Fresh Opening Ceremony

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Singapore and Fresh I got myself an invites to Fresh Flagship Store Opening Ceremony located Ion Orchard. The moment I step in front of their store it just smell amazing! I love how it don’t come off too strong! Just the right amount to lurk you in.
At the event opening there was Cutting of the ribbon as well as lion dance to give it a Fresh beginning.
Fresh started back in 1991 where Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg open an apothecary store on Boston’s Tremont Street, bringing natural, upscale personal care products from around the world to the people of Boston.
In 1993 they launch their own line of Oval Soaps, a collection of triple-milled, vegetable-based soaps infused with shea butter and laced with delicate, single-note scents. They personally hand-wrap each in ornate cotton inlaid paper tied with a delicate wire and topped with a semi-precious stone.
As the year goes on they launch even more great product which you can take a look HERE.
 A little every one to take photo in! 
Look at the amount of beautiful rose petals!
(yes they are real rose petals)
Yummy food corner.
lots of effort put in for the decoration
 The Strawberry Rose Tea and Rose Popsicle is both amazing! 
I got to speak with Don and Trisha, turns out the Fresh team wanted the food to consist of natural ingredients(something that Fresh is known for) so Rose is a definite yes!
Both the Strawberry Rose Tea and Rose Popsicle taste so good that I can have them every day.
My lovely +1 June
 Got to meet up with my girl Amanda
 The super sweet Sonia who still remember me! 
She is really sweet and down to earth.
 Of course not to forgot the super cute miniature goodies that I got
I was lucky enough to win a full size lip balm during their spin and win session which I have been wanting!
Soy Face Cleanser
A gentle gel for all skin types. This cleanser will whisk away all those impurities and remover makeup, even mascara. Most importantly, it would not strip the skin essential moisture
 Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask
It is an intense hydrating mask, so when you feel your skin need some serious hydration then just apply this mask and let it do it’s magic. This mask is very interesting other than the fact it smell so good, it actually have cooling effect upon application. When rising it off, its so cooling!
 Rose Face Mask
With their unique gel formula, it hydrates, tones, and smooth the complexion. Infused with real rose petals which smell so goooooood!
 The Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry
If you have been reading my blog, you would have heard about this lip balm on one of my bellabox post where I receive it Rose miniature size. I love it so much that I use it daily, unfortunately due to the weather my lip balm melted off. I was a little sad but now I am super happy to got myself the mini Rose and full size in Cherry! In fact I first learn about Fresh for the Sugar Lip Treatment. With SPF 15, you can keep your lips moisturise and protected at the same time. The colour pigmentation for Cherry is as good as a lip stick but this is the creamy and moisturising version.
 The Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose
Smell amazing and keep your lips moisturise with a tint of colour.
What more can we ask for!
 Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream with Super 7 Complex
A Universal daily moisturiser that provide 24-hour moisture and improve the elasticity and immediately enhance radiance. I have start using it daily.
Photo taken at the photo booth with my ladies, I enjoy it a lot and if you haven, do head down to Fresh Flagship store located at Ion Orchard B3-45 as there is way more products to explore!

Fresh is Pure Beauty~

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