My go-to salon

Hello!!! I’m back to share a great place that I have been patronizing frequently for close to a year already!

I’ve been with Salon Plus @ Far East Plaza eversince I chanced upon their advertorial on IG that shouts $149 for COLOUR + TREATMENT + CUT. It was such a great deal because I honestly damn budget and cannot bear to spend so much on my hair T_T…. but my hair was getting way too long and unhealthy, that’s very annoying πŸ™

So prior to my first ever haircut and hair makeover, my hair was pretty long and dry… I also wash my hair very often cos I teach yoga and workout almost daily, and I usually wash my hair twice a day πŸ™

So this was my hair before I went to get it revived!!!:

I dont know if you can see but my hair was really long and heavy and I’ve got dry ends πŸ™
and I dont like how my fringe worked.. πŸ™
When I first chopped of a bunch of my hair! So happy πŸ˜€
I love this hair colourrrr =D
Really love the length of my hair and have been keeping it as this eversince!! =D

I also received lots of compliments with my new haircut.. Also, the place is comfortable and clean! I am quite particular about cleanliness so Salon Plus is definitely a thumbs up for me πŸ™‚

Also they’ll serve you hot tea / water!!! P/s. the salon’s really cold thoooooo!!!

Warning: Spamming a series of selfies with my hair on point (I know a bit messy sometimes but I love the slightly messy look :P)

shorter hair suits me so much better right πŸ™‚
and I went red-ish purple…… which was not really my colour πŸ™
hehe i love my hair length and i’ve been keeping it as this for damn long already…
this was me in my brightest brown hair!!! kekek
See! even with such a bright hue it still looks smooth and soft right??
Hehe thats me getting my treatment done in the salon πŸ™‚
Really in love with this hair length and cut!!
me outside my safe space =)
My friendly hair stylist, Dave!!! πŸ™‚
Now Im back to bright brown πŸ™‚
Last one! Special thanks to Roy for doing this shoot for me.

Special shout out to Salon Plus for always making my hair look so presentable, keeping my hair healthy and soft πŸ™‚

FYI, both Dave and his st

They are still having their best promotion ever!!!


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My Lips Fillers Experience in The Aesthetics Central Singapore

Few years ago, I did my lips fillers once because my lips had no shape and I always wanted more plumped and defined lips. 

So recently, I decided to go for it again and did it The Aesthetics Central!

Honestly I’m a weakling for tiny needles and was scared of the pain… but no pain no gain…
I am so Glad I decided to go for it because I am truly amazed and pleased with the results!!!

The process was really simple. They started by applying numbing cream around and on my lips and I waited for 30 mins. Then went into the room and got my fillers done.

So Doctor Chow Yuen Ho was telling me what is he gonna do for my lips before getting into it.

I know I’m like frowning but I’m just trying to bear with the pain… heh, it wasn’t really that painful. It was bearable =)

This was when it was almost done and just cleaning up.
& me checking out my “new” lips!

My lips were a bit swelled and bruised for the first two days which was really normal. After which, everything’s good again.

Admittedly, It was a little uncomfortable for me, however generally it was bearable. I just closed my eyes through the whole process and opened my eyes to more defined and pouty lips.

Check out the differences:

Admittedly, It was a little uncomfortable for me, however generally it was bearable. I just closed my eyes through the whole process and opened my eyes to more defined and pouty lips.

Another before and after photo more defined! Apologies for the bad lighting tho!!!

Dr Chow really did a great job for me so if you’re looking for recommendations, I would say please go to him! He’s really gentle and patient so rest assure you’ll be in good hands πŸ™‚

Moreover I’m not someone who applies lipstick often because i always felt that my lips are not pretty and it’s hard for me to draw because I don’t have a defined Cupid bow so on bad days it’s very ugly if I try to β€œdraw” a nice lip line.

But ever since I got my lip fillers done again, I started using my lipsticks again, FINALLY! And for those who want to know whether you should do it or not, I highly recommend. The pain for 5 minutes in exchange for 9-12 months of nice lips, absolutely worth it πŸ˜€

Applying lipstick really got simpler again, really happy!!!

