Slit & Strip

I am in love with this beautiful slit skirt! I love how the slit cut and show just the right amount of skin, not too much! Pair with a simple monochrome crop top and add a pop of colour with the clutch to complete the look.  
 Outfit Details
Monochrome Crop Top [ Wonderstellar ]
Slit-Cut Skirt [ Young Hungry Free ]
Claire Knot Clutch [ The Dancing Jewels ]
Strap on Heels [ Stradivarius ]
Hat [ H&M ]
Necklace [ Temt ]


Bellabox x Jacqueline Burchell Nails File Guest Post

Hey lovely,
I believe many of us ladies love to have beautiful nails hence we go out spending so much money on nails care and nails art. For some who have job that often causes the nails to break or chip (me!), we would at the very least wish that our nails doesn’t look like we haven been to the manicure for years! This is why I am here to share with you tips that I use to keep my short nails neat while waiting for it to grow out. 

Firstly you will need:
– Nails Clipper
– Crystal Nail File [Jacqueline Burchell Crystal Nail File]
– Nail File (Fine Grit)
– Nail Strengthener/ Base Coat [OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener]
– Nail Polish 
– Top Coat [Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat]
– Cuticle Oil (optional) [Butter London Cuticle Oil]

Crystal Nail File works as good as a metal one but they are more gentle on your nails as compared to the metal one. I think is important to invest in a good quality nail file that will last you really long! I used to use the metal nail file until I got my hand on the Jacqueline Burchell Crystal Nail File in my November BellaBox which I have been using it every since!
As you can see, this is what often happen to me, one of the nails either chip or break during work hence I have to file down the rest in order for my nails to look balance in length. I am going to show you how I file my nails. 
Note: You need to know what nails shape you want to achieve before clipping. I personally love square so here is the square shape look. You can clip your nails tiled if you are trying to achieve the almond, mountain peak, rounded or oval shape as shown below.

Step 1:
You want to use the nails clipper to clip some of the nails off. Not too much as you want to leave some nails for filing down. You can see how much I am roughly clipping off on the red line.

Step 2: 
After you are done clipping, you can take your Crystal Nail File and start filing one way. 
I prefer filing on the right way. It is recommended that not to go back and forth but at time I know that I personally can’t help it. Still try not to do that. 
After you are done filing down to your preferred length, go on to the next step.

 Step 3:
Now the side edge is probably very sharp, even with the square look, you do not want it to be too sharp as you might end up hurting yourselves when scratching or it will chip easily, hence filing a little bit on the side will prevent all that from happening.

Step 4: 
You want to use another nails file with a Fine Grit to just help clean up the edge of the nails as you will see some thin layer of flake still attach to your nails. Don’t panic when you see it because our nails grow in layer form hence why you will see some very thin layer of nail dangling after the first file. 
Example of Fine Grit nail file is this. You can actually feel how rough the grit is by comparing it to your Crystal File.


Now the square look is complete!
Continue repeating the step to the rest of the nails.

Once you are done, you will have something like this.

To prevent yourself from biting your nails, you can apply your favourite nail polish but remember to start off with a base coat or strengthener and then finish off with a top coat.
Last touch is optional but I like applying cuticle oil on the surrounding of my nails after painting to keep it moisturise. In case you are wondering the nails colour I am using is OPI Malaga Wine.

I hope that you have learn something from this post and am able to take care of them at your own comfortable home!
Last but not least I would like to thanks Becks and Bellabox for this opportunity on sharing this guest post with all of you and you can see it HERE!!!!



December Bellabox | Ring in the Christmas Belles |

Sponsored Post

Hey lovely,
It’s finally December, I am excited about Christmas and let’s just say that Santa visited early this year. Santa Bellabox came and give me this box of beauty and joy! 
Before I begin I would love to thanks Bellabox for a wonderful year of joy! Thanks to the amazing team as well as Becks who have been so sweet which I am so grateful to meet people like her when I got into Blogging! There are quite a number of  people I would love to thanks for this year of my blogging journey, although it may be a slow one but nevertheless, the people who I got to know is just amazing!!!! 
Now let’s get right into it!
As of every month I am greet by the beautiful Bellabox, this month is no surprise that the card is well-done! Let’s see what’s in to box shall we?
Apex Power Volume – Up Mascara 
First up is the full-size mascara by Apex. The is a voloumzing mascara so for the ladies who needs a little push on their lash, this may be just what you need!

 Medavita Hair Restoring Serum
This leave-in hair serum helps to regenerate, strengthen and hydrate the hair. 
Sound like something that I will need! 
Kester Black for Bellabox Nail Polish
This nail polish is an exclusive shade for bellabox that’s chip-resistant high shine and long lasting! I can’t wait to try it for myself!
 La Biosthetique Shampoo Beaute
A gentle scaple and hair cleanser that clean without drying your hair!

