Culottes LookBook

Culottes is one of the trending piece this season and who can say no to this interesting flattering cut.
For my first look, I pair my suede culottes with a strip formal blouse and a leather jacket. One of a must-have combo for culottes are strap-on heels because they fit right where the cut-off is hence giving you some height and culottes really brings out the strap-on heels as well. Finishing with a boxy bag!

Outfit Details
Strip Top | Suede Culottes [ H&M ]
Something Borrowed PU Zipper Jacket [ Zalora ]
Top Handle Box Bag [ Charles & Keith
Strap-on Heels [ Kurt Geiger ]
For the next look, I’m pairing the same suede culottes with a printed spaghetti straps top. Since the leg area are mostly covered, you can show some skin on the top instead to stay on the cooling side.
Since Culotte has a little straight flare to its cutting, you want to keep the top half a little more fitting, this way you would not look bigger than what you really are in size. You want the Culotte to elongate your body shape not loosing it. Overall this look is comfortable and realistic enough to wear on a summer day. I wore this out with my girls while cafe hopping.
Outfit Details
Printed Top | Suede Culottes | Necklace [ H&M ]
Heels [ New Look ]
Top Handle Box Bag [ Charles & Keith ] 
For the last look has a little more put together. I’m pairing culottes with a classic white vest in this case. I’ve always wanted a white vest but the “free size” range is a little too big for me and when I came across this one that fits me like a glove, I bought it! This Pleated Culottes on the other hand has a very interesting cut where there is a pleated slit. When the wind gets a little strong, it’s going to show some skin. 
Crop top works wonder with culottes so I suggest getting one that expose a little right in the stomach area as culottes looks perfect when wore high-waisted which helps to elongate your body.
Outfit Details
Crop Top [ Bugis Street ]
Alpine Snow Vest [ LeChic ]
Pleated Culottes [ Jumping Around
Necklace | Heels [ H&M ]
Bag [ Charles and Keith ]
Thankful for my awesome brother as he is the guy behind all of my outfits shoot! He love photography and have so much patience with me. When we are out for shoot, I usually shoot a few outfits at different locations all in one day and he would be the one willingly to carry my heavy bag. Despite the bad or very scorching hot weather, he never really complain much! I’m truly grateful for his patience and help! Do check out his Blog
Note: He is not a train professional photographer but love photography just like me so do show him some support/love and please be nice! Thank you!!!
 Culottes is the new Midi! ~

The Dancing Jewels

Dress up in The Dancing Jewels from top to bottom while this time round shooting with my brother at Chinese Garden. Many like to have picnic at Chinese Garden on a Sunday when we were there. Best to shoot in the morning there as the crowd might be a bit of the problem if you didn’t want to have others in your shot. Other than that the building speak for itself.
The Kaster backbow top is sexy and bound to have head turning while the Flamenco midi skirt hugs your figure comfortably with a mermaid flare. The outfit overall is an elegant look to wear to an event or even a dinner date at town. The skirt I’m wearing is in navy blue, they carry the black and red one as well!
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L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Range

