Khao Yai Thailand

Holla! Hope all of you’ve been good. Heh.


I know it’s LONG overdue, but I’d love to share some visuals from my past trip to Khaoyai from BKK!

We booked a cab for the entire day and we set off in the morning @ 7 am… supposedly a whole day trip but we cut it short because it got kinda boring for sister and I so we skipped dinner there and headed back to BKK for dinner & shoppingggggg!

Khao Yai in my opinion is a great place for photo taking and a chillax day! But I personally don’t feel that I would like to stay over because it’s kind of boring. But there are many photogenic locations (as seen from my pictures!) We’re also lucky because we went during the season when the sunflowers bloomed. 🙂 The weather there was also cooler than BKK.

Below are my filtered photos (hehe):

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