Get healthy- Treetop Walk (& some tips)

Hi everyone!

Quick update: If you don’t already know, I’m currently in Central Coast of New South Wales, North of Sydney, Woy woy – this little town/ suburb of Aussie.

I am teaching yoga here for 2ish months at Happy hot yoga! As I mentioned previously that I’ve left my job in Citi and decided to go back to chasing my passion.

Anyways, few weeks ago when I was still in Sg, I went trekking with a few of my Citi friends… Gosh, I realised I was really quite unfit because it was so tiring -_- (Yoga classes were not as tough for me since it was already considered a routine)

Think we took around 3ish hours to complete the whole thing… It was my SECOND time there and it’s still tiring. Hahaha, I was saying that I’d only do this like once every 2 years?? But maybe I should change my mind and do it more frequently?

And OMG, there were MONKEYS. I am not at all surprised but I was really scared. They started to enter the bridge and after some photos I zoomed forward all the way LOL. Really damn scared of them because they are so aggressive 🙁

^ Just me doing my yoga again, hehe

It was really a great workout to do with friends!! But I was really tired out probably BECAUSE…
Firstly, I only had 3 hours of sleep- because I partied the night before and secondly, I went to work for 3 hours before this.

Note to self and word of advice for all:

  1. MUST have enough rest!! (If confident enough/ have stamina, can take longer route)
  2. CARRY a huge bottle of water- with ICE if you are carrying a hydroflask!
  3. BRING some snacks along, you’ll need it some times.. but keep it well and don’t feed the monkeys (Because they may get aggressive too)
  4. WEAR SHOES and comfy clothes!
  5. APPLY sunscreen to protect your skin and have a portable fan if you can’t stand being too hot


Sidenote… I am freezing cold here it’s currently 10 dc T_T

Thank you and blog soon! x

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Kuta Lombok- Beaches to visit!

As many of you may have known that I was away from town in Lombok to teach Yoga for a month. And the area that I taught at was at Kuta, and it’s such a beauty (different from Kuta in Bali)! There’s also many breath taking beautiful beaches and I’m just gonna share with you my favourite 3!

Mawun Beach

One thing I love about this beach is that it is really peaceful. and it’s super gorgeous! Just take a look at the photos for yourself! 😀

Selong Belanak

Another quiet beach, quite far up from Kuta beach itself. But if you ever go there, you will not regret! There’s a few food restaurants/cafes there and many people go there to surf!

Tanjung Aan 

 Look at the sand and the sea, tell me you’re already falling in love with this place..!
This beach is the opposite direction of the above two, if you travel there from Kuta! It’s towards Novotel direction. 

See for yourself ^ (Pardon my voice if you hate it :()

Also Tanjung Aan, but further down. My friend brought me there because she said there’s a hill and we can take photos there. (Thank you so much girllllll)

At Kuta bay itself they have a Kuta Beach, but it’s not as pretty… the sand is not as fine and the beach is not as clean, maybe because they have bars around and it’s very accessible (i.e. walkable), unlike the others I’ve just mentioned.
that’s all for tonight…. 🙂 Will share more on Kuta Lombok on Places to eat/ stay!

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