Europe: Paris (Part I- Paris in the rain, Disneyland, Moulin Rouge)

Back again! Moving on to Paris~

Rise & shine & prepped ourselves- eu route to Paris!

look @ my sister’s funny candid face HAHAHA, love u always πŸ™‚

Casually taking my ootd along the hotel corridor LOL



We bought more Belgium chocolates for our train ride to Paris!

AND WE HAVE ARRIVED!! Then we booked an Uber to our hotel πŸ™‚

we stayed at Trinite Haussman in Paris, located super near the Moulin Rogue Theatre! It’s also a walkable distance to Galleries Lafayette- a shopping haven for all luxury lovers and shoppaholics! Generally our hotel is very convenient, and is located in between two train stations, pretty easy to get around. Just that during the night time it’s a bit dangerous, IMO, also cos there are quite a few bars along the streets also.

Interior wise our hotel room was really small πŸ™ as compared to our previous stay in Brussels (Courtyard Mariott) and other parts of Europe…

Our first meal in Paris! My sister always has a list of places-to-eat and visit so this is one of it! This was at CafΓ© du centre,Β the food’s so amazing! We love the french onion soup and ravoli the most! and yay to free (& mostly warm) bread w butter everywhere.

Unfortunately for us… it rained the first 3 days while we were in Paris πŸ™

very apt for the caption “Paris in the rain” πŸ˜›

It was constantly raining that day and our initial plan was to visit Eiffel Tower for the evening so we can look at it light up but due to the bad weather we didn’t in the end. And luckily we did not because the air is foggy so her friend who went took photos that could not even capture the pretty lights. ALSO because i was freezing in that weather!! It was 7-9 degrees, forecast stated that it felt like 4 degree celcius T_T

we walked along the streets after dinner and bought desserts back to our hotel!

oh ya our chocolates from Belgium for snacks hehehe

Was still feeling jet lagged πŸ™ we had an early night again, hahaha.

Day 2 in Paris:

Headed on to Galleries Lafayett to window shop to see what luxury goods we want to get during the trip. The place was so swarmed with tourists, hahaha, all the rich people T_T

Had brunch at Angelina- they have the thickest chocolate ever, omg.

Had their signature hot chocolate which is REALLY RICH, and dense. LOL.

Ordered breakfast omelette which was meh, and our MUST-ORDER for every meal- French Onion Soup! Not bad tho πŸ™‚

we ordered a lemon tart cos our hot chocolate was really wayyyyy to rich & thick for our tastebuds.

Weather was so bad. It was chilly not in a good way πŸ™ Anyways wanted to take nice photos at this backdrop but the wind not helping at all, meh.

Went on to shop… this was at UO! bought this cardigan which was useless in protecting me from the cold -_-

Went to Louvre to take photos but it was really freezing cold πŸ™ Worst still, the wind really froze my face. NOT JUST THAT OK, my sister’s phone got frozen from taking pictures so it shut off by itself, needed to get back indoors and the phone could only turn on after… Sighs. I literally couldn’t feel my face at all then. Really super unprepared for the weather, LOL.

OHMY IT WAS SO FREAKING COLD THAT MY sister’s iphone froze…… my face was frozen too… could barely feel anything at all, i couldn’t feel my nose T_T

We decided to head to a nearby cafe to had early dinner – coz that night my sis abandon me for one evening to attend her 2nd Sam smith concert. So i decided to make time for a spin class in Paris too πŸ˜€


Really enjoyed my spin class @ Paris!!! I attended it at Kiwill!!! Best thing is: FIRST CLASS IS FREE. And I’m so proud of myself coz I navigated by my own, hehe.


We picked a fairly better weathered day to head to Disneyland, the day it didn’t rain… hahaha.

Took the train all the way to Disneyland station, but little did we know that our transport passes only cover zone 1-3 and Disneyland was not included in these zones -__- but the metro/ train gantries just let us pass through like these when we insert our tickets, really think it should be made more known/ clearly.. Because upon reaching, we could not exit with our ticket, and got fined 35 euros each, on the spot T_T we were not the only ones! some other tourists got fined too. Sigh, they should up their public transport system.

Lunch was obviously themepark food… I had vege pasta sis had pizza.. food was so meh but garlic bread was yummy HEHE.

