My go-to salon

Hello!!! I’m back to share a great place that I have been patronizing frequently for close to a year already!

I’ve been with Salon Plus @ Far East Plaza eversince I chanced upon their advertorial on IG that shouts $149 for COLOUR + TREATMENT + CUT. It was such a great deal because I honestly damn budget and cannot bear to spend so much on my hair T_T…. but my hair was getting way too long and unhealthy, that’s very annoying 🙁

So prior to my first ever haircut and hair makeover, my hair was pretty long and dry… I also wash my hair very often cos I teach yoga and workout almost daily, and I usually wash my hair twice a day 🙁

So this was my hair before I went to get it revived!!!:

I dont know if you can see but my hair was really long and heavy and I’ve got dry ends 🙁
and I dont like how my fringe worked.. 🙁
When I first chopped of a bunch of my hair! So happy 😀
I love this hair colourrrr =D
Really love the length of my hair and have been keeping it as this eversince!! =D

I also received lots of compliments with my new haircut.. Also, the place is comfortable and clean! I am quite particular about cleanliness so Salon Plus is definitely a thumbs up for me 🙂

Also they’ll serve you hot tea / water!!! P/s. the salon’s really cold thoooooo!!!

Warning: Spamming a series of selfies with my hair on point (I know a bit messy sometimes but I love the slightly messy look :P)

shorter hair suits me so much better right 🙂
and I went red-ish purple…… which was not really my colour 🙁
hehe i love my hair length and i’ve been keeping it as this for damn long already…
this was me in my brightest brown hair!!! kekek
See! even with such a bright hue it still looks smooth and soft right??
Hehe thats me getting my treatment done in the salon 🙂
Really in love with this hair length and cut!!
me outside my safe space =)
My friendly hair stylist, Dave!!! 🙂
Now Im back to bright brown 🙂
Last one! Special thanks to Roy for doing this shoot for me.

Special shout out to Salon Plus for always making my hair look so presentable, keeping my hair healthy and soft 🙂

FYI, both Dave and his st

They are still having their best promotion ever!!!


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