Paris- Tourist things

We did touristy stuff on our last full day in Paris because we didn’t really get a chance to the previous days due to the horrible weather 🙁 Stormy, windy and freezing cold 🙁

But thankfully, the weather was close to perfect during our last day there !!! 😀

check out my bored face~ “OK BYE IM OUT”

OK fine this was the only reason why I wanted to visit the museum but it was swarmed with tourists and it was so hard to find (I mean we had to walk through the entire museum just for this art haha)

Went to visit the Louvre museum which bored me to death…. I even throwed a mini tantrum at my sis (hehehe), I know what a joke 😀 and headed back out for photos the 2nd time because the weather was much better than 2 days before!!

lighting was so good 🙁

Museums are really not my thing so i got bored very quickly and cranky… LOL. and hungry so im hangry. HAHA oops

stopped by here to take a photo coz we TOURIST af!!! weather was great!

Lunch time!!! My sis booked a table at this restaurant famous for foie gras… @ Comptoir De la Gastronomie!

Of course we did not forget to order the French Onion soup!


Sister’s foie gras dish which she loved!! She wanted to buy the spread back but was lazy THEN regretted.. proves how nice it is.


MY CRABMEAT PASTA WAS good too. Pasta texture was al dente the way I liked it. 🙂







me doing my thing.. hehe 🙂 Such a beautiful day!

oh by the way… this kinder bueno ice cream is fantasticccccc!

Also queued for some desserts at the famous Pierre Herme but it was so underwhelming 🙁 the first day we bought a few pastries and desserts from random cafes were much nicer!!!

After visiting the Eiffel we went back to do some shopping!

I love Paris so much! Even though the city is really not as clean or safe but it’s still so beautiful! 🙂

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