All my friends said my lips were really nicely done and they loved it on me as well! πŸ™‚

Look for Dr. Chow Yuen Ho if youre keen on doing fillers! I really love my lips thanks to him! My friend who introduced him and this clinic to me told me he’s really experienced and well, the results on my lips definitely proved it πŸ˜€

This is the clinic that I went to:

Aesthetics Central Clinic

8 Eu Tong Sen Street#11-89
The Central Office One,Singapore 059818

They also provide tons of other beauty/ aesthetics services and treatments, so feel free to check them out πŸ˜‰

And after this I’m also considering going for eye fillers so that my eyes will look less tired 24/7… :B

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Habitat by Honestbee x YM

Just awhile back during end March, YM and Habitat shared an outdoor event and I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of it. (Though there were some hiccups here and there…)

Seeing the turn out was great. We had to keep expanding space and maximise the areas that we had.

Allow me to let the pictures do the talking πŸ™‚ Thank you again our amazing photographer Debra for the lovely photos.

Do it with passion or not at all.
My partner for the day! Charmaine was supposed to assist me but we ended up teaching one class each on each side of the spaces!
Well, obviously we can’t miss out striking a yoga pose right!

After the event, the boyfriend came over and we had our meal at Habitat! There’s a huge variety of food options, yums!

This pasta was all right? Needed more flavour though!
Almost every table went for the Fish & Chips so we got one too. And I love fried food and the batter all the time! But Stan said he picked the wrong fish cos he doesn’t like Dory. But overall the crisp was great!
Qtp with his fav softee!
Bought pastries from Nesuto that’s available at Habitat!

We went to run some errands and headed to town for a bit before heading back to rest and takeaway dinner.. hehe.

Was another great sunday with Bubs πŸ™‚

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LONDON got my β™‘


I am so in love with this City! I love every part about this place. The amazing shopping (it’s so crazy!), the friendly people, the food (but of course it’s not as extensive and cheap as compared to home a.k.a. singapore)…

We flew from Amsterdam to London. (Omg, lugging our huge ass luggages around is the worst… T_T) and having to carry them UP the stairs from the apartment @ Amsterdam and back down when we left… and when we arrived at London we had to do the same for our apartment, nearly died. πŸ™

After meeting Alvin and getting to our apartment and struggling to carry our enormous suitcases up to the 4th storey, we WERE FAMISHED!

Had Korean food for dinner but was just alright.
First breakfast @ London. Nothing exciting so meh πŸ™


Viet food for lunch because baby girl NEEDS her asian food AND spices. HAHAHA

We continued shopping for a bit but I got really tired as my bags got heavier. = spending more and more… and maxed out my budget for the day. T_T Went back to place our stuffs and chill then headed for dinner!

Alvin brought us to Bella Pasta for dinner (which was told by Flo that it is like Pastamania of singapore :() Food was obviously better than pastamania la but nothing too commendable though.
Went for Bikram Yoga @ London the next morning while my bbg just stayed in to sleep more. It’s been AGES, close to a 10 months perhaps since I practiced a 90 mins class πŸ™ Miss those crazy yoga days!
Stepped out of the room feeling all-right but need more heat!!! One or two other lady was talking to me in the changing room and asked if I do ballet because they said Im really flexible.
Still can’t believe how far I’ve come through my entire yoga journey. The ups and the downs, the best and the worst. Seriously thankful. x
On my way back, bought some Jap fast food along the way home to my baby girl.

Surprisingly quite good coz I guess it tasted very asian HAHA.

So this was the day when S flew to London and we were supposed to meet for late lunch after πŸ™‚ He picked this place called Brat… and the food was so amazing!

We waited quite awhile for him cos there was a train delay or something from the airport πŸ™ Glad we still made it to the restaurant and had such a scrumptious meal!

Food was AMAZING @ Brat. πŸ™‚ Check out the good lighting, hehe.
The lighting was so good for photos but I was dying from the sunlight… LOL

After this late lunch we went to find their old friend and hung out at the park nearby.. super chill life. I love London πŸ™‚ their friend was dogsitting this super adorable frenchie called Bijou!

One ootd for the road ~
Mala for supper near Flo’s apartment! SO YUMMY omg….

S came over to our apartment and stayed over with me that day hehe. And then we went out the next day to do some shopping for him!!

