ORBIS | Sakura Inspired Look


ORBIS had recently launch their Limited Edition Sakura-themed beauty products to celebrate the Spring Season.

As we all know, Japanese love their Sakura and Japanese ladies tend to wear minimal makeup as they like to look more natural hence this is what I’m going for in this look.

Here’s a quick and easy step by step guide. The base makeup has already been done so I will jump right into using the products shown above.

That’s the look, simple, clean and a hint of sweetness.

Product details are list down below.


Rooibos Blend Tea Sakura (Limited Edition)

S$22 | 15 Packets per box

The aroma of the tea smell like very sweet flower. Any tea lover who love flower tea will definitely enjoy this.


Twin Gradation Eye Color Cherry Blossom (Limited Edition)

S$18 | 1.5g


Balloon Puff Cheek Pink Bloom (Limited Edition)

S$28 | 3.5g


Essence Gloss Rouge Mandarin Red

S$20 | 7g

All of these products are now available in stores at All ORBIS counters except Robinsons The Heeren.

You can also find out more about them at [ https://orbis.com.sg/ ] or their Facebook page.

Hugs, Cassandra




Look Book | Bring Me To New York

Styling graphic is something new for me since I don’t really wear them unlike my girl Christy who rocks graphic tee like second skin.

In this second installment of our collaboration, we are styling Graphic Tee. You can check out HERE for the first one.

Since I’m not someone who wears graphic tee all the time, I decided to pick something simple such as wordings. This way I would actually still wear it even after the shoot. #beingrealistic

Because my shirt is simple, hence I opt to play with coat and accessories. I toughen up the look by rocking my circle choker and decked in a fur vest. Keeping to the circle accessories theme, I wore a pair of black circle studs earrings.

Because the top half is so edgy, I wanted to keep the overall look a little chic so I complete it with a pair of sheer socks in kitten heels. You will definitely see me in sheer sock again!

Now that you have seen my look, it’s time to hope over to my girl Christy’s Look Book because hers scream a totally different vibe and you are gonna like it!

Outfit Details

Graphic Tee [ Cotton On ]

Fur Vest [ New Look ]

Kitten Heels | Earrings [ H&M ]

Choker [ Forever 21 ]

Bag [ Charles and Keith ]

Sheer Socks [ Rubi ]

Photographed By


A Day With Me | Through the lens of IPhone 7 Plus

Saturday | 11 March 2017

It was an amazing fun filled day pack with activities!

With just 3 hours of sleep and maybe 10-15minutes of dozing off in the cab, I manage to stay awake and have so much fun!

So here is how it went

  • [ 8am ] Hiking at Bukit Timah Reserve
  • [ 11am ] Burger King Breakfast
  • [ 12pm ] Swimming and Sauna
  • [ 4pm ] Genki Sushi
  • [ 5pm ] Manicure
  • [ 7pm ] Suzette Cafe
  • [ 8pm ] I Light Marina Bay & Carnival

All shots are shoot using IPhone 7 plus by bestie Bloom & myself. I was so impress by the lens and how the portrait mode can produces some pretty good pictures. Of course not forgetting my bestie for helping me to shoot the pool shots as well as others.

Special thanks to our lovely Senior Jean for joining us in the morning and letting us hit the pool and sauna!

I Light Marina Bay was awesome and this coming weekend you guys should go check it out yourself.  From what I know, this festival is on going till 26 March! There’s also a carnival around call Guesto Beats which my bestie and I had so much fun at so you really need to go check it out yourself!

What I’m Wearing

Swimwear [ Cotton On Body ]

Jen Everyday Hooded Parka [ Topazette ]

Sport footwear [ Nike ]

Backbag [ Charles & Keith ]

Hugs, Cassandra

Reflections Organics | Eco-friendly makeup line

Reflections Organics, founded by Nerissa is a local homegrown brand that’s organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup line. The colour pigmentation is on point and certainly impressed me upon trying it out myself. Reflections Organics consist a diverse range of highly pigmented and long lasting makeup from Anti-aging BB cream, mineral powder, highlighters, blush and the list goes on and on.

Each product is formulated with up to 90% USDA certified organic ingredients, while providing the wholesome natural nourishment for skin.

Since our skin also absorbs any chemicals in the cosmetics, Reflections Organics aims to protects your health as well as fragile ecosystems of the Earth with detailed attention for environmentally-friendly packaging such using soy-based ink for labels or translucent boxes to reduce printing wastage and recyclable pouches for packaging.

Their products are of quality so you get what you pay for. I use to think that organic products are not as pigmented until I’ve tried out Reflections Organics makeup that really change my persective. The two products that I’ve been using are the Sheer Mineral Bronzer and Mineral Eye Shadow. Since they are both really highly pigmented, I really only need a small amount of products in each use. The texture is very smooth and glides on the skin easily. The first shade on the top is the bronzer and the shade in the bottom is the eye shadow.

Reflections Organics believe in giving back to the less-privileged families hence Reflections is a supporter to the children of needy families in Christian Life Church in Cebu, Bantayan since the brand’s inception through donating a portion of profits made into providing for their education and livelihood. In fact, Nerissa personally has 2 kids whom she has been sponsoring for 2 years now. It’s always a beautiful thing when brands remembers to give back.

To learn more about the brands, you can check out their site at https://www.reflectionsorganics.com/.

You can also check out their Facebook or Instagram.

