Acai Addiction

Hello it’s me again!

I have always been in love with smoothies and smoothie bowls, and my TOP go-to smoothie has been the Chocolate Abs from Project Acai since they opened 😛

Here’s my top fav smooothieeee drink!

Here’s a shot of my top fav acai bowl – from The Project Acai
This bowl is from Haakon, it’s filled with ingredients and fruits but sadly there’s no nut butter (which I LOVE and NEED in my acai bowl)
Acai Affair- I find this a tad too sweet although I must say they are super generous with their ingredients!
From A Poke Theory, my bf likes that this has lots of ingredients too but I didn’t really enjoy it 🙁
This bowl is from The Good Boys Cafe @ Taiseng. 🙂 First tried them via food delivery, I love their acai and generousity in toppings but there’s no nut butter if not it would be perfect for meeee!
This has been my go-to everytime I’m home cos it’s located super near me and tbh when I first tried it i really did not like it because it was a bit tasteless? But i grew to like it more and more ever since I first ordered it when I was MAD craving for acai…
They are always so generous with the nut butter everytime I ask for more. I always customise my own bowl and prefer having fruits (mainly bananas and blueberries cos I dont like the crunch from the granolas/ seeds/ etc)

There was even one period of time I have been ordering this every single day!!! <3
This bowl here is from Grounded by Common Man, located beside my workplace 🙂 It has a good taste, and they are generous with the acai scoops. Super healthy and refreshing bowl of goodness!

There’s actually so many more places that serves acai bowls that I’ve yet to try, so I’m gonna do that one at a time, also, they are priced a little steep sometimes so when I’m saving up $ it’s a luxury to have them =(

Also, my bf did mention that Wild Honey serevs really good acai bowl as well but at a main dish price.. can’t wait to check more of them out and add on to my list of good bowls!

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