Unfortunately for us, we went on a public holiday, so it was so crowded and we had to queue for at least an hour for the rides… we queued till we felt so fatigue. And we didnt really fancy many of the rides because we’ve been to Tokyo’s Disneyland + Disneysea and HK disneyland, so some repeated rides or less thrilling ones we didn’t bother queueing. We also felt too old for the theme park shopping. hahaha.

i love u lil shit <3

We visited Walt disney studios coz only Paris has it!!!

After awhile we decided to take the long train ride back to the city~~ because we needed to head back to rest and prepare for Moulin Rogue that night!
Headed back to near our hotel and took awhile to pick a cafe to have our dinner because either

1. reviews were bad, 2. service was so bad the servers ignored us zzz

At some random cafe we picked- and as usual we had our favourite french onion soup and a main πŸ™‚ We love every french onion soup we had in Paris!!! None of them disappointed us. hahaha

We both dressed up just to watch the show!!! It was freezing cold FYI… like 9 degree celcius, haha. Thankfully for us, our hotel was really near the theatre!! hahaha, like a 8 mins’ walk? (Walk back was so chilly almost died again :()

Anyway, about that show, I really loved the movie Moulin Rouge- it was so touching- obviously there was a love story. But of course the real show was nothing like that, heh. It was still great, just thought i’d watch it since we are already in Paris. My sis actually bought the tickets with drinks (champagne) but we exchanged for soft drinks instead, I don’t like champagne. LOL. Oh, I fell asleep halfway through the show, FYI, the show started at close to midnight, damn shag by then already.

Gonna be updating on my other days in Paris again, soonest!


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EUROPE (Brussels)

Finally updating on my first EU trip this year with my sis (and mom joined halfway after!!)

Took a long flight from SG > Doha > Brussels!

Arrived in Brussels in the morning and My sis came to pick me up! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

super duper happy to see this stupid face after 4ish months! We finally reunited and we were so happy T_T <3

We stayed at Courtyard Mariott- super convenient and near the train station, also train station to other cities!

After settling down and getting changed at the hotel we headed out to the city centre to explore our one & only day at Brussels… hehe

WHAT IS VISITNG BELGIUM WITHOUT HAVING BELGIUM WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg everything looks so good and FYI i got a very sweet tooth so THIS is like heaven to me!

Find someone who looks at you like how I look at waffles :-))))

^this is the speculoos with white choc and banana!!!!!!!!!!! i really love it a lot tho it’s too sweet for my sis after after. Anything with banana/ white choc is BAE. (AND speculoos is like a basic flavour/ spread in europe- super good too)

Us being tourists…… eat waffles also gotta have a pic with it

And of course, we visited a few places of interests such as, the Grand Place at the City square.

Such scenic and beautiful buildings. But so swarmed with people!

It was chilly in Belgium when i arrived and am so not used to the cold weaather!!! Kept craving for hot stuff and bought myself a cup of hot chocolate to keep myself warm.

Photobombers in all my photos πŸ™

WE ALSO HAD THE FAMOUS BELGIAN FRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sis queued for it outside while i found seats inside and waited in the warmth…

looks damn yummy but it actually tasted pretty norm. BUT I LOVE FRIES SO IT’S STIL YUMMY TO MEEEEEE πŸ˜›

We walked past another waffle shop and it was packed with people and there was a queue, sis said it is one of the “famous ones” so we decided to get another waffle also, HAHA

Belgium is also very known for beer….. especially craft beers i think? There’s a whole range of craft beers in everywhere!! Fancy!

Also went to see the Manneken Pis, just for the sake of it- and a selfie together just for keepsake, haha!

Belgium can be easily toured within a day, although we didnt exactly cover everything but we did complete most of the main attractions and the MUST-EAT(s). Belgium chocolates included!!!