Last but not least, Reflections Organics is kindly giving my readers an exclusive 10% off when you key in ROCassandra17. (Code is valid from now till March 2017)

Hope you do check out their products and love it as much as I do!



My First Chemical Peeling Experience | Charismata Aesthetics

Here’s what I have to say

Firstly, it my first ever Chemical Peeling treatment which is done at Charismata Aesthetics. I was kind of worried at first since I’m in the mid of having a breakout as well as areas that are recovering hence, the idea of “Chemical Peel” sounds a little daunting to me. I even double confirm to ensure that with my skin condition, it isn’t gonna have a bad effect.

For Chemical Peeling based on my Beauty Therapist Kerlyn, she shared that the basic amount of acid use is around 35%. Since it’s my first try, she went with that amount. The acid at most should NEVER exceed 60% caused that would eventually burn the skin. (interesting to know)

Secondly, many would have asked does it hurt? For me, no. At 35%, you can feel a little bit of tingly effect but certainly not burning for me. I particularly enjoy the process because halfway through, I fall asleep. What woke me up was the COLD acne control relief mask that has Aloe Vera and a strong hint of Mint which is super cooling~ Instant refreshing!

Even though chemical peeling sound strong, it’s surprising quite mild on my skin, so mild that I would prefer a little stronger because the usual kind of facial that I’ve been before would go through the process of squeezing out the clogged pores. Which is why it hurts but I do prefer most my pore getting unclogging hence I didn’t mind enduring the pain.

As for chemical peeling, it perfect for people who doesn’t want to deal with any pain; have sensitive skin or even severe acne skin. Because Kerlyn shared that she used to have severe acne skin on her forehead area where she would go to doctors, go on pills and spend tons of money but what in the end really works for her was chemically peeling. Now if you look at her, you would not believe she used to have problematic skin.

. In my opinion, is best to go Chemical Peel Treatment a few times for long term result. Obviously, you can see the different after the first try where your skin is brighter, smoother and clearer, but if you want long term result then pampering yourself with Chemical Peeling would means better skin over time.

With all these said, if yourself or your friends are interested in trying out Chemical Peeling Treatment, 1 session is S$248 but Charismata Aesthetics is giving my readers 10% off if you quote my name! I hope this post gives you a little clarification and if you need to know more, just hit me up in the comment section below!

Thank you Charismata Aesthetics, for having me and the very sweet Eileen who was there the whole time to capture all these shots <3

Hugs, Cassandra

Crunch | Your Way To Smarter & Healthier Choice

Love eating food but also someone who is conscious about what you put in your body? With Crunch, it just got a little easier!

Since most of us are often on our phone, then it makes sense to have easy access to our diet isn’t it, hence, Crunch is exactly that! This new weight management calorie counter is design for people like us. You don’t have to be an athletes or professional bodybuilders to eat healthy, this new app is to simply help us make informed lifestyle choices with a few clicks away.

These are the simple how to steps:

Crunch In – Swipe the Crunch In slider (in red) and take a foodfie. Select your meals amongst an over 3,600 calorie-counted of local dishes to get the estimated calories consumed then post it on your timeline.

Crunch Out – Simply swipe the Crunch Out slider (in green) and take a selfie. Cause why not flaunt it while you’re at it? After getting the estimated calories burnt, post it on your timeline.

All Day Summary – Take stock of your day with all these insightful charts that sum up your calorie intake and burn. Now that’s one way to stay motivated to reach your goals.

Social Community – Get your friend in the loop by inviting them to join in and stay connected to encourage each other to stay healthy. Share Crunch Moments and challenge with friends and family to give and seek inspiration for a better, healthier you.

You can relax at their infinity swimming pool or practice yoga

on a lawn right in the middle of the lobby.

A 24-hour accessible gym enables you to recharge anytime you want.


Eat healthier and live better start now with Crunch app, available for both Android and Apple iOS devices now!

Hugs, Cassandra

Look Book | Dash To The Season

Hey lovely,

This is a special lookbook because it’s an exciting collab that my dear friend Christy and I have planned together. Since both of us are different in terms of style and body shape, we wanted to share with you how we style a flannel pieces that most of us would own in our closet because they are pretty easy to mix and match with.

As you know Christmas is around the corner, hence explain the reason of this festive looking outfit. What stands out in this outfit was the fancy heels that I’ve got here. This lovely pair is from Essex Glam.

Once you have done viewing these visual, do hope over to check out Christy take on how she style her Flannel shirt HERE. She certainly has amazing visuals and we have more ideas coming up so do keep a lookout for it!

Outfit Details

Flannel [ H&M ]

Burn-Orange short [ Flea ]

Knot Clutch [ The Dancing Jewels ]

Tamsin Black Suede High Lace Up Heels [ Essex Glam ]

Hugs, Cassandra

Secret Santa Gift Guide | Under S$20

Hey lovely,
So I’ve decided to sit down and help you think of what you can get for Secret Santa!
The thing with Secret Santa is that you may or may not know the gender or interest of the person that you are gifting, so whether you did or not, here’s a gift guide that hopefully gives you some ideas of what to get!
I purposely pick the S$20 and below range of products because some of you may be students or some of you may be the Secret Santa of a number of people, hence, I make sure that these gifts are budget-friendly and practical!

Disclaimer: Photos are from Google so it’s not a sponsorship and I am literally doing this post just for you! Hope it helps ?




I really hope this post gives you a good idea of what to get! Do comment below if you want to know more about where to get some of the products and I will try my best to reply you!

Hugs, Cassandra