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Hey lovely,

This post made a special mark to me because I have finally came up with the courage to do something that seemingly easy for others but took me years to give it a try. As epic as it sound I am talking about trying on Contact Lenses for the first time. 
I know that using contact lenses isn’t a big deal for many, because most of the people I know are either wearing contact lenses or have at least tried before. I hated wearing spectacle since I started wearing them because often then not my eyes gets tired easily and to add-on, back then my spectacle was really ugly! Thankfully the current one is good-looking.

Back to the point, I’ve finally try on Contact Lenses for the very first time after knowing an inspiring story from Agnes from Contactlens. She is the nicest lady who happen to share the same problem as me, need spectacles yet dislike wearing it. Turns out it took her many years to try and now she is hook and prefer contact lenses (which I can totally understand).

I am so thankful for this opportunity because if it wasn’t for her, I would still have never try contact lenses as I was too afraid that my sensitive eye can’t take it. Turns out I had no problem and didn’t go through any drama putting or removing it although at first my finger was shivering because I was really excited and scare at the same time.  

The experience of seeing the world clearly without wearing my spectacles almost feels like I got a brand new pair of eyes. I’m not exaggerating but just stating how I really feel at that moment. Bear in mind that it took me almost 10 years to try on for the very first time. I can’t thank Agnes and Contactlens enough!

You might now wonder who’s behind Contactlens?
Mr. Benny Chian, Founder of Contactlens has been in practice for over 30 years. He is registered with The Association of Malaysian Optometrist and General Optical Council in United Kingdom. He currently specializes in eye care consultations in his private clinic as well as services like Vision Therapy. He also has several retail optical shops in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. With a strong customer base of over 20, 000 satisfied local customers, he is using E-Commerce to extend our products and services beyond Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Our mission is to be your trusted eye care brand from consultations to products.

Brands which we carry: Acuvue, Adore, Bionics, Ciba, ColorVue, CooperVision,Bausch & Lomb, FreshKon & more…

Note: They are operating an Online Store in Singapore! Best part > FREE SHIPPING

Why Contactlens?
Very simple, usually when you get your contact lenses in Singapore retail store can cost A LOT!
The Contactlens however is able to sell the contact lenses at 30%-50% CHEAPER than the retail store in Singapore due to the exchange rate as well as lower cost structures in Malaysia.
Between when you sign-up for their mailing list, you can receive $10 off discount code!

Contactlens also have a new unique feature is that it allows subscription to contact lenses.

This means for customer who buys contact lenses on a long term basis, they’ll be able to receive the supply of contact lenses on a fixed interval after subscribing. 
It will be much convenient and hassle-free as there is no need to panic when running low in stock or stock up a lot at one go.
On top of that, subscription mode offers huge discounts. The longer you subscribe, the more discounts you be entitled to. 
If you are not interested in the subscription mode, Contactlens also sell individual boxes on the website too.
Here are the step on how to subscript
| Step 1 |
Select the type of lenses you want, 
e.g. Brand:Acuvue/Freshkon & Type daily/monthly
 | Step 2 |
Select your latest prescription, followed by which subscription
e.g. billing/delivery cycle your prefer. 
Add To Cart when you’re done
  | Step 3 |
Enter coupon code
(can use mine [CASSANDRA10] for 10% off]
| Step 4 |
Login if you’re a returning customer or login via social login for faster checkout, tracking of orders, easy reordering and receive promotions
| Step 5 |
Fill in your billing/shipping address
Double check order and you can checkout, payment though paypal.
Thanks to Contactlens, they are giving my followers 10% off when you enter the code [ CASSANDRA10 ] . Code can also be found on the side ads of my blog!
You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram
I hope that for those of you who haven tried contact lenses will take the courage too like me to try it out yourself and those who are already wearing it, you can now shop with Contactlens without feeling so much pain for your wallet. 
“everything is more beautiful reflected in your eyes” ~ pon and zi

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