Breakfast the next day with S!
ily u boba tea!!
Funny story I ordered something else then saw this fancy one on the counter side and asked the staff what drink was that and she ended up giving it to me!!! FREE BBT πŸ˜€ so I had 2 cups in the end. SO HAPPY LOL
Dinner @ St John the next evening.
Really happy to see this face for 2 days after close to 2 weeks apart :’)
time to bid goodbye to this one =(
Thank you Flo for sharing w us places to go/ more about London!
(FYI his sister has been there for 6-7 years cos she studied and worked there!)
Went PSYCLE for a class in the morning, enjoyed myself πŸ˜€
loving my outfit that day :B super comfy!!!
Brunch @ DISHOOM. It’s a highly recommended place by everyone in London and those who visited!

We could only make it for the brunch hour cos we had other plans.. but I heard it’s always fully booked in the evenings. And we also saw snaking queues when we passed by on other evenings.!!

These are what we ordered to share πŸ™‚ We got some smoothie too but didn’t like it, haha.
Shopping day @ Bicester Village!!! πŸ˜€
shopping day!!!
super love my outfit hehe.
Em was craving for burgers again so we had it at some promising-looking place.. Omg I’m so sorry I totally forgot all the places we went sia T_T
Gelato for dessert! It was so-so only :/

The next day, I went for class early in the morning, then headed back and went to Borough Seafood market!!! was so excited because think PAELLA, MUSSELS, PRAWNS etc etc……… i love :3

WHEN we first walked in i saw the huge sign hanging about saying PAELLA I immediately said OMG IT IS CALLING FOR ME…………!!
this was yummy!!
sorry no proper picture of the paella because we devoured half before remembering a photo πŸ™ anyways the paella was not the best!! The best i had was still from BKK in Chatuchak!!!!!!
huji version.
My BFF, soul sister x
WE WERE SO LAZY TO GO to the bridge so we just took photos here HAHAHAHAHA
Went to have Thai food coz as usual emmtann is craving for asian food LOL.

And we headed to meet Alvin to catch The Book Of Mormon musical. It was so hilarious!! hahaha thoroughly enjoyed it πŸ˜€

We did go for gelato again after.. Forgot to take photo- sigh!!!

Home sweet home and down to our last final full day @ London :'(

All dressed up to go out..

But it started pouring like crazy almost the entire day and I was perpetually freezing :'(

It was a day out to Camden town but it was really boring for me, lol. We had lunch at Honest Burgers! I AM SO SO IN LOVE WITH THE FRIES. SO GOOD OMG I WANNA EAT IT NOW WHILE TYPING THIS =(


So Camden town market was really not our kind of place to shop but it was definitely nice to see how is it like there. It was so cold we couldn’t stay there for long because it was raining and we cant get outdoors.. we ended up getting a ViaVan (super good app we had lots of discounted rides from referring) back to the Oxford street for more shopping…..

Super pretty desserts!!!!!!! Tastes not bad too…
This strawberry cheesecake(?) caught my eye cause I freaking love the digestive biscuit base soso much!!! HAHAHA
our very last day in London before flying back in the evening :'(

Did some last minute shopping @ Selfridges and almost couldn’t get out of that place cos we saw so many other brands we didn’t discovered the previous times and it’s like a black hole keeping us in it for so long.. each time we said ok let’s go we see another brand that we like πŸ™

Perfume worth few hundred dollars T_T

Took us lots of discipline to finally step out of the huge ass dream departmental store!! Then we headed to Fortnum Mason to do some souvenir gift shopping before meeting Alvin for our last lunch in London =(

Burgers again but this was not the best.. missed the fries at honest burgers πŸ™
neon lites n tings.
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Paris- Tourist things

We did touristy stuff on our last full day in Paris because we didn’t really get a chance to the previous days due to the horrible weather πŸ™ Stormy, windy and freezing cold πŸ™

But thankfully, the weather was close to perfect during our last day there !!! πŸ˜€

check out my bored face~ “OK BYE IM OUT”

OK fine this was the only reason why I wanted to visit the museum but it was swarmed with tourists and it was so hard to find (I mean we had to walk through the entire museum just for this art haha)

Went to visit the Louvre museum which bored me to death…. I even throwed a mini tantrum at my sis (hehehe), I know what a joke πŸ˜€ and headed back out for photos the 2nd time because the weather was much better than 2 days before!!

lighting was so good πŸ™

Museums are really not my thing so i got bored very quickly and cranky… LOL. and hungry so im hangry. HAHA oops

stopped by here to take a photo coz we TOURIST af!!! weather was great!

