JORD Wood Watch | SIDNEY Maple & Rose Gold

I’ve always been on the looking out for a unique watch to own and finally JORD was the answer. If you have been following me on my Instagram page, you would have found that quite a number of my flatlays’s background is wood. You see I’ve always love wood as a funiture piece (aside from stone and white marble). To me wood are very classic, earthy and warm. It’s like a cosy piece to have at home. Hence imagine how excited I was when I was contact by JORD for a collaboration! After picking out the piece I want, they ask for my wrist size in order to alter accordingly. Once its ship out, I’m literally counting down everyday to receive this beautiful watch!
Upon arrival, it’s pack safely in a box while the woodbox is protected with bubble wrap. It’s being shipped through USPS first class hence I’m able to receive it within 15 working days!
In the box it contains

  • Watch 
  • Wiping Cloth
  • Spare wood part in case of any extention
  • Name Card
  • Warrenty Card
  • Manual Card

About JORD
Having a desire for a timepieces that is modern lifestyle. Simple and efficient, JORD owners have somewhere to be and somewhere to go.

JORD carry of both men and women’s watch which means this is make the perfect gift for your love ones!
The Model that I’ve picked is the SIDNEY Series in Maple & Rose Gold. Apart from the Maple wood, it has swarovski crystal around the watch and 3 hands reading the Minutes, 1/1 Second Chronograph and a 24 hours indicator.
The Rose Gold face helps to bring out the feminine side of the watch while the wood material keeps it chic and classy.
As the watch is very verstile when it comes to pairing it, hence I’ve put together different looks featuring the beautiful watch as seen above.

With the season of giving arriving soon, do hope over to see what design you might want to get for your love ones, they provide free shipping worldwide!

Telling More Than Time ~ JORD


Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set

 Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set
finish look
before after
Step 1
Using the flat brush, apply the darkest shade by outlining the eyebrows. 
Step 2 
Filled it in with the medium brown shade using the angle brush and blend in the outline carefully. I will use this shade to fill up all those sparse area on my brows. Remember to blend in order to achieve an even more natural finish. Work little by little, avoid applying too much product at a go.
Step 3
The finishing touch would be using the angle brush in the lightest shade to blend everything together. This shade helps to balance up the colour.

Note that it’s okay if your brows did not look perfectly symmetrical as our brows are not grown to be perfectly the same. A slight different is normal, if you do prefer it to be exactly the same, then do take your time to apply the outline and blending.

I hope this simple tutorial helps. I myself have practise a lot to get the hang of applying eyebrows so do take your time to figure what brows looks good on you. I love how sleek and small this package is as its super convenient to bring along.

Powder texture like this helps to create a softer and natural looking brows like that Korean brows where as pencil give you a more define eyebrows which the American would prefer.

You can get your very own Limited Edition Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set which consist of the brow palette, the brow brush and brow comb which is in store from 6th November to 9th December at S$20.50. It’s a steal as the price of the brow palette itself cost the S$20.50. I especially enjoy the brow brush that came in this limited edition pack. Do give this a try if you are looking for a powder texture brow palette.


