Skirt & Shoe

This outfit was inspired by Cinderella Story where Hillary Duff have a beautiful dress on and she is wearing a shoe. I usually don’t go for converse high-cut looking shoe as I am very petite and the usual converse high-cut shoe seem to chop off my height even further hence I tend to avoid wearing it. This particular high-cut shoe due to its platform, it definitely look much better and different. Instead of chopping of my already is very short height, it helps to make me a little taller. Amazing how little details such as platform can make a high-cut shoe looks different on me. 
Outfit Details
Strip Top | Platform Shoe [ H&M ]
Velvet Midi Skirt [ Bugis Street ]
Boardi Green Gemstore Necklace [ WTF-WearThisFashion ]
Belt [ Talisman ]

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