Juice Beauty Green Apply Peel Sensitive
Firstly I am not a fan of the smell but I love that it has tingling and heating up feel after applying and you can wash it off easily. This product helps to exfoliate, even skin tone and improve skin texture!
Curel Serum Care 
This is design for the sensitive skin and I have blog about it before so you can read the full post over HERE!

Wondering what to get for your love ones for Christmas? Well you can get them 3, 6 or 12 months worth of Bellabox by clicking Here! It’s that a great Christmas gift?
I hope you all will have a wonderful & blissful year ahead!!!

Merry Christmas~

Savory Korean BBQ Sauce Pack

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Hey lovely,
I am sharing with you something savory, something yummy and something Korean. Introducting the Savory Korean BBQ Sauce Pack!!! I personally am a big fan of Korean Cuisine hence it comes to me as no surprise that this pack will make any meat delicious! For someone who is not great when it comes to cooking like me, this pack is basically your all-in-one seasoning! I decided to judge for myself by going out and getting the ingredients = pork. You can choose chicken instead if you like but if you have been to a Korean BBQ restaurant, you would know that they love their pork. 

It’s so easy to cook because all you have to do is marinate your 500g of pork together with the whole pack of sauce, let it sit for 30 minutes and then you can either stir-fry it (like I did), grill it or BBQ it!
They comes in 4 different flavours and the spices are carefully selected from Korean and China to create irresistible flavour. 
– Original
– Black Pepper
– Smoky BBQ
– Spicy

I got myself the Original Flavour and I can truly say that the taste is indeed irresistible! They are so tasty and for someone who loveeeee savory food, I totally dig this! They definitely nailed the flavour and knows exactly what is good! I basically found myself eating a little too much of the pork because the seasoning is heavenly. Even my dad who is a picky eater like me approves it!
 Marinating in process…

 Remember to add water as you cook!

Ta daaaa…. A savory dish on the table 
If you want to get your hands on these Savory Korean BBQ Sauce Pack, you can head over HERE! Right now they are having promotion where they are selling S$13 each pack (original price is S$18).  I hope you do get your hands on it because I sure do enjoy it!

잘 먹겠습니다 ~

Gift Ideas for | HER |

Hey lovely,
Today I am here sharing some of the gift idea for HERIt’s a range of different products from beauty to fashion so lets get right into it!
 Typo Thoughts Reflections 
This book is suitable for people who love writing diary or student but didn’t have a lot of time to filled up an entire page hence this amount of space is what I like being able to it short and sweet of just a simple summarise of the day! You can even answer to the question on the top if you really have nothing in mind on that day!

This is the peppermint scrub from Scrubidoo that’s suitable for people who love to pamper themselves in the shower. The peppermint one smell amazing which also happens to be their limited edition for the Christmas season. They have 4 other classic ones that I have talk about which you can read more over HERE! My personal favourite is Just Coffee Scrub!
 The Body Shop [Doll Yourself Up Lip and Cheek Doll]
Your beauty-lover friends will love this cuteness with a tint! Into Korean style lip then you might want to consider getting this! 

I got this necklace for my grandma as a Christmas gift. I love how dainty and simple this necklace is. Definitely not too over the top for my Grandma to wear it and I really hope she likes it. JL Heart also have other quality necklaces, earrings as well as rings. If you are thinking of getting something for you mom, grandma or even the significant others, I have a wide range that you can browse from!

 The Clutter Bug Shop [Rockstar Quartz Necklace]
If you are looking for something a little more on the affordable side then you can check out The Clutter Bug Shop for this stone type of accessorise if you are as into it as I am. They even have it in Ring form which I totally adore unfortunately my finger size is too small or else i would have wore it as a pair!

 Thomas Sabo
If you don’t mind the budget and wants to pamper yourself or you love one wit a little more luxury accessories then you can head to Thomas Sabo store to check it out. They have one store located in Ion Orchard! This Rose Gold necklace filled with some diamond gives a elegant look to it but the shell like piece helps to complete the necklace!

Urban Decay Naked 3  
If you know that the person you are getting present for loooove makeup then Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is definitely a good palette to start off the makeup journey. The colours are pigmented and they have all the beautiful neutral tone to work with plus matt and shimmery texture is a definitely yes!

Zalora [Ezra Bumblebee Watch]
This is a cute yet affordable warm to have around! The details of a little bumblebee in the watch was what sold me, especially if you are into more detailed item.

Hope these simple gift ideas for HER is helpful and do share with me whats your wishlist for Christmas! I haven figure what I want to get myself yet since I have been shopping a little too much lately. Anyway let us count down to Christmas!!!

Enjoy Shopping!!!