Digital Fashion Week | Day 3

 Ying The Label Spring Summer 2016

Ying The Label is very artsy and wearable! I’m in love with the painted skirt as well as what Christabel & Andrea was wearing from the collection. Not just with paint, this collection also consist of putting the same colour palette fabric together and sewing skill. A collection I can see myself wearing.

Thai Collective by Siam Paragon

Didn’t manage to get much shot for this Thai Collective which was a real downer for me but hopefully the video can make up for it. Thai designers are always getting better each time when I view their collection. Lot of stunning piece to even head gear and face cage, “WOW” is the word!

 Label.m Hair Show

At the last show my attention was being divert to this little boy who was very well dress(his shoeeee) and most importantly, he was very polite and well-mannered. I was further impressed knowing that he was none other than the son of the Co-Founder of Digital Fashion Week Charina Widjaja! I had a lot of fun guiding him to use my camera as he is a fast learner, so basically the shots that you see in here for the hair show was shot by him, talented or what! *He is only 4 years old by the way. Keagan(hopefully didn’t spell his name wrongly) became my friend and melt my heart that night! 
The last two part of the hair show was my favourite with interesting geometrical print on the hair done by Taiwanese Hairstylist to some extravagant hair and fur. 
I had an awesome night thanks to Clozette for the Ying The Label Spring Summer 2016, Coco for the Thai Collective by Siam Paragon, June and for the Label.m Hair Show as well as Aaron Chan who have help a lot in order for me to enjoy the show.

I’m really looking forward to the Digital Fashion Week next year and hopefully I will get to cover all  the shows for you the next time round!!! Until next time stay Chic!

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