Aussie (Gold Coast + Brisbane) with Sister Wee

Day 00

Day 01

Arrived @ Gold Coast in the morning.
Headed to our Airbnb apt near Miami Beach.
Lunch @ Coffee Club
Exploring/ Shooping @ Surfers Paradise.


Day 02

Breakfast @ Coffee Sisters > MovieWorld 
We had our breakfast late and we missed the last bus to movie world :'(
Had to take the cab in the end & it was the biggest mistake EVER. The meter was jumping as quick as our heartbeats…. ended up paying around AUD52…. Heart pain!!

One of the best brunches we had!!!

^ Worst calamaris ever!!!!
That sums up our Day 2 in GC!
Woke up earlier than the day before for breakfast so that we could catch the bus to DreamWorld.

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