Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge | Jack’s Cola Cafe

Hey lovely,
as you might have seen on my Instagram and the title here, yes! I’m in this year Teenage Gorgeous You : Social Challenge 2015! *Yeaaaaaaaa* For beginner, I’m sharing with you our first gathering session where the participants meet up at none other than Jack’s Place Cola Cafe! This is located at Paya Lebar Square #B1-15/16. When you first enter, you will be greet with the menu as well as different variety of ingredients. It’s almost like a shopping cafe from wine to spice. Since it’s a cafe style, the warm light and wood layout gives a cozy feeling. I love how they play with the stool by adding our Singaporean punk!
The New Jack’s Cheese Fondue Sampler Platter | S$16
This is one of my favourite dish as they did the cheese just right! This platter consist of Tempura Kani, Oriental Fired Chicken Wings, Crispy Onion Ring, Battered Mushrooms and lastly the Cheese Fondue of course! If you love cheese dip you will love this!
Cob Salad Shaker | S$8
Filled with layers of veggie, this is a must have for those healthy junkie! 
Meat Loaf With Tartar Sauce | S$5
This is what we Singaporean would know it as “luncheon meat”! I have eaten luncheon meat all my life but never knew that it could go so well with tartar sauce! Looks like I know what to eat the next time I need a bite.
Bangers & Mash | S$10
All the sausage lover, yes I’m calling you! If your like me who love mash potato and sausage, this is what you need to get, no second thought!
Jack’s Best Beef Stew in Trendy Mini Casseroles | S$18
This is a Jack’s Place traditional dish served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetable. 
This fulfilling dish will keep your stomach full for quite a while so if you are hopping in for dinner why not! Beef lover don’t skip this.
Char-grilled Flambe Fire Tendrloin Steak | S$31.50
Fire up steak right on your table, we can’t say no to that! Cook to Medium Rare (how I like) it’s tasty and juicy without losing it’s taste. This will make your man happy!
Prawn & Chicken Pesto | S$10
I’m a big fan of Aglio olio so I found myself digging this even though its a little salty. I ate this together with the salad which helps to balance out the taste!
*We all went food coma that morning*
Hot Mocha | S$7.50
Hot coffee lover, I can’t say no to art!
 *A little behind the scene*
 While everyone is shooting the steak lighted on fire, I manage to got the shot and start chomping down the food. Thanks Aidil for shot!

I want to first Congrats to all of us here to make it to the next round and see you soon! 
Thanks Teenage Magazine for this fulfilling meal and the opportunity!
May the odds be in your favor~

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