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Essential is a popular haircare brand from Japan. They has a wide range of products to help repair and care for hair by understanding the needs of Singaporean girls. Offering products ranging from basic care like Shampoo & Conditioner to more intensive treatments like Hair Masks and Leave On Serum/Lotions. 
Essential relaunches with brand new packaging, improved formula and a new variant! 
2 types of range: 
Orange & pink variants – are of richer formula and are suitable for dry/damaged hair without having oily roots 
Blue and yellow variants – are of lighter formula and are suitable for people with oily roots/scalp yet dry hair ends (combination hair) 
Here’s a simple way tp let you know about the 4 different variants better

Nourishing Breakage Defense – for weak & damaged hair 
Moisturizing Frizz Free – for dull & rough hair 
Light Finish Volumizing – for flat and limp hair 
Deep Cleansing Care – for oily scalp & dry ends (new)
So as stated that the blue and yellow variants are for combination hair, so what exactly is combination hair?
It is when the person have an oily roots but dry ends.
Most shampoo in the market do not cater to people with combination hair hence the Essential came out with a Light Finish Volumizing and Deep Cleansing Care that have the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology to target both problems of roots and hair ends. As a result, consumers experience the best of both worlds with one product – airy light roots and moisturized ends

Now it might seem a little confusing as to which to get, well no worries as this simple chart can help you to figure out how to pick the right product for your hair type.
I personally have very oily roots and I don’t have damage dry ends as I don’t use hot tools or ever dye my hair before. Hence the Blue and Pink range is for me.
Of course just by washing is not enough. You need to give your hair proper treatment in order to ensure the overall well-balance of your hair so here’s another chart for you to pick the right hair treatment/mask.
Treatment Tube improved treatment now works its magic on your hair in 30 seconds! 
the result, deeply moisturise and manageable hair. Perfect for busy days.
Hair Mask for more intensive treatment to treat those dry/damaged ends, leaving hair softer, smoother and more manageable.

Since the new Essential has Micro fine All Smooth Essence which delivers nutrients to repair damaged hair surface from root to tip conventional technology concentrates mainly at the roots only. 
I receive the pink range 30 seconds hair treatment tube which save me a lot of time using it as I only need 30 seconds to achieve smooth hair. 
My hair smell good, smooth and is easier to comb through. No worries about tangle.

Here are the blue and pink variants products that I’ve receive for my hair type.

I wash my hair on alternate day so as usual I will use the Deep Cleansing Care shampoo whenever I wash my hair. Conditioning is important so I can use either the Deep Cleansing Care conditioner or my preferred 30 seconds treatment. On days that I feel like pampering my hair or feeling a little dry at the ends I will use the mask and skip the conditioner and treatment as the mask is strong enough to moisture and fizz free.
If you are interested you can get the sample size through HERE Also, remember to like Essential on Facebook and follow Essential on Instagram @essentialsingapore

All the products are already available in leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores.

I hope through those chart you will be able to find the right products for your hair type.

To beautiful and healthy hair~

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