Varsity Ruby

 Outfit Details
Top | Coat [ Taiwan ]
Midi Skirt [ Flea ]
Heels [ H&M ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]

This varsity look is different as it plays with knit and sleeveless. When match with a ruby midi skirt, it brings out the feminine side of it. I then pair it with a coat and red heels to complete the look. If you want to feel a little extra sexy, don’t hesitate to pop on a red lipstick.


Rosanovias | Prom Dresses |


Back when I attended my very first Prom night, I remember how I didn’t have THE perfect dress and ended up wearing something from Bugis Street. It was nothing magical at all and I wish I could turn back time and found the perfect dress that I would still be proud of today. But guess what, it didn’t have to be for your case now as apart from the store, you can find lots of amazing dresses online and so today I’m sharing a few picks of the beautiful dresses from Rosanovias!
Rosanovias is a big on-line shop and they are based in the UK, since all the design on their site is custom made, this means you are able to get the goods that’s suitable to you. With experienced designer to design unique style and fashion according to your shape, this means making you the romantic and elegant Geek goddess or beautiful fable princess you can be.
They carry so many beautiful dresses from Prom to Wedding and Special Occasion! Let’s just say you would not be disappointed by the selection of dresses and gowns that they can offer.
I’ve picked 5 dresses that I would wear to my Prom but there is still more to see from their site so don’t hesitate to browse for more!
A beautiful royal blue one shoulder dress with an A-line cut can certainly show the figure that you have been working hard on. Since it’s one shoulder style, you don’t have to worry about the slip or peekaboo moment. The sweetheart neckline area is a lovely touch from the usual traditional bandeau cut. This is such a classic piece to wear to Prom.
This second dress is for the girl who can never get enough of the colour turquoise. As lovely as this colour is, sometimes it may not be as easy to pull off as a dress compare to accessories but let just take a moment to admire how lovely and feminine this dress is. From the right colour tone to the delicate lace, this dress so beautifully designs that it’s going to be a head turner.
If you always been fond of the “princess look” then this would be it. The gorgeous dusty pink tone and light chiffon just say “get this lady her prince already”. It’s so pretty and pink and fairytale like! I would definitely wear this! I love how it’s simple and yet so eye-catching. With this dress, you can create your very own fairytale… Apart from this, you can dance the night away with your prince without any peekaboo problem.
If you prefer the old classic of a red hot dress that you can’t go wrong with then may I present this dress, wear it with a red lip, my dear you are good to go! This dress is a statement piece itself and for the ladies who would love to flaunt it, keep your head up high as you strut down the floor.
Last but not least for my cute or petite girl who wants to dance the night away with no hassle, this dress is super cute and pretty. In all honesty, I could not skip putting this dress in the post because it just too cute to resist! Yes, I just say this dress is cute for like the 3rd or 4th time because it is! You can’t reject a girl in this dress! You can play with your hair to create different look while wearing this.
I believe I’ve shown you enough peek to what Rosanovias can offer and you should click to see more for yourself because their dresses are really beautiful! 
In the meantime, I shall go find my very own THE dress…

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation SPF15 | Shade Adjusting Drops

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation SPF15 [ S$32.90 ]

This new foundation is enriched with ingredients like English rose water and aloe vera. With such hydrating formula, it leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. Since it has SPF 15, this means your skin is protected!
If you usually prefer a semi-matte finish foundation with light to medium coverage, then this is the one for you! All these shades are to mimics the look of fresh-faced natural skin with a nude glow. Most importantly,they are suitable for sensitive skin & is dermatologically tested!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops [ S$29.90 ]

If you always have problem with finding THE right shade then look no further because finally someone, or in this case The Body Shop have came out with Shade Adjusting Drops. They have both the darkening and lightening drops depending on your skin tone. Now that would save you a lot of money in the long run if you think about it.

Both of these products are available in The Body Shop now and you can check out their site to find your nearest store HERE. Thanks WOM for the lovely package too!