Story of my career

I graduated in in 2015. Exams ended in may/jun? And I decided to apply for a teaching job overseas. Not knowing where the hell was Lombok when I sent out the email to apply for the particular ad, LOL.

I just boldly decided that I want to experience something different. And I went ahead. It was scary at first- I was worried that it might be a scam, but prior to booking my flight of course I did my research.
Thank God it was real, hahahaha.
I made my decision without seeking for any permission or discussion. I merely asked my closer friends and some say I should just go ahead since it was just a short stint of a month.

I will never ever forget this experience.

So, when I arrived, I was put up in a homestay for a night. And shit, there wasn’t water heaters and the bathroom was outdoor (in the room though) and there were HELL LOT of lizards. -__-

Anyway, it was a tiring day because I had a noon flight and arrived @ night. The roads were bumpy and street lights were sparse. It was a total different vibe from Singapore.

I was paid like $700 sgd but of course I wasn’t there for the money la… I taught 2 classes a day and merely just chilled my entire time there. Looking back, it was really nice 🙂

Of course I got lonely halfway through my stay there and sometimes I couldn’t wait to get back to my loved ones. Something also happened because I got to learn about something about someone that actually kinda broke my heart, but thankful for all the supportive and helpful friends who were there for me even if they were miles away.

I made a few friends there and am happy to gain this exposure. I taught many travellers who stopped by Lombok or had a short stay there. They are from all over the world! And some of them were going to or just climbed the Mount Rinjani, haha, I wished I had the guts to do that though, because those photos they shared were mind-blowing :O

During one of my off days I visited Gili Trawangan. Fyi, there’re 3 islands in Gili, and Gili T was the most crowded one. Not my favourite, I still prefer Kuta Lombok (* not Kuta Bali!!)

look @ how beautiful Lombok Kuta is!!!

Ok, fast forward to when I came back.. I decided to take on another adventure which I kind of regretted because I was so upset there 🙁 I shan’t go into deep details but you can ask me if you know me. I travelled to Nepal but decided to come back after awhile. Guess I’m just not used to life outside… And I probably was back too short to enjoy myself back in town. I came back to Singapore for only a week before I jet off again. Felt super homesick and cried everyday till the day I came back a week later. :O

Anyways, so I decided to stay in Singapore and look for a proper job, heh. Of course I didn’t give up on my dream to teach yoga full time la. I applied for jobs everywhere and actually managed to get a job in the bank (aka. bank A), I signed the offer letter but had yet to start my training. But then I found out that the gym that I was teaching freelance at was actually hiring! I boldly decided to apply even though I know my experience wasn’t ample enough, hehe. At first they rejected me, but few weeks later, another of their manager actually contacted me again and asked if I Was still keen on the position.. I said yes of course, and we arranged for an interview and mock class. At first I thought there wasn’t any hope when he didn’t contact me at the time frame he said he would. He called me few days after the day he said he would confirm by… which I thought “ok no hope liao”. BUT I GOT IT. I WAS SO THRILLED YOU CAN NEVER IMAGINE. I WAS OVER THE MOON!!!

then, I called the bank and rejected them in the end 🙁 WHICH I later regretted again -__-

But anyways, few months into teaching full time I was completely worn out because the scheduling was bad, welfare was nowhere near good either. I decided to leave and do my own freelance teaching because I calculated and could earn more (I had other freelance opportunities that allowed me to teach lesser and earn more!). During the 6 months of teaching freelance it was kind of the happiest and most restful time in my life, haha. I had no worries, all I had to do was teach and enjoy the moments, hit the gym and attend yoga classes.

But then… I felt that there won’t be progression, and since I studied and completed Bachelor’s degree, I should at least make use of it? So I applied for office/full time positions. I got referred to by a grab driver’s friend to this bank that I really loved the name and reputation of it (I interned there before!!) and managed to get the job! Then I started training there… in the midst of training I faced with some challenges that made me so afraid that I won’t be able to even start working there anymore. But all is good at the end… 🙂 I’m very thankful for my bosses and trainers though, and my batch mates and close friends who stood by me during my worst times. (Especially Shuangwei, Shaun, Emz, Y)

This year was the year I have been in the bank until today. I am in a sales role and frankly speaking I do not enjoy my job scope. Yes, I love the company. I love love love my friends there and most of my colleagues are amazing. But some people… LOL. I shan’t name and say anything but I just feel that I can’t excel in sales? Maybe I am not aggressive enough or strongly motivated by monetary gains. I guess although a lot of times I say I wish I was rich, all I actually want to be is happy? 🙂

So guys, I left my job at the bank (currently serving my notice). And, fyi everyone, I am going back to doing what I love most. I’ve lost it once. But this time, I won’t let go of it anymore.

I told my friends my decisions and they tell me things like:

” Ya, when you tell me you work in the bank, it’s like so not you???”
“Ya you should’ve just sticked to yoga last time! you love yoga so much!”
“Ya, I think you will be happier la, if not you work in the bank everyday so sad and complain”

blabla… HAHA.

I’m not saying banking job sucks ok. Actually it is a wonderful experience to be honest. I love everything except the sales part HAHA. I’m just not cut out to be a banker I suppose. I like to be free spirited and just do yoga and be a happy bunny.

I’ll likely be traveling for awhile, to be away from reality because too many things has been cluttering my mind now :'(

Be it career, family and love life. everything is a mess and it’s time for me to seek peace somewhere for a little while…


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