I am happy to be working with L’Oreal Professionnel once again to share with you the Serioxyl Confidence Challenge. As you know hair loss is a common issue face by many ladies and even men too! Mostly start with thinning hair and then hair loss which then may leads to the lost of confidence.
Losing hair is REAL! It’s a real problem that many face, I personally found the the longer your hair is, the more hair it may loss. This is why L’Oreal Professionnel’s initiatives to Empower women and build up Confidence of ladies who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, letting them know that they are not alone and they need not suffer in silence anymore.
L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl is the best-selling and award-winning haircare range that helps to give you fuller, thicker & denser looking hair. 
 Before I start to use these product, I decide to measure the thickness of my hair to see if there is any different. The beginning of this challenge, the thickness of my hair is 7.8cm. Now its time to get into the 5 Step of the Serioxyl Haircare Range.
Step 1 | Clarifying Shampoo |
A silicone-free formula that gently washes off excess sebum while providing a long-lasting refreshing and soothing action. I love that this range of products has a minty smell to it which makes it feels pretty refreshing.
Step 2 | Bodifying Conditioner | 
Instantly re-densifies hair without weighing it down; leaves a wonderful feeling of lightness. The texture is a gel form unlike the usual cream conditioner texture.
Step 3 | Densifying Mousse | 
Root-to-ends hair care with a bodifying styling effects. Since it leave a feeling of after styling effect, I would recommend to use after the last two haircare product as this is useful for styling if you are going for that volume look.
Step 4 | Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum |
This intelligent serum instantly re-densifies hair and leaves it feeling fuller and thicker. Thicker because this hair serum works to increase the diameter of each hair strand by apply a few pumps to the lengths and ends of damp hair. Let dry or blow dry.
Step 5 | Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum |
Applying Denser Hair Serum directly to the scalp each evening for three months will help to increase hair per CM². This serum is very light, cooling, refreshing and its a no-rinse formula. I enjoy applying this every night.
As you can see after more than 2 weeks of using the L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Range my hair thickness has increase by 8cm from 7.8cm to 8.6cm (when alight).
I do found that the amount if hair loss when washing my hair seem to have reduce too! I very happy with how it turns out!
The exciting part now would be Giveaway time! With the courtesy of L’Oreal Professionnel, 3 of my readers/followers will get to win a Fuller Hair Kit worth $78 each! 
Head over to my Instagram now to join! Once again I would like to thanks L’Oreal Professionnel Singapore for this opportunity and thicker, healthier hair!
My Next Steps Towards A Healthy Scalp & Hair ~

Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

This new and improve Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is filled with 40% Moisturising Essence, it glides easily on skin to remove even waterproof makeup with less tugging, once rinse off it leave no sticky/oily after-feel! 
All you have to do is apply 2 – 3 pumps on hand, spread evenly on to skin and massage gently to dissolve makeup. For best result it’s recommended to use it on dry face and hands. Since you can rinse it off with water, there is no need to facial cotton pad or tissue!  
I found that with it’s jelly texture it is easier to massage and dissolve the makeup as you are no longer tugging your skin. This product is also suitable for all skin types.
Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover cost $24.90/230ml and is available at most Drugstore or Supermarket outlet!

Experience a whole new world with the new Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover! ~

Set Romance

One of the fashion trend these days is wearing the same print set. I’ve always love the idea of that as its easy, chic and two for the price of one. Getting a 2pc set allows you to wear it on the go without thinking too much of what to pair with. Since you are getting two for the price of one, it’s pretty worth the deal! 
You can even mix and match the top and bottom allowing you have 3 outfits with one 2pc set, hence favourable when travelling. Here are two clothing sets that I’m in love with!
 Outfit Details
Heels [ H&M ]
Outfit Details
Edilean florale set (3 pieces) | Ted Baker IPad Mini Case [ The Dancing Jewels ]
Hat | Heels [ H&M ]

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D’skin Oxygenating Facial Treatment

