Floral Garage Singapore

This is my first ever flower collab and I’m more than happy to be featuring Floral Garage Singapore! I believe the visual speak for itself in terms of how beautiful they are. These flower looks so pretty that it’s an ease capturing it. I’m loving each and every shot!

The bouquet featured in this shot is call ‘Cinnamon’ in red and I customise it by adding cotton flower! Since most of them are preserve flowers, that means they are very practical where you can separate them out and put them in cute vase! Perfect decor piece if you ask as they will last for a long time!

If you are looking into getting flower for the up coming Mother’s Day, you can also check them out HEREOr, if you are looking into flowers in general, they even have flower stand and some party supplies. Head over to Floral Garage Singapore and check them out!

Look Book | Slayin’ In White

Here’s the second 1/2 installment of my Taiwan Look Book. If you haven’t check out my first half click over HERE! In this second installment of the look book, the style tends towards edgy comparable to the first one. This white on white assemble is basically something you won’t go wrong with.

Some of the pieces worth mentioning are; Firstly, this white Laurene Lace Trousers from Opulencelabel. I’m all about details hence I really like the lace deets on the side of this piece. It’s really just divert itself from the rest of the usual plain white pants. Also, the quality of Opulencelabel collection are reliable and I’m talking about inner lining in this one! A must have if you have been looking for a pair of white pants/trousers!

Secondly, the bag that’s popping! I wanted to add a pop of colour in this look so I pair it with this bright duo-tone customise bag from my girl Raine who made all the bag by herself, Anastasiabyraine. If you are looking for gift or even your own customised bag, my girl Raine let you to choose on the colour and style! I love every bag that has a personal touch to it so having my initials on this bag just makes it extra special! Do check her out and show some love! With that said, I am having a GIVEAWAY courtesy of Anastasiabyraine where you can win yourself a customised bag, SAY WHATTT! It’s happening on my Instagram now!

I really enjoy this look and please let me know what you think about white on white assemble, Yay or Nay. Tell me what you think of this look in the comment section below!

Outfit Details

Laurene Lace Trousers from Opulencelabel | Colour Contrast Bag from AnastasiabyraineLong Sleeve Shirt & White Sneaker from Ezbuy | Choker form Pomelo | Yellow Shades from Taiwan

Photographed By


Look Book | Dancing In Lace

Hey lovely,

I’ve finally manage to get 1/2 of the look book from my recent Taiwan trip up! Took me sometime to edit so hope you enjoy the visual and style that I’ve have put together! If you want to know more about this beautiful Marie Lace Crochet Dress from Opulencelabel, do continue to read on!

In this look, I’m wearing the dress in size S. I only have a few pieces of clothing that would fit me like a glove and this is definitely one of them! Being a petite girl, this dress cuts at the right length and zips up in the back. Everything is fit and secure, a dress you can go from day to night and even dance in ease.

The quality of the clothing from Opulencelabel are all very well-made and I knew that before this dress as I own another piece from them as seen in my previous Look Book. They are definitely worth checking out especially if you enjoy getting quality pieces.

I pretty much worn this dress an entire day and when the weather is a little warmer, I simply remove the outerwear. Side note, super thankful for my brother who shot all these photo because at one point he even stood out in the rain to get some of the picture. Can you find them? (hint* raindrops) Hehe…Best Brother Ever!

Remember to head over to Opulencelabel to take a look at their collection! In the meantime, stay tune as I will be uploading the next 1/2 of the look book soon!

Outfit Details

Marie Lace Crochet Dress from Opulencelabel | Celine Inspire Bag & White Sneaker from Ezbuy | Long Emerald Coat from Taipei | Beret from Daiso

Photograph By

Johnathan Tan

Look Book | Let’s Go Anywhere

Hey lovely,

I’m back with another Look Book as promised! Recently, I’ve found myself to be very much in love with (apart from my boyfriend) is off the shoulder top! This floral printed off the shoulder top in navy colour instantly caught eye! I love it so much that I didn’t even need to think twice to bought it off the shelf! Apart from this top, I’ve to mention about this classy backpack.

If you have been reading my Look Book post or follow me on Instagram, you would have realise by now that I’m a hangbag person. I only own 2 or 3 backpacks in which I seldom use, so to actually want to carry a backpack is relatively rare for me.

However, this bag from Gaston Luga was a game changer. This is now in fact the only backpack that I tend to carry mainly because of its quality and size without compromising on style. A practical yet chic backpack is hard to come by so I’m super delighted when Gaston Luga send this to me in Clässy Black!

