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Hey lovely,
I am so excited about sharing this post with you as I have found my favourite Makeup Cleansing Oil which I believe you will love it too! It is none other than Shu Uemura very well-known Cleansing Oil! I think if you know Shu Uemura as a brand you will definitely know that they are very well-known for their amazing cleansing oil! I didn’t know how great it was until I really got to try it first hand and I am in love with it. 
It was founded and named after legendary Japanese make-up artist and beauty pioneer, Shu Uemura, the brand breaks all boundaries in beauty creation. Inspired by an aesthetic and professional spirit of the artisan, the shu uemura brand was developed on the founder’s holistic philosophy that beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin.
I personally really love the philosophy behind it as I think that no matter how much makeup you use, a clean canvas is always the best base to start. Hence we should all start from taking good care of our skin because what’s the point of loading up makeup on our face when our skin are breaking out and desperately needs proper skin care. 
One of the main reason why I do not put on makeup during work is because I have extremely oily skin (which blackheads are inevitable) at the same time working in a pretty dusty environment hence putting on makeup is just going to breakout my skin further.
Next, the makeup remover I’m currently using do required a double cleanse in order to remove my makeup. We ladies can be very lazy when it comes to removing makeup after a long day hence why I don’t put on makeup on a daily basis.
Shu Uemura have 6 different cleansing oil to suit all different skin needs, they are also constantly improving the product itself. The exciting part is that we were not just invited by Clozette to learn more about the different cleansing oil, but Shu Uemura is introducing their latest cleansing oil that’s just launch on the market! It is the Shu Uemura Blanc: Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil. I will roughly let you know about all this 7 different Cleansing Oil.
Note: All Cl easing Oil DO NOT REQUIRE double cleanse. They are your makeup remover+facial wash!
Shu Uemura cleansing beauty oil premium A/I – For the Sensitive ,a mid-textured oil with soothing Licorice Root Derivative and moisturizing Amino Acids. leaves skin refined, soft, smooth, and plump.

Shu Uemura anti/oxi skin refining anti-dullness cleansing oil – For Aging Concern, formulated with Moringa Extract, the comfortable cleansing oil removes pollutants to clear dull yellow tones and reveal smooth, refined and youthful skin.
light-textured oil with Vitamin C. empowered with Fruit Acid Mix to remove accumulated melanin for a pristine, clear, visibly transparent skin
Shu Uemura high performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula – For All Skin Condition, infused with Camellia Oil and Ginger Root Oil, it cleanses gently and maintains skin’s moisture balance. leaves skin comfortable with fresh and sensuous rosemary aroma.

Shu Uemura POREfinist anti-shine fresh cleansing oil – For Pore/Oily Concerns, a water-like fresh oil to remove excess sebum and blackhead. with new Cinnamon Bark Extract known for sebum secretion regulating effect, it leaves skin pore-less, shine-less and smooth.

Shu Uemura ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil – For Global Skin Concerns, infused with 8 exquisite oils from botanical origin. a cashmere-like cocooning oil for supreme skin complexion.

The Newest: Shu Uemura Blanc: Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil
The first Clay-In Cleansing Oil to polish away accumulated melano-stains.
  • Purifying – Extracted, filtered & purified from mineral-rich natural lava clay. Known to trap impurities and lighten the complexion
  • Polishing – Gently Exfoliates dead skin cells containing melanin
  • Ultimate Removal System – With improved removability for waterproof mascara, Shu Uemura’s latest removal system thoroughly cleanses makeup and impurities in a single step

What I  about this product:

  • It cleanse like you are massaging your face hence very relaxing way of cleansing
  • It’s very lightweight
  • Does not leave your skin feeling sticky, oily or tight at all after rinse
  • Skin feel smooth after use
  • DO NOT NEED to double cleanse (it is a makeup remover + facial wash)
  • It cleanse off even my mascara
  • It does not string eyes at all (will blur vision if product got in eyes but can be get rid of easily)
  • Strong in removing makeup yet gentle on skin

I really can’t wait to get my hands on the full-size product upon first use of their Shu Uemura Blanc: Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil!
Shu Uemura Blanc: Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil
 A picture for us to describe our skin concern.
Mine was Oil Skin, lots of blackheads as well as big pore.
 The super nice makeup artist Jhun showing us how to properly use the Cleansing Oil. In order to cleanse well we first of course got to learn the right method and who else is better other than Jhun himself who use it daily! He also stated that he do not put on makeup but use the cleansing oil as an every day cleanser.
see how one side of my hands is slightly brighter than the other?
 Had a lot of funny learning and especially being able to catch up with all the beautiful ladies as well so of course we got to do out group shoot!
yes we both share the same name and surname!
 definitely can’t miss taking selfie

We receive a 50ml size to try to for ourselve and yes base on my long post about you know I love it! 

 After apply sufficient amount of cleansing oil & massaging my entire face to get rid of all the makeup including lips and mascara. 
 Once you apply water, the magic of emulsification starts, oil will turns into milky liquid to remove both makeup and water-soluble impurities.
End result is leaving you with smooth, brighten and clean face. You can head on to moisturising your face as no double cleansing is required!

This is my face after using Shu Uemura Blanc: Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil as my morning cleanser.

I decided to use it as a daily cleasner as well to see it for myself! Will definitely let you all know about the progress of my face on my Instagram page in 1 week time so do follow me for the updates.

Lastly I want to thank Clozette for the invites as well as Zee from Shu Uemura for educating us on their amazing cleansing oil! 

Goodbye to sad skin & hello beautiful skin~

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