Teenage Gorgeous Social Challenge | My 313 @Somerset Weekend List

Hey lovely,
since I’m given the task to come out with a weekend list, I decided to twist it a little and come out with this 313@somerset Student on a Budget List! Rather than just diving into different spot in 313@somerset, I decided to pick out some of the stores that I would recommend to go if you are a student on a budget. Window shopping is one of the most boring thing to me because what’s the point of shopping when you can’t afford to buy anything. I’ve been there, being a student on a tight budget and shopping in town was no fun so here’s some of my pick!

 Muji #B2-38/39/40/41 
Muji is like the all in one store, from household items to food and clothing. I secretly enjoy their DIY section where you get to purchase simple, Eco-friendly looking notebook and personalize it for yourselves or as a gift! Since Teacher’s Day is around the corner so why not surprise her with a sweet notebook of her very own!
 Typo #01-18
I love going to typo, getting cute stationery always help to give me a boost to study! Exam coming? Why not pamper yourselves with some cute notebook and pen as well as a schedule pad to keep you aware of what’s coming up! There is lots of gift ideas and decoration stuff for your room as well.
 Forever 21 #1st – 3rd floor
In this 3 levels storey Forever 21, you are bound to find something cute to wear. Whether is their affordable accessories items, makeup brush/ pouch or clothing pieces, all these will probably get you stuck in there for a while. *At least I did* After heading in I end up coming out with a necklace! *See what I mean?*
llaollao #B3-55
KOI Express #B3-51 | Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks #B3-50A
Sushi Express #B3-28/29
Lastly we can’t forget to feed ourselves, want a fulfilling meal,? Go for Sushi Express. Not that hungry and just want to grab a bite? Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks and KOI Express is a combo that never fail me. Dessert? Share llaollao Sanum with your friend! On one hand you get to split cost, on the other sharing is caring…
Need a place for selfie or outfit of the day? Head to Orchard Gateway bridge through 313 Somerset link, a spot where good lighting will definitely serve you well!!!
Do share with me what are some of your recommendation as I would love to know! Hope this list is helpful, in the mean time I shall go read my Teenage magazine!~

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