I will let the visual speak for itself but before you continue scrolling down, here a 15% off discount code [cassandratan] on top of FREE SHIPPING + 20% off as tax rebate (for non-EU country).

Since they are having their seasonal offer, you will get a FREE Leather Address Tag with every backpack order. This is literally the best time to get it, not even kidding!

You’re Welcome 🙂

Outfit Details

Clässy Backpack from Gaston Luga | Off Shoulder Top from Temts | High Waisted Jeans from Pull & Bear | Peep Toe Boots from Forever 21 | Gold Leather Choker from Pomelo

Photograph by

David. R

WASO | Products Reviews

You know how most cleanser that you use give you a very “squeaky clean” feeling in which I do honestly prefer, well this does not do that. What this gentle cleanser does is that you know your face is being cleanse without feeling like it removes every bit of moisture from your skin hence it’s definitely gentle enough on the skin. Basically, it live up to it name!If you are looking into a lightweight moisturizer, then this is the one. As for me, it’s a little too light and I’m not sure how well it will suit sensitive skin because I do found that if I just squeeze something out of my face and when this lotion touches it, it actually sting a little and that’s something that I don’t enjoy. Hence, my least favorite of this range to be honest.This is definitely one of my favorites as first of all, it’s oil-free and has a matte finish. It pumps out like light serum texture and after you applied on skin it blend out matte quickly. I found this to be a really good base before any makeup foundation as it’s doesn’t cause any cakey-ness. The product packaging I must say is well-made in the sense that one proper pump has the right amount of product dispense. I personally use this in the day before apply the next products below which goes hand in hand together.

This corrector is literally a perfect product for lazy people like me! I use this right after applying the Quick Matte Moisturizer above. It goes on my skin pretty well, its again oil-free/matte and lastly I get the protection as well as colour correction for my skin! Since it feels matte on the skin and it colour corrects your skin tone, you can easily opt this as a makeup based if you want the most natural looking makeup look. An easy favorite of the range that I would recommend!

If you know me, you would know that I LOVE scrub! Apart from getting rid of dead skin, exfoliating your skin helps to keep them baby smooth. The only problem that many would face is over scrubbing it because sometime, the particles in the scrub might be too rough on the skin. Well, this particular one isn’t too rough because the particles is fine, I can use this 3 to 4 times a week without feeling like its too harsh on my skin hence I really enjoy using this product. Side note, it’s easy to wash off the product too!This is a simple swatch of the products and I’ve used all these for almost 2 weeks straight without using other products in order to get a better feel of how I enjoy them. Do note that the products may work differently on different skin so I hope you give it try and see if you enjoy them as much as I do!

If you have any more question regarding these products, feel free to pop them down below in the comment section and I will be happy to answer for you. In the meantime, you can get these products at Shiseido counters or Sephora!

hugs, Cassandra

Look Book | Leather Panther

I’m back with another Look Book series and I’m rockin’ Leather Jacket this time round! This Leather Jacket that I’ve borrowed from Christy had so much attitude and I love it! The amazing thing about Leather Jacket is that it’s instantly add a edge to any outfit! I really think that it’s worth it to invest in a piece of Leather wear that fits you like a glove! Let me know what you think about this look and hope you enjoy the visual. Keep your eyes peel for the up coming Look Book!

Outfit Details

Leather Jacket from Christy  | Denim Skirt & Velvet S. Strap & Celine Inspired Bag from Ezbuy | Cyan Heels from Rubi | Belt from H&M | Heart-Choker from Forever 21

Photographed By

David R.

Look Book | Floral In Distressed

When I saw this beautiful floral top, it instantly caught my eyes and I knew I had to get it. Got this top at a steal of only S$19.90. It’s an easy top to match. In this case, I play it off with ripped jeans to give it a little more attitude. I then pair it with a beautiful customize bag from Anastasiabyraine which is handmade by my talented friend Raine. Please do checkout her site after viewing the visual. It’s THE perfect gift to get for your friends or girlfriend because you can customize the design as well!

Outfit Details

Floral Top from H&M | Ripped Jeans from Bugis Street | That Rebel Studded Crossbody Bag from Anastasiabyraine | Studded Lace-up Flat from Pretty Ballerinas |Jagger Hoop Necklace from The Ordinary Co

Photographed By

Johnathan Tan

Hugs, Cassandra

Look Book | Birthday Girl

Celebrating my 24th Birthday this year. This year birthday was a little different then the last because I’ve grew stronger as a person, I’ve done more things alone and for myself. I’ve learnt to put myself first this year.