FOR DINNER, we had MUSSELS!!! (I mean of course right!!!) It was a day of non stop eating. We had dinner early because we didn’t make any reservations and we were afraid it will get crowded if we go later. Also because I was starting to feel tired (jetlagged)

We went to Leon’s, which is very famous/ popular, it was yummy, but not the best I think? Also, it’s quite expensive and the service isn’t great :/

(P/S. really on point eyelashes much thanks to @diownbeauty. (I’ve been going to them for YEARS…)

Seeing all these photos now makes me miss traveling with my sister πŸ™

Fun fact about me: I am a pescatarian for years, but never loved a lot of seafood, I eat mainly fish and prawns (if i dont have to peel them). I hardly eat shell fishes, never really liked or enjoyed clams/ mussels/ crabs/ oysters. But ever since this trip to Europe, I fell in love with mussels. (I SPECIALLY LOVE WHITE WINE GARLIC SAUCE/ BROTH, even when i didnt use to love clams- i.e. vongole, HAHA)

After our early dinner, we went to Delirium Cafe for beer! πŸ™‚

Funny because we only have super big notes, cos i changed 500 denominated euros πŸ™ And the bar did not have change, so we tried using our cards, but was unable to get through that time for some reason, tried numerous times and the nice guy at the bar decided to give us the beers for free! Half pint each for us, yay.

We ordered craft beers, but it didn’t taste very good, a bit weird. I prefer my lager beers πŸ™‚

Was still bright outside when we made our way back. Both of us were tired, since my sis traveled late the day before and woke up early to fetch me from the airport.

We bought 16 piece of chocolates back since Belgium is flooded with chocolate stores, hehe. This was so good too. LOVE IT. (I am a chocolate fan by the way :))

This post sums up our one & only day in Belgium!!!! Coming up next would be my post on Paris πŸ˜‰

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Khao Yai Thailand

Holla! Hope all of you’ve been good. Heh.


I know it’s LONG overdue, but I’d love to share some visuals from my past trip to Khaoyai from BKK!

We booked a cab for the entire day and we set off in the morning @ 7 am… supposedly a whole day trip but we cut it short because it got kinda boring for sister and I so we skipped dinner there and headed back to BKK for dinner & shoppingggggg!

Khao Yai in my opinion is a great place for photo taking and a chillax day! But I personally don’t feel that I would like to stay over because it’s kind of boring. But there are many photogenic locations (as seen from my pictures!) We’re also lucky because we went during the season when the sunflowers bloomed. πŸ™‚ The weather there was also cooler than BKK.

Below are my filtered photos (hehe):

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Artbox is a night market in BKK that’s very popular amongst the young people. Great place to hang out with chill vibes.

^nothing much, just me being me πŸ˜› Photo 31-12-16, 21 21 12 super yummy Hokkaido cheese toast…Β 
Photo 31-12-16, 21 20 50The torched cheesy scallops we mediocre but the cheese fries were dabomb!!!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetlove this cute lightbulb drink- it’s refillable πŸ™‚

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Am missin’ my fav city so so much T_T
xx Bunny

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Aussie (Gold Coast + Brisbane) with Sister Wee

Day 00

Day 01

Arrived @ Gold Coast in the morning.
Headed to our Airbnb apt near Miami Beach.
Lunch @ Coffee Club
Exploring/ Shooping @ Surfers Paradise.


Day 02

Breakfast @ Coffee Sisters > MovieWorld 
We had our breakfast late and we missed the last bus to movie world :'(
Had to take the cab in the end & it was the biggest mistake EVER. The meter was jumping as quick as our heartbeats…. ended up paying around AUD52…. Heart pain!!

One of the best brunches we had!!!

^ Worst calamaris ever!!!!
That sums up our Day 2 in GC!
Woke up earlier than the day before for breakfast so that we could catch the bus to DreamWorld.

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Krabi Trip

Day 1.



Departing from SIN!


we took budget: Tiger airways
So there was 5 of us so we decided to AIRBNB after our wonderful experienceΒ @ BKK!
The area we stayed was at Ao Nang πŸ™‚






Super pretty pink scooter!!
We wanted to rent 3 bikes but there were 3 of us who don’t know how to.. tried to learn but failed terribly (oops).
I kept thinking back on Lombok and wished I had learnt it then πŸ™






In the end we decided to rent a car, which was the BEST DECISION EVER!! Even though of course it’s much more expensive. But worth it!! Because we went during monsoon season and it rained everyday T_T
Headed for lunch after we settled everything, finally!







Then we headed to the supermarket and did some grocery shopping!
We also decided to go to the Tiger Cave.. where we didn’t know that there was a crazy amount of steps to climb to reach the ‘mountain top’..
when we arrived it started to pour so we seek shelter and saw super cute dogs and pups!!!


