Spent one of my afternoon with some of my friends June, Roanna and Jerlene at Godown by Pollyanna for a flower headband making session. It was an interesting experience to learn how flower headband and flower bouquets are done. A lot of work is put into this delicate art which many don’t know. The location at Godown was already an attraction, the interior of vintage goods got me snapping away. Every corner was worth a shot and of course I didn’t miss that.
Start Of Flower Headband Making
We had the lovely Jody to guide us through the process of making these and we all have new respect for the florist. There’s lot of cutting, tuning of wires and placement. Since craft is up my alley, I had lots of fun even though there were bits of adjustment help required. *Thanks Jody*
 And it’s complete~
Essential Oil and Skincare
Pollyanna has their own range of 100% organic essential oil which can be use for many different purpose. As this oil are 100% concentrated, it’s recommended to be drop in massage oil or spray. 

 Thank you Jody & Pollyanna for having me, I enjoyed the making process and glad to learn more.

Every Flower Blooms & Wilts In Its Own Time, Our Blooms Last Forever ~ Pollyanna

Etude House Wisma 1st Birthday Party

Recently I was invited to Etude House Wisma Flagship Store first birthday! It as an exclusive session filled with food and makeup! Makeup artist Clarence Lee was there to teach some tips and trick of achieving different looks. Food there was super yummy as well! Thank you to my sweet Olivia of Touch PR and Etude House for the lovely session!

I was totes delighted upon getting to try some more new colours from the Etude House Play 101 pencil! They are super fun to play with and the colour payoff is pigmented as well! Glides on easily on the lids! If you haven heard, the Play 101 pencil are not just for your eyelids, you can be used on the cheeks and lips as well!

Their Sweet Cheery Lip Tint is moisturising and look at the lovely colour range! I love every one of them! You can even wear different colour each day!

Last but not least is the Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion that provides you with moist and radiance skin all day! Filled with ingredients such as Baobab Water and 4X more Hyaluronic Acid will sure keep those skin of yours dewy!

This is the simple comparison between the Precious Mineral Any Cushion that I have and the brand new Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion.

These products are all available in store so head over and find your colour!