Singapore Fashion Week 16th May 2015

Hey lovely,
Today I got to attend 3 show at a go and all I can say is I LOVE FASHION SHOW. If there is one thing that I always do in fashion show, that’s taking out my camera and capturing the beautiful design whether I’m seated at the front row or event the last! I was not paid to do that at all but I just can’t help it, maybe because I know how much effort goes into making a clothing, maybe because I love so many of the designs or maybe because I just love fashion!
I’m more of a stylist personality since young. I came from a middle income family where my dad is the sole bread winner hence growing up “working/earning for what you want” is something that have always stuck with me. Since I’m in a big family, I don’t get the privilege of having what I want from my parents but more of working it to get what I want. In fact majority which I would say 90% of my things (clothing, shoe, bag, phone) are either from my savings or earning.
Back to the story about having the stylist personality, since I don’t get to buy a lot of clothes, I tend to mix and match the same piece for many different look. I believe that’s how I develop the love for fashion. This way I can save money and at the same time it allows me to really make the best out of it. When I go shopping, I would picture how I can match my clothing before purchasing it. If you are a student who is on a tight budget, you may want to consider the versatility of the clothing that you are getting. This way you will definitely found yourselves saving a lot of money. If you are interested to know what are the versatile pieces you could get then do comment and let me know below. I will do a blog post on what are the versatile pieces to get!
Now let’s get into the exciting part which is the Fashion Show itself!

Outfit Details:
Lace Dress | Strap-on Heels [ H&M ]
Clutch [ Topazette ]
photo by: Anico

LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2015

I’m so in love with many of the design by the students because the theme was location of Singapore and I personally found that they did an amazing job on capturing the details of the location such as colour or environment. Some of my favourites are the Kalison inspired by a India Temple, Dragon Heart inspired by Chinatown, another one inspired by Esplanade and not fogetting the one inspired by Botanic Garden. Lastly I would love to applause to all this Graduates as they did a wonderful job and I look forward to their design in the market in the near future.

Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award 2015
This show was rather exciting as I didn’t just get to witness the talent of 11 designers from 5 different countries, but since it was an award show, the audience got to know and congrats the winner first-hand. I’m so proud of Silvia Teh from Singapore for winning! At the event I’ve got the chance to meet non other than the Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh. He was really nice and well-dressed! Sofia Wakabayashi was there too!
Anico and I took turn to bring each other to the event 
Zalora Presents WOO/FIZIWOO and ZALIA Collections 
These two collection are not just red carpet ready, they are Elegant, Feminine and Classy. I love the silhouette of the design as well as the structure of the fabric as it brings out the beautiful figure of a lady. I would love to wear their collection for the next fashion event if I got the chance to.
I really enjoyed myself during the fashion show and I’m already looking forward to any one in the near future! Singapore Fashion Week was a blast! I will be posting about the L’Oreal Professionnel x Singapore Fashion Week 2015 very soon so do lookout for that as Yoo Eun Hye will be in the blog too *hint hint*.
Singapore Fashion Week see you soon! ~

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