Strut It Out

 Outfit Details
Coat [ Taiwan ]
Peplum Top | Heels [ H&M ]
Pant [ Flea ]
 Reflective Cat-Eye Shades [ Forever 21]
Necklace [ Foundry & Co ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]
This is for the lady with confident, kind of like their own girl boss! I love how it has so much swag at the same time. The reflective cat-eye shades definitely brings out the inner badass.

Emerald Coating

 Outfit Details
Strut it Midi Culottes Jumpsuit [ Lechic ]
Coat [ From Taiwan ]
Necklace [ Forever 21 ]
Heels [ Charles and Keith ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]

Since I’ve bought a couple of new outerwear from Taiwan, I knew it’s time to create some new outfit for it! I have major love for outerwear despite the unrealistic weather in Singapore. Now that it’s Winter Season, it’s raining almost everyday hence the right time to whip those coat.
In this look I pair this beautiful emerald green coat with a white jumpsuit. Since both are long in length, I wore a heels to help accentual my height giving the illusion of a longer body. This is a very comfortable outfit there’s suitable for running errand to lunch date.

London Prep

Outfit Details
Coat | Top | Bottom | Oxford Shoe | Socks [ From Taiwan ]
Necklace [ H&M ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]

This is by far my favourite outerwear lookbook! I love how preppy and fall looking it is. The little details from high neck and coat all the way down to sock and oxford shoe makes every thing very cosy to wear without losing the chic factor. This is something I would wear either to an event or a whole day out in town.
I hope you like this look and do let me know what lookbook would you like me to create next!


Glampalm GP201


A little back story, I’ve actually been on a lookout for a hair styling tools for a while now. Got myself a pretty cheap one off some website, and guess what, it was a nightmare. After using the product on the second try, the hairstyling tool start losing it’s power and then the scary part, spark started flying out with pop sound. One part of the spark actually even melted the rubber wires and my room end up smelling like I had burned something. Thankfully, my hair was not burn but it definitely taught me not to get a knockoff ever again when it comes to electronic products. 
So after that scary experience, I knew getting a quality hairstyler is very important, one that does not damage your hair or your wires! Hence I’m am totes excited upon receiving my very first Glampalm which happen to be super sleek! 

Some of you may not know this but Glampalm is actually the Number 1 hair styler in South Korea! More than 5000 salons and makeup artists uses Glampalm.
Some of the important thing about getting a hair styler is ensuring that the material used is not going to damage your hair which means Glampalm ceramic coated plates are able to protect your hair from excessive heat. At the same time the ceramic coated plates allows my hair to glide easily without pulling it. The best part is Glampalm’s Healing Stone Technology that allows you to use this hair styler without the need of using hair protector, talk about convenient!

I receive the GP201 model which is suitable even for people with short hair. As you can see the size is very compact but don’t be fool by the size because this baby here heats up literally immediately! It’s good to use in just 15 seconds.
GP501 is recommended for people with long and thick hair
GP313 is recommended for people with medium to long hair
GP201 is recommended for people with short to medium hair

If you have colour hair, no worries because they have flexible heat setting from 100 degree all the way to 200 degree. For my hair I usually stay within 140. Some of us may know that using a straightener to curl your hair can be a little tricky so the Pirouette Cord allows easy movement as it’s rotate 360!

If you are someone who tend to forget to switch off the device, fear no more because this innovative device will automatically shut off after 30 minutes hence you can be stress free!

As you can see above I actually did my hair in less than 30 minutes! 

Free express delivery is included so you can receive it as soon as possible after purchase.
Since Christmas season is coming, Glampalm is having they CHRISTMAS PROMO where you can enter [ XMAS50 ] for $50 off your online purchase till 31 December 2015!
If you planning on getting only after Christmas, you can also enter [ CASSANDRA ] to get $15 off.
Thanks Smitten Team and Glampalm for the amazing Straightener!
Now go have beautiful hair!