Ultra Music Festival Singapore 2017!!! (Day 1)

UMF Singapore was Ultra amazing with my fav party people!

The high we had was beyond the world- as new experiences are created each time we party together… Hehe, beautiful memories too..!

Also big thanks to Grab Sg for giving my Soul sister 2 pairs of tickets so that all our friends could go together for free! 🙂

We reached there pretty early for Day 1 to catch a few of the Djs we know of- though I kinda forgot the line-up already… but it was super fun because we partied in the rain as well 😛

After the rain, we were all drenched af T_T we girls wore denim shorts and it didn’t ever dry up even when we proceeded into the late night- a.k.a round 2 @ Zouk.

Seriously felt damn gross & brain dead by then, I mean, who wouldn’t be if they partied from 3ish pm and still went to Zouk after we had BKT for dinner. We were all literally stoning because we were THAT tired. We as in Emz, Nick & I. HAHAHA. A was persistent to go to Zouk cos there was Sick Individuals (Whom I am also very excited about initially but I SWEAR I AM WAY TOO SHAG TO ENJOY ANYMORE) LOL.

This bunch of people- thank you for having me in your party life kekek.

This is all for my day 1 @ Ultra, Day 2 to be continued…

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