Hey lovey,
I am happy to share with you my very first facial experience and its with D’skin. Some of you might know this brand through Bellabox as I received one of D’skin skincare product from the March Bellabox. I was invited by the lovely Christine to try out the facial for the very first time! I hesitated at first as I had some concerned because my face was at one of it’s worse phase. Long story short, my entire face was clogged and bumpy. After learning a little more from Christine, I can truly tell that she was sincerely trying to give me some help rather than trying hard to sell it to me, I said yes and here I am writing up on a pretty great experience. 
Firstly one of the main thing that I knew I wanted to do badly was extraction! I was like yessssss please get rid of all those clogged pore! I was in desperate need of extraction because my face especially my cheek to my chin had been like that for many months. It got to the extend that I almost give up on the idea of having smooth skin ever again. Now that my face is smooth I shall share with you the process of it!
I went to the Toa Payoh branch, they have a few branches which you can find HERE and they have many different types of facial to choose from in order to cater to different needs.
The facial treatment I had is Oxygenating Facial Treatment.
Step 1
The first thing that the skin therapist did was checking the condition of my face using their machine. After scanning, my face turns out to be Dehydrated! I have dry skin! OMG! Something that I could not comprehend initially because my face have always been so so oily hence I got shock by the result. I was also told that water and oil is two different thing as in my face is lack of hydration even though it’s oily. The reason why its oily is because of my sebum. 
After my skin analysis, she let me know what are they going to do. 
Step 2
Cleansing is always the most important step of every skincare regime hence they help to remove my makeup with their Enriched Pure Cleansing Oil as well as cleansing my face thoroughly before moving to the next step. The skin therapist instructed me to always double cleanse whether I have makeup or sunscreen.
Their cleansing oil has 3 layers when you take a close look. It’s also
  • 0% chemical fragrance
  • 0% artificial colouring
  • 0% lanolin
  • 0% mineral oil 
  • 0% SD alcohol

Step 3
A steamer was used to open up my pore to prepare for the next step which is Extraction.
Before Extraction, the staff did a peel to remove those whiteheads that’s already on the surface.
During Extraction, it will hurt depending on how difficult it is to get out the black/white heads. Pimple are removed as well. Since I often do my own “extraction” at home. I have a higher tolerant towards the pain. Your face is going to be very red right after but that’s alright as treatments are done right away to calm those redness down.
Step 4
Once the Extraction is done, the first thing that they did for me was using an electronic device to kill all the bacteria on your face. As you may know all those black/white heads as well as pimple that are squeeze out probably has lots of bacteria hence this step is crucial. Note that you will feel mild electric shock on your face
Step 5
A mist device was then being used to help calmed down the redness on the skin. A pretty relaxing process.  
Step 6
Finally they finish off with an CO2 Gel Masque which customer can actually buy it to use it at home.
The CO2 Gel Masque is an effective mask treatment for refining skin texture, face slimming and brightening. CO2 promotes an increase of O2, results in active metabolism and cell renewal hence skin pigmentation, ageing and scars will be reduced. This mask will keep the balance between oil and moisture, slowing ageing and revitalise your skin to the healthy radiant condition. 
As you can see my face looks less red after the treatment. Which is good because you don’t really want to step out of the place looking like a strawberry though I would definitely not recommend to go to places after facial that involve Extraction.

After the treatment, they recommended me to use these two product. The Multi-Calming Booster for the next few days as well as Soothing Essential Solution that’s very good for the sensitive skin. Click in the name to find out more.

This is how my face looks after 4 days. (note that I haven apply any moisturiser in these shoots) The redness has reduce a lot and the scar are recovering. There are some dry patches as the recovering area has some peeling. Overall the feeling of able to feel the skin smooth without bum was the best feeling I’ve felt on my face in a long time! 
I’m so thankful to Christine for encouraging me to give it a try as well as Kristine my skin therapist for doing a good job in removing all those clogged pores as I can imagine how gross it is. 
Note: There were eyebrows trimming and shoulder massage included in all their facial package which I enjoyed too.
In conclusion one of the biggest different in extracting the clogged pores at home and at a facial is firstly it’s done by professional who knows how not to scar your face while extracting , next is you do not have special device to kill those bacteria and calm your face down with treatment at home. This is why overall, I know I will be back again once I start feeling like my face is clogged or if I just want to enjoy other facial treatment. 
If you haven tried facial and want to try it for the very first time, I will recommend D’skin as I enjoy mine!
You can learn more about D’skin or shop for their skincare line HERE as well as where or what Facial they have. D’skin also consist of other treatments such as Eyes, Neck, Body Wellness or Body Therapy
D’skin Facebook & Instagram. Do check them out!
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin ~ Zoe Saldana