Teenage Magazine is my friend

Hey lovely,
I know the title might seem a little funny and out of my usual fashion and beauty post. As some of you might have know by now, I’m part of Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2015. I’m thankful to be part of it as I meet many new friends aka the contestant. Most importantly Teenage Magazine was like a friend to me during in my Secondary School days. Back then I was a pretty broke student so buying magazine was not up in my head but nevertheless I’ve always enjoyed reading Teenage Magazine whenever I got the chance to so I found myself heading to the National Library to try and borrow the latest copy of Teenage Magazine. Hence it was part of my teenage years memories. Honestly, I haven got to read it in a while since Secondary School so it’s really nice to get my hands on it once again.
If you are avid reader of Teenage Magazine you would definitely spot the different comparing the current September issue and those in the past. The first different is the texture of the cover page being matte as well as the quality of the paper in each page is better. Better as in not just the paper quality but the content as well.
Now, new section is clearly stated and as you flip through you will find that the content is very organise. It’s kind of like investing for a better blog structure page if that make sense, only different is you still get to pay the same amount 20 years ago but with better content.

I enjoying reading through celebrity gossip, fashion mix & match as well as Astroscoop, but the one that stand out most to me which I never fail to flip to was none other than “Dear Kelly”. I would read the story of trouble teens and feeling thankful that I didn’t make the same mistake as they did. I enjoy how “Dear Kelly” was always so patience and compassionate even though teens always ends up making the same mistake knowing that she warned them not to commit over and over again. Now thinking back I believe if I ever get to meet “Dear Kelly” in person, she would be proud of me because I do listen to her advised. *I secretly hope I can meet this amazing lady in person* I think as a teenager, we are at the stage where we tend to explore as well as rebel and often or not we didn’t know what’s the right thing to do or dare not go to our parents for advise so I can safely say “Dear Kelly” have help a lot of teenage out there who are struggling with school, relationship or emotion problems.
Now I’m looking forward to reading the next Teenage Magazine issue and see what’s new, what’s hot and what’s for Kelly to advise!
If you are a teenager reading this post, do give Teenage Magazine a try. I really do hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Good night~

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