My First Chemical Peeling Experience | Charismata Aesthetics

Here’s what I have to say

Firstly, it my first ever Chemical Peeling treatment which is done at Charismata Aesthetics. I was kind of worried at first since I’m in the mid of having a breakout as well as areas that are recovering hence, the idea of “Chemical Peel” sounds a little daunting to me. I even double confirm to ensure that with my skin condition, it isn’t gonna have a bad effect.

For Chemical Peeling based on my Beauty Therapist Kerlyn, she shared that the basic amount of acid use is around 35%. Since it’s my first try, she went with that amount. The acid at most should NEVER exceed 60% caused that would eventually burn the skin. (interesting to know)

Secondly, many would have asked does it hurt? For me, no. At 35%, you can feel a little bit of tingly effect but certainly not burning for me. I particularly enjoy the process because halfway through, I fall asleep. What woke me up was the COLD acne control relief mask that has Aloe Vera and a strong hint of Mint which is super cooling~ Instant refreshing!

Even though chemical peeling sound strong, it’s surprising quite mild on my skin, so mild that I would prefer a little stronger because the usual kind of facial that I’ve been before would go through the process of squeezing out the clogged pores. Which is why it hurts but I do prefer most my pore getting unclogging hence I didn’t mind enduring the pain.

As for chemical peeling, it perfect for people who doesn’t want to deal with any pain; have sensitive skin or even severe acne skin. Because Kerlyn shared that she used to have severe acne skin on her forehead area where she would go to doctors, go on pills and spend tons of money but what in the end really works for her was chemically peeling. Now if you look at her, you would not believe she used to have problematic skin.

. In my opinion, is best to go Chemical Peel Treatment a few times for long term result. Obviously, you can see the different after the first try where your skin is brighter, smoother and clearer, but if you want long term result then pampering yourself with Chemical Peeling would means better skin over time.

With all these said, if yourself or your friends are interested in trying out Chemical Peeling Treatment, 1 session is S$248 but Charismata Aesthetics is giving my readers 10% off if you quote my name! I hope this post gives you a little clarification and if you need to know more, just hit me up in the comment section below!

Thank you Charismata Aesthetics, for having me and the very sweet Eileen who was there the whole time to capture all these shots <3

Hugs, Cassandra

Crunch | Your Way To Smarter & Healthier Choice

Love eating food but also someone who is conscious about what you put in your body? With Crunch, it just got a little easier!

Since most of us are often on our phone, then it makes sense to have easy access to our diet isn’t it, hence, Crunch is exactly that! This new weight management calorie counter is design for people like us. You don’t have to be an athletes or professional bodybuilders to eat healthy, this new app is to simply help us make informed lifestyle choices with a few clicks away.

These are the simple how to steps:

Crunch In – Swipe the Crunch In slider (in red) and take a foodfie. Select your meals amongst an over 3,600 calorie-counted of local dishes to get the estimated calories consumed then post it on your timeline.

Crunch Out – Simply swipe the Crunch Out slider (in green) and take a selfie. Cause why not flaunt it while you’re at it? After getting the estimated calories burnt, post it on your timeline.

All Day Summary – Take stock of your day with all these insightful charts that sum up your calorie intake and burn. Now that’s one way to stay motivated to reach your goals.

Social Community – Get your friend in the loop by inviting them to join in and stay connected to encourage each other to stay healthy. Share Crunch Moments and challenge with friends and family to give and seek inspiration for a better, healthier you.

You can relax at their infinity swimming pool or practice yoga

on a lawn right in the middle of the lobby.

A 24-hour accessible gym enables you to recharge anytime you want.


Eat healthier and live better start now with Crunch app, available for both Android and Apple iOS devices now!

Hugs, Cassandra

Look Book | Dash To The Season

Hey lovely,

This is a special lookbook because it’s an exciting collab that my dear friend Christy and I have planned together. Since both of us are different in terms of style and body shape, we wanted to share with you how we style a flannel pieces that most of us would own in our closet because they are pretty easy to mix and match with.