Lunch time!!! My sis booked a table at this restaurant famous for foie gras… @ Comptoir De la Gastronomie!

Of course we did not forget to order the French Onion soup!


Sister’s foie gras dish which she loved!! She wanted to buy the spread back but was lazy THEN regretted.. proves how nice it is.


MY CRABMEAT PASTA WAS good too. Pasta texture was al dente the way I liked it. πŸ™‚







me doing my thing.. hehe πŸ™‚ Such a beautiful day!

oh by the way… this kinder bueno ice cream is fantasticccccc!

Also queued for some desserts at the famous Pierre Herme but it was so underwhelming πŸ™ the first day we bought a few pastries and desserts from random cafes were much nicer!!!

After visiting the Eiffel we went back to do some shopping!

I love Paris so much! Even though the city is really not as clean or safe but it’s still so beautiful! πŸ™‚

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Europe: Paris (Part I- Paris in the rain, Disneyland, Moulin Rouge)

Back again! Moving on to Paris~

Rise & shine & prepped ourselves- eu route to Paris!

look @ my sister’s funny candid face HAHAHA, love u always πŸ™‚

Casually taking my ootd along the hotel corridor LOL



We bought more Belgium chocolates for our train ride to Paris!

AND WE HAVE ARRIVED!! Then we booked an Uber to our hotel πŸ™‚

we stayed at Trinite Haussman in Paris, located super near the Moulin Rogue Theatre! It’s also a walkable distance to Galleries Lafayette- a shopping haven for all luxury lovers and shoppaholics! Generally our hotel is very convenient, and is located in between two train stations, pretty easy to get around. Just that during the night time it’s a bit dangerous, IMO, also cos there are quite a few bars along the streets also.

Interior wise our hotel room was really small πŸ™ as compared to our previous stay in Brussels (Courtyard Mariott) and other parts of Europe…

Our first meal in Paris! My sister always has a list of places-to-eat and visit so this is one of it! This was at CafΓ© du centre,Β the food’s so amazing! We love the french onion soup and ravoli the most! and yay to free (& mostly warm) bread w butter everywhere.

Unfortunately for us… it rained the first 3 days while we were in Paris πŸ™

very apt for the caption “Paris in the rain” πŸ˜›

It was constantly raining that day and our initial plan was to visit Eiffel Tower for the evening so we can look at it light up but due to the bad weather we didn’t in the end. And luckily we did not because the air is foggy so her friend who went took photos that could not even capture the pretty lights. ALSO because i was freezing in that weather!! It was 7-9 degrees, forecast stated that it felt like 4 degree celcius T_T

we walked along the streets after dinner and bought desserts back to our hotel!

oh ya our chocolates from Belgium for snacks hehehe

Was still feeling jet lagged πŸ™ we had an early night again, hahaha.

Day 2 in Paris:

Headed on to Galleries Lafayett to window shop to see what luxury goods we want to get during the trip. The place was so swarmed with tourists, hahaha, all the rich people T_T

Had brunch at Angelina- they have the thickest chocolate ever, omg.

Had their signature hot chocolate which is REALLY RICH, and dense. LOL.

Ordered breakfast omelette which was meh, and our MUST-ORDER for every meal- French Onion Soup! Not bad tho πŸ™‚

we ordered a lemon tart cos our hot chocolate was really wayyyyy to rich & thick for our tastebuds.

Weather was so bad. It was chilly not in a good way πŸ™ Anyways wanted to take nice photos at this backdrop but the wind not helping at all, meh.

Went on to shop… this was at UO! bought this cardigan which was useless in protecting me from the cold -_-

Went to Louvre to take photos but it was really freezing cold πŸ™ Worst still, the wind really froze my face. NOT JUST THAT OK, my sister’s phone got frozen from taking pictures so it shut off by itself, needed to get back indoors and the phone could only turn on after… Sighs. I literally couldn’t feel my face at all then. Really super unprepared for the weather, LOL.

