sleeve blouse | Demin high-waisted shorts [ H&M ]
Something Borrowed Lace up snake print heels [ Zalora ] 
Shades [ Forever 21 ]
Bag [ Satchel ]


She In | Apricot Sleeveless Lapel Vest


I’m recently decked out in She In Apricot Sleeveless Lapel Vest. She In is an online store that carries a huge variety of clothing that you have to check it out yourself! I had a hard time picking out an item because there’s just so many beautiful clothes.
There is a currency changing slot which allows you to know exactly how much you are paying for each item in Singapore Dollar which eases the trouble of conversion rates. When you order over USD30, you are entitled to free shipping right to your door!
Now let me share with you the simple look that I’ve come up with to pair with the Vest.
Since this vest is a neutral tone, I decided to work with a stripes button up top and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, I then finish off the look with a pair of chevron heels.
 Outfit Details
Apricot Sleeveless Lapel Vest [ She In ]
Stripes Button Up | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans [ Bugis Street ]
Chevron Heels [ MDS ]
Shade [ Forever 21 ]


My D’skin Facial Journey


Hi Lovely,
As my D’skin facial journey came to at end on February. I would love to take this opportunity to thank them for these 6 months of pampered. My skin had improved drastically since the first facial appointment. I still remember how I was skeptical at first about going for my virgin trip to facial because I was really having major breakout then. My skin was at it’s worst condition ever where nothing seems to be working. I hated seeing myself in the mirror because there’s so many red bumps and even if I’m not looking at the mirror, I can feel all the bumps on my face. It felt DISGUSTING.
You can imagine how happy I felt to have smooth skin after my very first trip to D’skin. In fact, >THIS< was the very first post I have of them and because of the amazing results, they decided to work with me for another 6 months. That was one of the most grateful opportunity I had. You can see what my skin condition was like before and after my first facial.

Fast forward, 6 months later, my skin is a little easier to maintain and trust me, I’m not using the word “maintain” lightly because I’ve always had trouble since even though I don’t use makeup on a daily basis. My skin has always been oily on the outside yet dehydrated on inside and is very prone to Whiteheads and Blackheads like no joke!

I’m not asking you to jump right into a package with them here, but I’m sharing with you how once a month facial really can make a different to your skin. I highly recommend to go just one session and get the consultation as well as treatments before jumping into anything because I’ve only learned that my skin was dehydrated inside through the consultation using their advanced technology. Before that, I’ve always thought that my skin is Oily skin and that’s all I know so you can imagine that the “dehydrate” part came to me as a surprise!
The treatment that I’ve received are mainly the Seaweed mask and Oxygenating treatment which are great for my skin condition.
 They check on both sebum and hydration base on your age. 

 You will always be greeted by their friendly staff, nice room and something to change into. 
After facial, they will serve you with tea.

This is the Seaweed mask that was used to calm the skin after extraction.

This post I want to specifically share with you about the last treatment that I’ve which is the Miracle Oxyjet Treatment. This treatment helps to hydrates, tighten and firm up the skin. The device below will blast oxygen into your skin at a very high speed and trust me it’s not painful at all. It’s cooling and a great finishing treatment.
The treatment was applied on one side of my face (left) to show you the different.
You can see that the left side of my face when smile there is no laugh line. That’s because this treatment will help with firming. 
 This is after both side is done, my skin is smoother, tighter and slimmer.
 My skin after the facial on the 3rd day. 
Here’s with makeup!
Last but not least, the skin care product that was recommended for me to try. 
This is their Hydra-Protective Calming Cleanser & Anti-oxidant Hydra Youth Toner. The cleanser is very gentle as it’s a milk cleanser instead of foam. They told me to avoid foam cleanser for my skin because foam cleanser tends to remove the natural oil of my skin. I especially love the smell of this cleanser because this is the only cleanser by far that smell very calming just as it stated. This cleanser is the one that they only used when cleansing your face during Facial.
The toner is spray directly on skin so that means minimum wastage and you don’t need to spend extra money on cotton pad.
Both product can last for 3 months and the toner lasted me even longer than the cleanser. We all know that cleansing is the most important part of a skincare routine hence, this first important step of finding the right product must not be taken lightly.

I’m thankful and sincerely grateful for my very first facial oppotunity/partner to be D’skin! I hope you’ll found this post helpful and will give D’skin a visit!

Locate them here:
D’skin (Heartland Mall) 205 Hougang St 21, 
#02-133/135, S(530205) 
Tel: 6282 7388 SMS: 8181 7388 

D’Faceworks (HDB Hub) 520 Toa Payoh Central, 
#01-54, S(310520) 
Tel: 6258 9388 SMS: 8181 9388 

Su Beau Derma Clinik (Novena Square) 238 Thomson Rd, 
#03-03/13/14/15 Novena Square, S(307683) 
Tel: 6252 5822 SMS: 9456 9533 

d’skin (Seletar Mall) 33 Sengkang West Avenue, 
#04-18 S(797653) 
Tel: 6384 4788