Face enhancement- Fillers & Botox

I am really happy and I am going to tell you why in a bit! Read on! 😀

So about 2-3 weeks back, I decided to enhance my facial features- which has been on my mind for quite awhile now.

Before I elaborate on what I did, let me share with you guys why!

Actually I know people always see me as “skinny” and they’ll always roll their eyes at me whenever I say that my face looks fat. This is damn right true for me especially in photos. I think these kind of things only you yourself will understand if you know what I mean. We pick out our own flaws that people don’t see, or maybe sometimes they just don’t want you to feel bad about yourself.

Anyway, I always disliked how I look so chubby in photos ever since I gained a bit more weight, so I was really conscious about it on the whole.

OH, not just that, I also HATED how my lips had NO SHAPE AT ALL. This issue about me has been bugging me for many years already, and I always avoid putting lipstick just because it will only enhance the shapeless lip of mine -_-

So I decided to go ahead to do something about it. And I NEVER REGRETTED!

So, I actually did Jaw botox– and this will allow my face to slim down overtime, which is already slowly showing its effect.

I also went ahead to do a few fillers, namely Lips, Chin and Cheeks. Despite being someone who is super afraid of jab needles (I kid you not but tattoos and lasers to me are less intimidating to me), I actually managed to tolerate the pain, hehe.

Infact, I only felt the pain while doing my cheeks and chin, I feel so proud of myself!!


LOOK AT MY LIPS NOW GUYS, I finally have a cupid bow and the “m” shape that I HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF.


This above photo was when the needle for my cheeks is on my face… omg, I would never dare to see it on my own during the process because I’m so afraid of tiny needles. 😛

For a clearer before and after shot, see below!

This was before, you can see my chin is slightly more squarish before I did fillers, and….

&…. THIS IS AFTER! (^)
If you look closely, my cheeks are slightly more perky too. 🙂

Honestly speaking I am really very glad I did these enhancements, now I can IG-story happily without being extra conscious in my videos (if you hang out with me you’ll know!)

I really highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do the same, because I am super pleased with the results & am very amazed and now I am less self-conscious and when I take selfies with my friends. Moreover the doctor was really very nice and patient and gentle, he even sang song to help me relax a little because he knew that I was really scared, haha.

And now my face don’t look as chubby when I take photos, and I really think that is one of the best decision I’ve made in 2017 😀


Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery
1 Scotts Rd, 03-03, Singapore 228208 


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Ultra Music Festival Singapore 2017!!! (Day 1)

UMF Singapore was Ultra amazing with my fav party people!

The high we had was beyond the world- as new experiences are created each time we party together… Hehe, beautiful memories too..!

Also big thanks to Grab Sg for giving my Soul sister 2 pairs of tickets so that all our friends could go together for free! 🙂

We reached there pretty early for Day 1 to catch a few of the Djs we know of- though I kinda forgot the line-up already… but it was super fun because we partied in the rain as well 😛

After the rain, we were all drenched af T_T we girls wore denim shorts and it didn’t ever dry up even when we proceeded into the late night- a.k.a round 2 @ Zouk.

Seriously felt damn gross & brain dead by then, I mean, who wouldn’t be if they partied from 3ish pm and still went to Zouk after we had BKT for dinner. We were all literally stoning because we were THAT tired. We as in Emz, Nick & I. HAHAHA. A was persistent to go to Zouk cos there was Sick Individuals (Whom I am also very excited about initially but I SWEAR I AM WAY TOO SHAG TO ENJOY ANYMORE) LOL.

This bunch of people- thank you for having me in your party life kekek.

This is all for my day 1 @ Ultra, Day 2 to be continued…

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I am not the kind who expresses feelings fully. When I care too much, I don’t show. When I love too deep, I hide a part of it.  I have always hated to show the weak side of me, I always portray myself to be independent and strong, even when I break down, I do it quietly, unless it’s really too much.
I guess I’m the kind who always acts tough, even though it hurts inside, even though a big part of me does not want to let go, I allow others to influence my decision, and let others’ thoughts overtake my own voice.

I chose to be so heartless (I’m so sorry) sometimes not because I want to, trust me on that, I can promise with my whole life. Sometimes I choose to be mean, just because you can leave me alone, move on, and find someone better. 
I never ever felt I was good enough to be treated like a princess by anyone else other than my family members. I am a spoilt brat who hates to lose, who always needs to prove her point. I am not giving, and therefore, I should not accept 100% tolerance from anyone. I felt that things between two people should be fair, and if I cannot give enough to equate to the other person’s efforts… Not even close, I choose to forgo. I know it may be stupid, but as I said I also care a lot about what my family and friends think. 
and believe me, when I said I don’t want you to waste your time, I really really mean good, I really don’t want you to wait for something that you don’t even know when or if it’ll ever happen. And I truly mean it when I’m not good enough, I mean, we could be together but there’s so many people out there that you could try to be with, a part from myself.. 
I believe in doing whatever that’s best for the person you care about, and that’s what I’m doing- even if you disagree so damn strongly, I don’t want you to regret in the future thinking, “I’ve wasted so much time on chasing that one person and my efforts have been wasted.” 
I really wanted you in my life again when I see you trying so hard now but people around me kept telling me it’s not enough, and I really wished they could feel the way I do and see the things I see, but that being said, whenever I think of all the things you lie about, I’m still so scared 🙁 
(Right from the very start when I got to know about everything, I wished they were all not true, or not all true. When everything got exposed I felt so cheated, not of feelings, but of so much trust. I told my friends all the good things about you but I never expected that one not-so-good thing about you could hurt that much. 
To be honest I always had trust issues, especially so when ED entered my life and destroyed many parts of me. It totally killed my entire trust on so many people and so many things, not just outsiders but also closed ones like family and friends… Not until I got over it after 2 years and had my first r/s in 3 years that didn’t turn out anywhere near well. 
When you stepped into my world I never doubted you, at all. I knew about your past reputation but in my eyes, I see for myself that when we hang out and communicate you weren’t that person that I thought was/ you were used to. I was really happy when I’m with you and the thought of you makes me smile from my heart, and in my dreams.) 
^ even now when I’m typing that I really miss you, and us back then, thinking back on all the laughters we shared, hahaha. But I already shut you off and I guess there’s no room for regrets unless you ever come and talk to me again ._.

No matter how much I want to have you back, I am going to push you away,.. For now… Maybe when you stop breathing down my neck like these, I will miss you, and time will let me forgive. Till then if I still mean this much  to you, I hope you’ll come back for me. If not, I’ll be happy when you are :’)

<edit> this post was dated 17th, but I only published it now coz I didn’t want my personal feelings to be publicised… but then again now I think no one really reads my blog if I don’t advert it so heck it!!!.

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