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Culottes is one of the trending piece this season and who can say no to this interesting flattering cut.
For my first look, I pair my suede culottes with a strip formal blouse and a leather jacket. One of a must-have combo for culottes are strap-on heels because they fit right where the cut-off is hence giving you some height and culottes really brings out the strap-on heels as well. Finishing with a boxy bag!

Outfit Details
Strip Top | Suede Culottes [ H&M ]
Something Borrowed PU Zipper Jacket [ Zalora ]
Top Handle Box Bag [ Charles & Keith
Strap-on Heels [ Kurt Geiger ]
For the next look, I’m pairing the same suede culottes with a printed spaghetti straps top. Since the leg area are mostly covered, you can show some skin on the top instead to stay on the cooling side.
Since Culotte has a little straight flare to its cutting, you want to keep the top half a little more fitting, this way you would not look bigger than what you really are in size. You want the Culotte to elongate your body shape not loosing it. Overall this look is comfortable and realistic enough to wear on a summer day. I wore this out with my girls while cafe hopping.
Outfit Details
Printed Top | Suede Culottes | Necklace [ H&M ]
Heels [ New Look ]
Top Handle Box Bag [ Charles & Keith ] 
For the last look has a little more put together. I’m pairing culottes with a classic white vest in this case. I’ve always wanted a white vest but the “free size” range is a little too big for me and when I came across this one that fits me like a glove, I bought it! This Pleated Culottes on the other hand has a very interesting cut where there is a pleated slit. When the wind gets a little strong, it’s going to show some skin. 
Crop top works wonder with culottes so I suggest getting one that expose a little right in the stomach area as culottes looks perfect when wore high-waisted which helps to elongate your body.
Outfit Details
Crop Top [ Bugis Street ]
Alpine Snow Vest [ LeChic ]
Pleated Culottes [ Jumping Around
Necklace | Heels [ H&M ]
Bag [ Charles and Keith ]
Thankful for my awesome brother as he is the guy behind all of my outfits shoot! He love photography and have so much patience with me. When we are out for shoot, I usually shoot a few outfits at different locations all in one day and he would be the one willingly to carry my heavy bag. Despite the bad or very scorching hot weather, he never really complain much! I’m truly grateful for his patience and help! Do check out his Blog
Note: He is not a train professional photographer but love photography just like me so do show him some support/love and please be nice! Thank you!!!
 Culottes is the new Midi! ~

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