OHMY IT WAS SO FREAKING COLD THAT MY sister’s iphone froze…… my face was frozen too… could barely feel anything at all, i couldn’t feel my nose T_T

We decided to head to a nearby cafe to had early dinner – coz that night my sis abandon me for one evening to attend her 2nd Sam smith concert. So i decided to make time for a spin class in Paris too πŸ˜€


Really enjoyed my spin class @ Paris!!! I attended it at Kiwill!!! Best thing is: FIRST CLASS IS FREE. And I’m so proud of myself coz I navigated by my own, hehe.


We picked a fairly better weathered day to head to Disneyland, the day it didn’t rain… hahaha.

Took the train all the way to Disneyland station, but little did we know that our transport passes only cover zone 1-3 and Disneyland was not included in these zones -__- but the metro/ train gantries just let us pass through like these when we insert our tickets, really think it should be made more known/ clearly.. Because upon reaching, we could not exit with our ticket, and got fined 35 euros each, on the spot T_T we were not the only ones! some other tourists got fined too. Sigh, they should up their public transport system.

Lunch was obviously themepark food… I had vege pasta sis had pizza.. food was so meh but garlic bread was yummy HEHE.

Unfortunately for us, we went on a public holiday, so it was so crowded and we had to queue for at least an hour for the rides… we queued till we felt so fatigue. And we didnt really fancy many of the rides because we’ve been to Tokyo’s Disneyland + Disneysea and HK disneyland, so some repeated rides or less thrilling ones we didn’t bother queueing. We also felt too old for the theme park shopping. hahaha.

i love u lil shit <3

We visited Walt disney studios coz only Paris has it!!!

After awhile we decided to take the long train ride back to the city~~ because we needed to head back to rest and prepare for Moulin Rogue that night!
Headed back to near our hotel and took awhile to pick a cafe to have our dinner because either

1. reviews were bad, 2. service was so bad the servers ignored us zzz

At some random cafe we picked- and as usual we had our favourite french onion soup and a main πŸ™‚ We love every french onion soup we had in Paris!!! None of them disappointed us. hahaha

We both dressed up just to watch the show!!! It was freezing cold FYI… like 9 degree celcius, haha. Thankfully for us, our hotel was really near the theatre!! hahaha, like a 8 mins’ walk? (Walk back was so chilly almost died again :()

Anyway, about that show, I really loved the movie Moulin Rouge- it was so touching- obviously there was a love story. But of course the real show was nothing like that, heh. It was still great, just thought i’d watch it since we are already in Paris. My sis actually bought the tickets with drinks (champagne) but we exchanged for soft drinks instead, I don’t like champagne. LOL. Oh, I fell asleep halfway through the show, FYI, the show started at close to midnight, damn shag by then already.

Gonna be updating on my other days in Paris again, soonest!


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EUROPE (Brussels)

Finally updating on my first EU trip this year with my sis (and mom joined halfway after!!)

Took a long flight from SG > Doha > Brussels!

Arrived in Brussels in the morning and My sis came to pick me up! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

super duper happy to see this stupid face after 4ish months! We finally reunited and we were so happy T_T <3

We stayed at Courtyard Mariott- super convenient and near the train station, also train station to other cities!

After settling down and getting changed at the hotel we headed out to the city centre to explore our one & only day at Brussels… hehe

WHAT IS VISITNG BELGIUM WITHOUT HAVING BELGIUM WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg everything looks so good and FYI i got a very sweet tooth so THIS is like heaven to me!

Find someone who looks at you like how I look at waffles :-))))

^this is the speculoos with white choc and banana!!!!!!!!!!! i really love it a lot tho it’s too sweet for my sis after after. Anything with banana/ white choc is BAE. (AND speculoos is like a basic flavour/ spread in europe- super good too)

Us being tourists…… eat waffles also gotta have a pic with it

And of course, we visited a few places of interests such as, the Grand Place at the City square.

Such scenic and beautiful buildings. But so swarmed with people!

It was chilly in Belgium when i arrived and am so not used to the cold weaather!!! Kept craving for hot stuff and bought myself a cup of hot chocolate to keep myself warm.

Photobombers in all my photos πŸ™

WE ALSO HAD THE FAMOUS BELGIAN FRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sis queued for it outside while i found seats inside and waited in the warmth…

looks damn yummy but it actually tasted pretty norm. BUT I LOVE FRIES SO IT’S STIL YUMMY TO MEEEEEE πŸ˜›

We walked past another waffle shop and it was packed with people and there was a queue, sis said it is one of the “famous ones” so we decided to get another waffle also, HAHA

Belgium is also very known for beer….. especially craft beers i think? There’s a whole range of craft beers in everywhere!! Fancy!