Lush Halloween x Christmas | Oxford Street Collection

~ Lush Halloween x Christmas Collection ~
Lush Christmas Tree
Recently was invited to the Lush Halloween x Christmas The Big Reveal of this collection at Suntec City outlet. Although I was down with bad sore throat and slight fever, I’m glad to make my way there because how can I miss their Christmas Collection especially! There we got to learn some of the new release collection and a hands on session to make Christmas Tree using the FUN Soap in red, green and yellow. We had lot of fun making it as you can see, I was partner up with Roanna in making the Christmas Tree!
 Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream | S$ 36.00 / 250g |
If you are a big fan of strong fragrant then you would not miss this one. This smell like how you can smell Lush store from a distance. With the blend of ingredient like Patchouli, pepper corn and black pepper as well as a bit of vanilla sweetness, you will smell like hmm-mmm. Keeping you nourishes with organic wheatgerm oil and a dose of Vitamin E.
 The First Snow Dusting Powder | S$ 21.00 / 30g |
Want to smell like sweet orange while keeping that shine on your skin then this dusting powder would be the perfect party partner.
 Santa Lip Scrub | S$ 23.00 / 30g |
In order to have kissable lips, it all start from the Santa Lip Scrub! A scrub away keep the flake at bay! This sweet cola flavoured lip scrub filled with sugar, dates and cherries will give you Santa baby ready lips!
Salt and Pepper Bark Shower Scrub | S$ 20.00 / 130g |
Packed with Peppermint oil, Sea salt, Organic cocoa and Cupuaçu butter that will deliver you with soft and smooth skin. No further explanation needed.
FUN Green Soap | S$ 18.00 / 200g |
Want to have FUN in the shower, even for kids this would be the perfect soap to get! This product I would recommend it especially to the mommy out there. You can let your kids have fun in the water  while ensuring that they are going to get clean up. Different colours comes in different flavour. This one is lemon & lime which is the kind of citrus that I would prefer! A clever mixture of these two oil will perk you up with it’s scent. It’s just a dough away from a FUNtastic time!
~ The Oxford Street Collection ~
Layer Cake Soap | S$ 11.50 / 100g |
A fruity scented soap that makes you smell delicious and sweet while orange oil has health benefit.
The Rough With The Smooth Scrub | S$ 23.00 / 50g |
Love a good scrub? Then this granulated sugar and murumuru butter will serve your skin well! It deeply exfoliated and add a bewitching pagan perfume to your body.
One of the important ingredient in this shampoo bar is Juniperberry oil that helps to regulate sebum production and clear the scalp. To sooth and cleanse, there is calming lavender and antibacterial rosemary essential oils to get the job done! I love shampoo bar because they are travel friendly and foam up so much better than shampoo soap.
 Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar | S$ 19.00 / 80g |
I LOVE bubble bath even though I rarely got to do that, but when there is a chance, we can’t miss out a bubble bar from Lush! This fruity cocktail of rosewood and ylang ylang leave you feeling pink!
The Experimental Bath Bomb | S$ 18.00 / 90g |
Leaving the best for the last, The Experimental Bath Bomb is your very own adventure! It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s UNICORN! Pretty self explanatory, five bright colour to create a beautiful explosion!
I enjoy bathing a even more now thanks to Lush! Do head in store for even more product from these two collection! Thanks Lush for the lovely invite!

The Art Of Bathing ~ Lush


Digital Fashion Week | Day 3

 Ying The Label Spring Summer 2016

Ying The Label is very artsy and wearable! I’m in love with the painted skirt as well as what Christabel & Andrea was wearing from the collection. Not just with paint, this collection also consist of putting the same colour palette fabric together and sewing skill. A collection I can see myself wearing.

Thai Collective by Siam Paragon

Didn’t manage to get much shot for this Thai Collective which was a real downer for me but hopefully the video can make up for it. Thai designers are always getting better each time when I view their collection. Lot of stunning piece to even head gear and face cage, “WOW” is the word!

 Label.m Hair Show

At the last show my attention was being divert to this little boy who was very well dress(his shoeeee) and most importantly, he was very polite and well-mannered. I was further impressed knowing that he was none other than the son of the Co-Founder of Digital Fashion Week Charina Widjaja! I had a lot of fun guiding him to use my camera as he is a fast learner, so basically the shots that you see in here for the hair show was shot by him, talented or what! *He is only 4 years old by the way. Keagan(hopefully didn’t spell his name wrongly) became my friend and melt my heart that night! 
The last two part of the hair show was my favourite with interesting geometrical print on the hair done by Taiwanese Hairstylist to some extravagant hair and fur. 
I had an awesome night thanks to Clozette for the Ying The Label Spring Summer 2016, Coco for the Thai Collective by Siam Paragon, June and for the Label.m Hair Show as well as Aaron Chan who have help a lot in order for me to enjoy the show.

I’m really looking forward to the Digital Fashion Week next year and hopefully I will get to cover all  the shows for you the next time round!!! Until next time stay Chic!