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Shu Uemura new collection is all about the “contour-makeup” concept of slimming down the face without surgery which is very popular in Asia hence leading expert in Asian beauty SHUATELIER develop Light Sculptor that enables easy sculpting and instant contouring through a fusion of light using 3 main products.
These 3 main products have a specific application method to enhance the beauty of the bone structure, giving a natural dimensional effect without looking artificial. This means your makeup will look less like you have been piling on a ton of bronzer.
Stage Performer Glow Creator | 30ml S$62
Prime & Finish 
24 Hours Moisturizing – Dazzling Glow (limited Shade)
This deep moisturizing base and top coat will give you an instantly boosted inner glow look. Comes in 3 shades Dazzling Glow (limited Shade), Pure Gold and Warm Gold. 
When translucent glow meets moisturized glow, it immediately smooth skin and gives a natural glow. Talk about having dewy looking skin! 
Ingredients like Royal Jelly Extract will give your skin a nourish feel, Sodium Hyaluronate support water retention while adenosine has anti-aging effect. Not to forget it has anti-oxidation element.
Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and Sponge – 564 Medium Light Sand | 27ml S$72
This lightbulb foundation comes with a sponge where you can learn the technique of using this duo HERE. Loving the high coverage which allows me to apply less concealer around my dark eyes circle, at the same time it has a very dewy/glowing finish that’s moisturising too. Comes in 10 different shades so do head down to Shu Uemura counter to find your perfect shade.
Lightbulb Glowing Face Powder + Puff | 15g S$60
Since this is in the shade colourless, it adds a soft and warm-lit glow to your skin. The secret lies in the formula where it is an oil-coated powder which create a translucent glow minus off the powdery feeling. The puff on the other hand works to pick-up thin and even layer before applying on face. The mesh helps to give fine powder with each pick-up which you can see below.
Multi-Concealer Palette – 7YR light & 7YR dark
The light concealer I use it on my under eyes as for the dark one, I use it as a contouring shade applying on the side of my face as well as the chin area. Since it is cream in texture it blends very well with the lightbulb foundation.
Now that I’ve shown you the products, it’s time to show you the application process. Do note that Step 3 I didn’t follow the exact method. 
Step 1 | Prime
You can see the slight glow where the sunlight hits.
Step 2 | Create
Using the lighbulb fluid foundation, my skin looks extra dewy and moisturised. Even my dark circle are mostly covered up.
Added step | Conceal and Contour
Skin I receive the concealer I wanted to put it to good use before moving on to Step 3, so here is me using the light shade to conceal my under eyes area and the darker shade to contour as mention before. after blending it out it looks very natural and not harsh. This allow me to skip the bronzing powder.
Step 3 | Control
As mention on top I didn’t follow exactly by applying the powder on the T-zone as show in the techniques as well as the glow creator on the selected area. I would definitely do it the next time round. Overall I enjoy how it turns out, the lightbulb glowing face powder is really light hence even after applying all over my face, it does not feel cakey at all! 
After finishing off the makeup here’s how you can look photo ready below, or in this case selfie ready at all time!!! *smile*
Enhancing the beauty of your bone structure by playing with light~

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