As you know Christmas is around the corner, hence explain the reason of this festive looking outfit. What stands out in this outfit was the fancy heels that I’ve got here. This lovely pair is from Essex Glam.

Once you have done viewing these visual, do hope over to check out Christy take on how she style her Flannel shirt HERE. She certainly has amazing visuals and we have more ideas coming up so do keep a lookout for it!

Outfit Details

Flannel [ H&M ]

Burn-Orange short [ Flea ]

Knot Clutch [ The Dancing Jewels ]

Tamsin Black Suede High Lace Up Heels [ Essex Glam ]

Hugs, Cassandra

Secret Santa Gift Guide | Under S$20

Hey lovely,
So I’ve decided to sit down and help you think of what you can get for Secret Santa!
The thing with Secret Santa is that you may or may not know the gender or interest of the person that you are gifting, so whether you did or not, here’s a gift guide that hopefully gives you some ideas of what to get!
I purposely pick the S$20 and below range of products because some of you may be students or some of you may be the Secret Santa of a number of people, hence, I make sure that these gifts are budget-friendly and practical!

Disclaimer: Photos are from Google so it’s not a sponsorship and I am literally doing this post just for you! Hope it helps ?




I really hope this post gives you a good idea of what to get! Do comment below if you want to know more about where to get some of the products and I will try my best to reply you!

Hugs, Cassandra

Look Book | Fur & Fall

Fall has always been my favourite season. Unfortunately, in Singapore, you can’t feel it. However, that’s not stopping me from styling in Fall looks. In this look, I play with the fur coat that has been lounging in my wardrobe for the longest time. This is still pretty wearable in Singapore IF you are staying in air-conditional place.
The turtle neck top is actually pretty thin in terms of material so pairing it with short still keeps you relatively cool. The fur coat is obviously the one that’s gonna keep you warm in cold temperate. Plus, it’s a vest fur coat so its still not too hot compare to those with sleeves. If you have to head out of the mall, just take off the coat, no hassle there.
Outfit Details
Turtle Neck | Bag [ Taiwan ]
Shorts [ Bugis Streets]
Strap-on Heels [ Kurt Geiger ]
Silver Shades [ Forever 21 ]

Kohepets for your pets


Pet food, people who have pet like me knows that we are often out looking for good deals for our lovely pet. In my case, I often travel a bit further just to get my Sofie’s food and treats at a more affordable price. The only problem with that is I’ve to carry it all the way back home and to be honest, it’s really TIRING. Then again there are options like free shipping from other sites, which another problem arises, I’ve to buy at least S$100 worth of products. 

So image how delighted I am to learn that Kohepets does Free Shipping over S$60 and delivered within 2 days, talk about efficiency. That’s also a price point that I can hit as I don’t buy a lot of things. Now, I can wait in the comfort of my own house and with a few click, I can get my items delivered to my doorstep in a few days. They do regular promotion on food, treats & etc so you can get pretty good deals out of it.
Most physical stores give free sample when you ask. Although Kohepets is online base, they do have a section of free sample that you can pick from with any purchase. They carry more than 5000 range of products including premium brands such as Wellness, K9 Natural, Merrick, Honest Kitchen & etc. If you are into new products, they are also one of the first stores to carry them.

As for their Facebook and Instagram page, they have occasional contests so you might want to follow them as well!

One important point I wanted to share with you is the fact that they have a Donation section where instead of giving money, you can buy food (at 38% off) that are donated and delivered directly to Animal Lovers League or Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelters. Isn’t that such a lovely way to help out other animals?!

Those things above are what I’ve picked for my dog, Sofie. (hehe a little cameo of her too)
I have been feeding her Wellness’s completes puppy dry food. She enjoys her JerHigh sticks for treats. Since she is 6 months now, the period where she is still into chewing so I’m glad that she loves the SmartBones Rawhide-free Chicken chew in which she literally devoted it.

I’m definitely gonna continue getting Sofie’s stuff through Kohepets in the future so I don’t have to travel which really save me alot of traveling $$$. Thank you Kohepets on behalf of Sofie for all the yummy food!