Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set

 Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set
finish look
before after
Step 1
Using the flat brush, apply the darkest shade by outlining the eyebrows. 
Step 2 
Filled it in with the medium brown shade using the angle brush and blend in the outline carefully. I will use this shade to fill up all those sparse area on my brows. Remember to blend in order to achieve an even more natural finish. Work little by little, avoid applying too much product at a go.
Step 3
The finishing touch would be using the angle brush in the lightest shade to blend everything together. This shade helps to balance up the colour.

Note that it’s okay if your brows did not look perfectly symmetrical as our brows are not grown to be perfectly the same. A slight different is normal, if you do prefer it to be exactly the same, then do take your time to apply the outline and blending.

I hope this simple tutorial helps. I myself have practise a lot to get the hang of applying eyebrows so do take your time to figure what brows looks good on you. I love how sleek and small this package is as its super convenient to bring along.

Powder texture like this helps to create a softer and natural looking brows like that Korean brows where as pencil give you a more define eyebrows which the American would prefer.

You can get your very own Limited Edition Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set which consist of the brow palette, the brow brush and brow comb which is in store from 6th November to 9th December at S$20.50. It’s a steal as the price of the brow palette itself cost the S$20.50. I especially enjoy the brow brush that came in this limited edition pack. Do give this a try if you are looking for a powder texture brow palette.


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