I’ve become more independent now while still believing in love in which I think that makes me stronger. This year, it’s going to be great because I choose to make it that way.This lace dress was a perfect fit for me, I’ve gotten it for a while but kept it for special occasion so guess what, if Birthday isn’t special enough then I don’t know what is. Anyway I’m off to celebrate, do check out Opulence Label, they have really good quality collection of clothing.

Outfit Details

Calista Crochet Dip Hem Dress from Opulence Label | Heels from Zalora Label |

Photographed By

Johnathan Tan

Hugs, Cassandra

Lush | Go Any Where

Hi lovely,

I’m back with another Lush post and let just say, Lush never fail! There is some really interesting products to share this time round so lets hop right into it!Metamorphosis Bath Bomb [ S$12 ]

Lush Bath Bomb are literally what they are known for so of course it would be in this post! Just by the look itself of Metamorphosis, you might think it’s gonna comes out grey and dark, but WRONG. Once the outer layer of grey fizzy off almost as immediately, outburst a medley of orange, pink, yellow and green, releasing tranquil aromas of black pepper and myrrh to cleanse!

New Shampoo Bar [ S$24 ]

The name of this Shampoo Bar is literally call New! XD What this shampoo bar does is that it stimulate tired scalp that’s suffering from hormonal hair loss with spice. I loveee lush shampoo bar so much because they are travel friendly and omg, they foam so well by just rubbing the shampoo bar on your wet hair. It latter up so well which means I don’t find myself using so much product as compared to using the shampoo gel form. It’s just so much more convenient to use too. Definitely highly recommend you all to try out shampoo bar.

Damaged Hair Treatment [ S$24 ]

This is one of the new interesting products that I’ve got to try. It’s a hot hair oil treatment on a stick, so cute right! Basically all you have to do is slowly add a small amount of hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently. Once the treatment has all melted, apply directly to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes before shampooing, this treatment will hydrate and replenish your beautiful hair with ingredients such as extra virgin olive, shine-enhancing almond and avocado oils . It’s perfect for my hair as I’ve really dry ends! Side note, I actually break it in 3 pieces because I want to have a few uses!Drop Of Hope Soap [ S$18 ]

Another item Lush is known for is their soap, this one in particular is made from oil extracted of rapeseed plant. With a delicate blend of moisturising silken tofu and protective pioppino mushrooms, the soap will keep your skin hydrated!Finally, I’m leaving the most interesting and new products from Lush which is their Tooth Tab and Mouthwash Tab. They are super travel friendly (to be honest, 80% of Lush products I found are very travel friendly) and so easy to use!!! You can just bring it with you in a small container or just pop the entire bottle in you bag. One tab is all you need in each use.

Bling! Toothy Tabs [ S$13 ]

I was so intrigue when I was first introduced this product, I was like for real, this tab can replace my tooth paste? So after I’ve got home that night, I tried it and I’ve been using this tab to brush my teeth everyday. Bling! is a dazzling tabs, rolled in edible golden sparkle which is papain extract. Taste wise is orange with a zing! All you have to do is nibble one of these shiny tabs between your teeth to break it up, then start brushing, it’s that simple!

Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs [ S$18 ]

Another new item is this peppermint mouthwash tab which I enjoy using this a lot too! Just pop one tab into the mouth, take a sip of water to start the fizz then nibble it and swish before spitting out. Alternately, you can also dissolve a mouthwash tab in a small amount of water and rinse the mouth that way. I love this peppermint mouthwash! No burning sensation as compare to usual mouthwash.

Ugai Mouthwash Tabs [ S$18 ]

Ugai is another mouthwash tabs that’s suitable for the green tea and sea salt lover. Inspired by the Japanese custom of gargling to maintain health and vitality, each tab are packed with tantalising herbal taste to deeply cleanse and comfort your mouth. Antibacterial tea tree and sea salt offer freshness, while green tea gives a quenching, verdant flavour.Knot Wraps [ S$9-S$24 ]

Some of you might have know by now that Lush is a company that’s environmentally friendly, so it’s no surprise that they would introduce knot wraps as an alternative to usual packaging. If you didn’t know, even all of the paper wrap in Lush are made of recyclable material. The most interesting part about these knot wraps is that all of them are made from 100% recycled plastic, and can be used again and again! I really like that idea because lets be honest, we know how crazy the amount of plastic is being dump each day. There are actually so many ways to use a knot wraps, as head accessory to bag and as gift wrapper. Mine was tie into a bag which is super cute!

Do head down to Lush store to see the products yourself! Hope you enjoy the information shared here about the products!

Thanks Lush for having me once again! xx

Hugs, Cassandra