Also went to see the Manneken Pis, just for the sake of it- and a selfie together just for keepsake, haha!

Belgium can be easily toured within a day, although we didnt exactly cover everything but we did complete most of the main attractions and the MUST-EAT(s). Belgium chocolates included!!!

FOR DINNER, we had MUSSELS!!! (I mean of course right!!!) It was a day of non stop eating. We had dinner early because we didn’t make any reservations and we were afraid it will get crowded if we go later. Also because I was starting to feel tired (jetlagged)

We went to Leon’s, which is very famous/ popular, it was yummy, but not the best I think? Also, it’s quite expensive and the service isn’t great :/

(P/S. really on point eyelashes much thanks to @diownbeauty. (I’ve been going to them for YEARS…)

Seeing all these photos now makes me miss traveling with my sister πŸ™

Fun fact about me: I am a pescatarian for years, but never loved a lot of seafood, I eat mainly fish and prawns (if i dont have to peel them). I hardly eat shell fishes, never really liked or enjoyed clams/ mussels/ crabs/ oysters. But ever since this trip to Europe, I fell in love with mussels. (I SPECIALLY LOVE WHITE WINE GARLIC SAUCE/ BROTH, even when i didnt use to love clams- i.e. vongole, HAHA)

After our early dinner, we went to Delirium Cafe for beer! πŸ™‚

Funny because we only have super big notes, cos i changed 500 denominated euros πŸ™ And the bar did not have change, so we tried using our cards, but was unable to get through that time for some reason, tried numerous times and the nice guy at the bar decided to give us the beers for free! Half pint each for us, yay.

We ordered craft beers, but it didn’t taste very good, a bit weird. I prefer my lager beers πŸ™‚

Was still bright outside when we made our way back. Both of us were tired, since my sis traveled late the day before and woke up early to fetch me from the airport.

We bought 16 piece of chocolates back since Belgium is flooded with chocolate stores, hehe. This was so good too. LOVE IT. (I am a chocolate fan by the way :))

This post sums up our one & only day in Belgium!!!! Coming up next would be my post on Paris πŸ˜‰

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ULTRA 2018!

yet another year’s of Ultra Music Festival has happened πŸ™‚

BIG SHOUT OUT TO STUDIO155SG & LAVO for the VIP tix!!! <3

really my partner in crime, best companion and soul sister in the universe. can’t imagine days and rave parties without you T_T


that’s all for day1! waiting for the photos of day2 to load before I update in awhile, cya!!

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Story of my career

I graduated in in 2015. Exams ended in may/jun? And I decided to apply for a teaching job overseas. Not knowing where the hell was Lombok when I sent out the email to apply for the particular ad, LOL.

I just boldly decided that I want to experience something different. And I went ahead. It was scary at first- I was worried that it might be a scam, but prior to booking my flight of course I did my research.
Thank God it was real, hahahaha.
I made my decision without seeking for any permission or discussion. I merely asked my closer friends and some say I should just go ahead since it was just a short stint of a month.

I will never ever forget this experience.

So, when I arrived, I was put up in a homestay for a night. And shit, there wasn’t water heaters and the bathroom was outdoor (in the room though) and there were HELL LOT of lizards. -__-

Anyway, it was a tiring day because I had a noon flight and arrived @ night. The roads were bumpy and street lights were sparse. It was a total different vibe from Singapore.

I was paid like $700 sgd but of course I wasn’t there for the money la… I taught 2 classes a day and merely just chilled my entire time there. Looking back, it was really nice πŸ™‚

Of course I got lonely halfway through my stay there and sometimes I couldn’t wait to get back to my loved ones. Something also happened because I got to learn about something about someone that actually kinda broke my heart, but thankful for all the supportive and helpful friends who were there for me even if they were miles away.

