Lush Aesthetics

Hello!!! πŸ™‚
Okay so recently, after my trip back to Lombok, I went for AlmaLASE Laser Facial treatment at Lush Aesthetics. It’s a laser treatment that treat uneven skin tone, flexible treatments depending on skin condition, firming and whitening… 
It just so happen I became so tanned in Lombok from all the sun, I guess it was really what I needed because my skin was so dull πŸ™ and when I was told that this treatment would produce instant results I got more excited!

The AlmaLASE treatment utilizes micro beams of lasers along with an in-motion technology to eliminate signs of aging and imperfections.
The treatment lasted so quickly because it’s laser! And the feeling was really quite good!

Overall it was a pleasant experience but to be honest I only see very slight result after the treatment..  I believe I’ve to get a few more sessions done in order to see more prominent results! But good thing is that there were no skin irritations etc.! 
They also provide a lot other treatments such as teeth whitening, hair removal, fat freezing, etc. Visit here to find out more!
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Tioman 2015 (with le BFF)

Went Tioman on June 15 with ma gurl~




we stayedΒ @ Paya Beach Resort!





and wtf its a freaking huge monitor lizard in the waters -_-







managed to overcome my fear of cats at Tioman, surprisingly πŸ™‚
also because the cats there are more friendly? and I have a motivation then… lol.


we met 2 uncles on the coach otw to Mersing then Tioman and turned out that we stayed at the same resort too!
They were really friendly. At first we were skeptical of them but actually they’re genuinely nice! They even treated us to dinner on Day 1 and almost did not want to accept our $ for Day 2’s but we shoved the money to them anyways!





We ate at the restaurant nearby the jetty… But the food was not nice :(((( the sambal was sweet instead of salty & spicy 😳
Day 2
Was the day we booked for snorkeling! πŸ™‚ prior to that we woke up, took photos and went for breakfast!












Our lunch! Was actually quite decent πŸ™‚ at our pitstop, somewhere in Tioman that’s another island.



We were out at sea with a family of 6! Four boys with their parents. They were nice! The kids were quite cute and the elder boys were friendly and helpful!
Headed back to our resort after almost half-day.. Washed up, and decided to go Kayaking!








two of them are really super nice! they kayak us to farther places where the waters were clearer. And they are super funny LOL.






Dinner w two of the uncles and then we bumped into the two didis so we just hung a bit and introduced them to each other!


this marks the end of our day 2!!
On the third day…





my beautiful baby girl πŸ™‚



On the coach on the way back to SG…
And then… was at Golden Mile so had dinner there after meeting S.



DessertΒ @ Symmerty


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Fitbit (ad)

I participated in the most recent challenge-

As you can see from above… I didn’t clock enough steps for certain days. Because I was overseas and I didn’t wear my fitbit 24/7- due to inconvenience!

However, I would love to continue to participate in them and hopefully win something πŸ˜›

me in my fitbit! πŸ™‚

whenever I hit 10k steps, this device will vibrate to notify me of it. How cool!
On days when I go for my runs, my fitbit vibrates at an earlier timing instead, and sometimes it makes me want to run more often… such motivation LOL.

OH, and I can also set alarms to it via their dashboard! The tracker will vibrate at the time you set it to! It actually can help remind you of timings and stuff like that, very convenient!

I have added a few jawbone/ fitbit user friends on my list and we can actually check out each other’s progress too! And we can participate in those challenges together~

Can’t wait for the next challenge to be up!

Oh, and Congrats to the winner!

Join the upcoming challenges and get excited to be rewarded!

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Get rewarded when being fit!

Hello there! Sorry to be away for quite sometime.. Anyway!
Gonna share something with you guys, whereby you CAN receive incentives from keeping yourself fit.
What?! YES, and this could happen if you own a Fitbit/ Jawbone tracker (Soon-to-be Striiv as well) on!!

I am humbled to be chosen to be one of’s Brand ambassador, to share my experience with my fitbit tracker including how integrating a fitness tracker (a Fitbit for my case) changes my lifestyle and daily activities as well as how it keeps me fit! is a wellness platform, and serves a purpose to reward users of Fitbit/ jawbone trackers where they participate in challenges through clocking in the highest number of steps based on various challenges! These challenges are consistently being rolled out each week and it is really exciting because what’s better than getting in shape and being rewarded for doing so? πŸ˜‰


So it looks roughly like this ^


This tracker calculates the daily steps that I take and devises the amount of calories I burn!
I was curious to find out if this device could actually calculate any movement/ steps I take while doing yoga and surprisingly, yes. But personally, I’m pretty much an active person, I enjoy walking and indeed, I walk a lot.. so it was not a big problem for me to clock-in a minimum of 10,000 steps a day even if my yoga practice does not calculate my steps (as poses may not require moving around the mat but just staying put at a spot). I also try to go for runs at least once every week, thus, it helped me see how the fitbit tracker works better. I was able to see that the calories I burnt was at its peak when I was out running.

