Clozette K Party


I recently spent my Saturday afternoon attending Clozette K Party for all the Ambassador which I have a lot of fun meeting many of my ladies again as well as some of the new ones! 
K-pop was the theme so every one was dress up for it, I myself went with a sequin skirt which seem to caught the eyes of many and finish off with my “Style Nanda” inspired makeup look as well as blazer and boots as a lot of kpop star love to add edge to their outfit!
I was too busy with shooting everything else that I totally forgot to get a picture of my ootd.. LOL!!!

Anyway brands like Laneign was there to get us to try their BB cushion (of course we can’t miss that) and their brand new gradient lip bar which is not even out in the market yet so I am excited because gradient lips can be little tricky to achieve but with their new two-tone lip bar, getting a gradient lip look is easy peasy!

JL Heart was there too, a brand that I would never forget as I got the privilege of modelling for their jewellery! What’s even better is that they have came out with more design!!!! I am super excited as they all look super gorgeous and some even quirky. Let’s just say the Joyce has a good eye!

There was a golden foil tattoos booth which I love it a lot! Kind of wish I have more on my hands and many other parts of my body since it’s too pretty.

The Nails Social was there to help the ladies getting their gel nails prep! I didn’t get to try it as I was growing out my nails. 

Last but not least the food is very yummy too! Manage to filled my stomach before heading off to work! Anyway I had lots of fun and can’t wait for another event soon to catch up with everyone! Thanks clozette for the invites and congrates on the successful event! 
On the side note, I wish to wear the Korean traditional Hanbok again!

 In love with the tattoos

*But first, let me take a selfie*
Jody & Fenny
FiFi and Roanna


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