Cheek fillers to the rescue! No more tired-looking face!

About a month ago, I went back to do my cheek fillers at the same clinic I did my lips fillers because I loved the results from The Aesthetics Central Clinic.

I have previously done lip fillers at another clinic but it was not as nice as my current. Also, the reason why I chose to go for cheek fillers this time was because my friend did cheek fillers and she realized that it made her look less tired – which was exactly what I needed! I need some volume on my cheeks for a more youthful look.

So I started off by applying numbing cream on the area around my cheeks and sat around for about 30 minutes to let the numbness take place~
Me right before I got my fillers on.

Dr. Ryan Tan was really explicit in explaining to me on the procedure and things I need to know before and after getting my fillers done. Since I have had my lips fillers done there, I was pretty sure that I was in the right hands.

He went on to give me a mild anesthesia jab because I was scared of pain hahaha. But NO PAIN NO GAIN!! I braved through the entire process with my eyes closed though.

Honestly, my threshold for pain is not low, i’m just very scared of tiny needles. But the pain was bearable, so all’s good! 😀
Please ignore my frown it’s my natural expression when I’m scared HAHA
After! Still a bit of swelling for sure. And my face felt numb for a while But all’s good after!
Ok.. it was a little hard to smile right after the fillers because movement in my cheek is not convenient/ comfortable after the anesthesia.

Dr. Ryan Tan was very gentle throughout the whole procedure. I was out of the clinic in less than 50 minutes (30 minutes of numbing).

As usual, after the treatment, there was light bruising from the needles. Which went away within a week… and below is the fully recovered face 🙂

Apologies for the dark circles but tadahhhhh.

I look less tired now! Love the effect!

Once again, I highly recommend The Aesthetics Central Clinic because of their professionalism and hospitality.

Would definitely go back again and again to fulfill my beauty needs 🙂

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