This tracker got me more aware of the activities that I do, because it somehow served as a motivation to me as I would want to hit the daily goal of 10,000 steps daily. Am glad I reach that goal on most days!

Visit them on their Website, Facebook & Instagram to find out more!

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My Life and Yoga

Thank you for featuring me and even on the cover on your site as well as your free circulated paper πŸ™‚
You guys can read more here:
hereΒ πŸ™‚
Thank you for all your kind words guys. And all the support you guys showed (e.g. sharing it on FB etc.) It’s the little things that makes me fuzzy wuzzy inside, I’m deeply humbled πŸ™‚ even though it isn’t a very big deal but I’m thankful, it’s a mini milestone!



and this was one photo not featured that I also really like <3
Photos by: Frank Young
One quick note/ the journey was never easy but the key is toΒ never give up. Β Even til today I will not deny and say that that I’m not struggling with other voices in my head from time to time. But also am glad to say most of the time I successfully drown those voices and always always try my best to be comfortable in my own skin. As the saying goes Beauty is subjective. We can’t control what others think or see but we can control our own thoughts and views. It’s very important because it lays the foundation for us to FEEL about ourselves.
Confidence often carries beauty along. (But of course excessive/ over-confidence can kill it all.)
And actually, all we can do best is to be ourselves. In life, there should be no room for pretence because we can never find true happiness right there- even if we felt so, it could most probably be delusional.
I’m still working on way too many things and is often impatient and wants to get many things done at one time which is technically impossible -_-
So I really wish I can take a step back and relax a little, take one step at a time. Life is after all, a special element that we got to enjoy.
Ending of with a less saturated photo πŸ˜€
Gtg study now.
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Salads and only salads

Alright before I officially go on a month’s hiatus to study for my papers, I want to complete my post on my salad meals!

<Edited: Added MINIMUM price for each salad joint! Hope it helps!>

1. The Daily Cut
My fav complex carb: Wholemeal pasta 
Fav topping: Sou vous Egg!
Min. Price: $12

2. Cedele
Fav dressing: Honey Mustard
Fav protein: TOFU!!!
Min. Price: $6.80
(Their soups and sandwiches (as well as quiche) are awesome too!! And they have like pastries and cakes for good desserts :D)
3. The Sandwich Shop/ The Salad Shop
(all the pre-prepared salad in a container already! but freshly made everyday… so… YUMMY)
Min. Price: $4.50
(Of coz, how can a sandwich shop not have sandwiches HAHA. they do have, as well as other salads, some soups, wraps and mueslis!)

4. MUNCH Saladsmith
Fav selection of ALL TIME: Tuna pasta!!!
Min. Price: $4 for just one small salad, $7.95 for choice of 2.
(They have mains too- e.g. Dory, Salmon, Chicken thigh, Rosti, Bratwurst)

5. The Salad Stop!
Fav place to get EVERYTHING I crave for in ONE Bowl!
I always go to Chevron’s outlet as I practice yoga nearby- and most of the staffs are very generous with the ingredients πŸ˜‰
Fav Dressing: Japanese Miso
Min. Price: $9.90

(If you’re craving for a wrap instead, they have it in different wraps! -plain/ wholemeal/spinach/tomato!)
6. SUMO Salad
Fav selection: Pumpkin cous cous + Tuna & Dill pasta
Min. Price: $6.95

(@ sumo salad, you can also create your own ;))
7. Salads & Wraps
Favourite thing about it: Can really taste the freshness of the vegetables!
Fav dressing: Asian Ginger Vinaigrette (or something like this)
Min. Price: $6.90
(Wraps are also available if you prefer :D)
8. SWISSBake
Featuring: Thai Tomyum pasta salad
Min. Price: $8
(They also have smoked salmon/ caesar chicken salad)
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Hi guyzzz just launched their new April collection after going on Hiatus for a few months πŸ™‚
And it was my pleasure to meet the owner and beau as well as Ally during the shoot 2-3 weeks ago!
Here are some of my favourite photos (P/s. I excluded the awkward looking ones… you can pop by the online store to check it out though >_< HAHAHA

The next post I will be posting on all kinds of  salads that I had for lunch for various days! πŸ˜›

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