Climbing up 2,764 steps??? It was tiring!! and scary at times because some steps are super steep!! Gosh…


The struggle was real HAHA























After the cave, we headed back to our house and Zu cooked us dinner!!!



So colourful and delish!
On the 2nd day, we headed for White Water Rafting! Which was initially scary.. But so fun!!! Major adrenaline rush, hahaha
It was pouring non stop the entire day so we rafted in the rain, making it more thrilling than evaaaa~
We reached late so we started the ‘journey’ at mid. But it was OK coz they said that the first two sections were mild so doesn’t really matter that we missed it.





No ahyin coz she was the one taking our photos!
It was really very exciting and I couldn’t stop screaming. It was so cold too and we got splashed water so damn many times!




We bought the “package” where buffet lunch was provided, yay! We were relatively hungry because first meal of the day!



the omelette was so shiookkkkk
Headed back to our house after everything, it was an approximately 90 mins drive back!
Washed up and rested!!
And Zu cooked again (our left over ingredients from the day before!)


And corn too!
It was raining so we just stayed at the house until evening and headed to Ao Nang Centre point… had dinner then went drinking at Crystal Bar!







Alcohol is super cheap in Thailand!!!!!


Day 3















To be continued !!! πŸ˜‰


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Kuta Lombok- Beaches to visit!

As many of you may have known that I was away from town in Lombok to teach Yoga for a month. And the area that I taught at was at Kuta, and it’s such a beauty (different from Kuta in Bali)! There’s also many breath taking beautiful beaches and I’m just gonna share with you my favourite 3!

Mawun Beach

One thing I love about this beach is that it is really peaceful. and it’s super gorgeous! Just take a look at the photos for yourself! πŸ˜€

Selong Belanak

Another quiet beach, quite far up from Kuta beach itself. But if you ever go there, you will not regret! There’s a few food restaurants/cafes there and many people go there to surf!

Tanjung Aan 

 Look at the sand and the sea, tell me you’re already falling in love with this place..!
This beach is the opposite direction of the above two, if you travel there from Kuta! It’s towards Novotel direction. 

See for yourself ^ (Pardon my voice if you hate it :()

Also Tanjung Aan, but further down. My friend brought me there because she said there’s a hill and we can take photos there. (Thank you so much girllllll)

At Kuta bay itself they have a Kuta Beach, but it’s not as pretty… the sand is not as fine and the beach is not as clean, maybe because they have bars around and it’s very accessible (i.e. walkable), unlike the others I’ve just mentioned.
that’s all for tonight…. πŸ™‚ Will share more on Kuta Lombok on Places to eat/ stay!

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Tioman 2015 (with le BFF)

Went Tioman on June 15 with ma gurl~




we stayedΒ @ Paya Beach Resort!





and wtf its a freaking huge monitor lizard in the waters -_-







managed to overcome my fear of cats at Tioman, surprisingly πŸ™‚
also because the cats there are more friendly? and I have a motivation then… lol.


we met 2 uncles on the coach otw to Mersing then Tioman and turned out that we stayed at the same resort too!
They were really friendly. At first we were skeptical of them but actually they’re genuinely nice! They even treated us to dinner on Day 1 and almost did not want to accept our $ for Day 2’s but we shoved the money to them anyways!





We ate at the restaurant nearby the jetty… But the food was not nice :(((( the sambal was sweet instead of salty & spicy 😳
Day 2
Was the day we booked for snorkeling! πŸ™‚ prior to that we woke up, took photos and went for breakfast!












Our lunch! Was actually quite decent πŸ™‚ at our pitstop, somewhere in Tioman that’s another island.



We were out at sea with a family of 6! Four boys with their parents. They were nice! The kids were quite cute and the elder boys were friendly and helpful!
Headed back to our resort after almost half-day.. Washed up, and decided to go Kayaking!








two of them are really super nice! they kayak us to farther places where the waters were clearer. And they are super funny LOL.






Dinner w two of the uncles and then we bumped into the two didis so we just hung a bit and introduced them to each other!


this marks the end of our day 2!!
On the third day…





my beautiful baby girl πŸ™‚



On the coach on the way back to SG…
And then… was at Golden Mile so had dinner there after meeting S.



DessertΒ @ Symmerty


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