I made a few friends there and am happy to gain this exposure. I taught many travellers who stopped by Lombok or had a short stay there. They are from all over the world! And some of them were going to or just climbed the Mount Rinjani, haha, I wished I had the guts to do that though, because those photos they shared were mind-blowing :O

During one of my off days I visited Gili Trawangan. Fyi, there’re 3 islands in Gili, and Gili T was the most crowded one. Not my favourite, I still prefer Kuta Lombok (* not Kuta Bali!!)

look @ how beautiful Lombok Kuta is!!!

Ok, fast forward to when I came back.. I decided to take on another adventure which I kind of regretted because I was so upset there πŸ™ I shan’t go into deep details but you can ask me if you know me. I travelled to Nepal but decided to come back after awhile. Guess I’m just not used to life outside… And I probably was back too short to enjoy myself back in town. I came back to Singapore for only a week before I jet off again. Felt super homesick and cried everyday till the day I came back a week later. :O

Anyways, so I decided to stay in Singapore and look for a proper job, heh. Of course I didn’t give up on my dream to teach yoga full time la. I applied for jobs everywhere and actually managed to get a job in the bank (aka. bank A), I signed the offer letter but had yet to start my training. But then I found out that the gym that I was teaching freelance at was actually hiring! I boldly decided to apply even though I know my experience wasn’t ample enough, hehe. At first they rejected me, but few weeks later, another of their manager actually contacted me again and asked if I Was still keen on the position.. I said yes of course, and we arranged for an interview and mock class. At first I thought there wasn’t any hope when he didn’t contact me at the time frame he said he would. He called me few days after the day he said he would confirm by… which I thought “ok no hope liao”. BUT I GOT IT. I WAS SO THRILLED YOU CAN NEVER IMAGINE. I WAS OVER THE MOON!!!

then, I called the bank and rejected them in the end πŸ™ WHICH I later regretted again -__-

But anyways, few months into teaching full time I was completely worn out because the scheduling was bad, welfare was nowhere near good either. I decided to leave and do my own freelance teaching because I calculated and could earn more (I had other freelance opportunities that allowed me to teach lesser and earn more!). During the 6 months of teaching freelance it was kind of the happiest and most restful time in my life, haha. I had no worries, all I had to do was teach and enjoy the moments, hit the gym and attend yoga classes.

But then… I felt that there won’t be progression, and since I studied and completed Bachelor’s degree, I should at least make use of it? So I applied for office/full time positions. I got referred to by a grab driver’s friend to this bank that I really loved the name and reputation of it (I interned there before!!) and managed to get the job! Then I started training there… in the midst of training I faced with some challenges that made me so afraid that I won’t be able to even start working there anymore. But all is good at the end… πŸ™‚ I’m very thankful for my bosses and trainers though, and my batch mates and close friends who stood by me during my worst times. (Especially Shuangwei, Shaun, Emz, Y)

This year was the year I have been in the bank until today. I am in a sales role and frankly speaking I do not enjoy my job scope. Yes, I love the company. I love love love my friends there and most of my colleagues are amazing. But some people… LOL. I shan’t name and say anything but I just feel that I can’t excel in sales? Maybe I am not aggressive enough or strongly motivated by monetary gains. I guess although a lot of times I say I wish I was rich, all I actually want to be is happy? πŸ™‚

So guys, I left my job at the bank (currently serving my notice). And, fyi everyone, I am going back to doing what I love most. I’ve lost it once. But this time, I won’t let go of it anymore.

I told my friends my decisions and they tell me things like:

” Ya, when you tell me you work in the bank, it’s like so not you???”
“Ya you should’ve just sticked to yoga last time! you love yoga so much!”
“Ya, I think you will be happier la, if not you work in the bank everyday so sad and complain”

blabla… HAHA.

I’m not saying banking job sucks ok. Actually it is a wonderful experience to be honest. I love everything except the sales part HAHA. I’m just not cut out to be a banker I suppose. I like to be free spirited and just do yoga and be a happy bunny.

I’ll likely be traveling for awhile, to be away from reality because too many things has been cluttering my mind now :'(

Be it career, family and love life. everything is a mess and it’s time for me to seek peace somewhere for a little while…


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Bangkok October 2015 with Momo :)








on board meal was horrible zz


We arrived!!!!











Tuktuk to Khaosan road Night Market πŸ˜€




























Audrey Petite Cafe.










^ My fav cinnabons!!!!!!
@ Talad Rod Fai πŸ™‚



























































































^ my fav!!!!












Day 5 (last)




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