[Announcement] Winners of the Ziaja Manuka Tree Giveaway



Thank you for participating in my recent blog giveaway for the Ziaja Purifying Manuka Tree Giveaway! 

These are the lucky winners for the contest… Click to read on and see if you are one of them! Continue reading

Happy Lunar New Year 2015 – OOTD

Dear readers, it is the Chinese lunar new year and I would like to wish you all a blessed & prosperous happy new year, filled with lots of love, happiness and joy. Also, good health to one and all, after all, health is wealth.



Here’s how my CNY 1st day went…

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[Announcement] Winner of Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Concentrate


Thank you for participating in my Glamogirl giveaway for the Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Concentrate.

These are the lucky winners for the contest…

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I’m so so envious of these ladies

Gosh, they are so lucky! The GUCCI & LV bags have gotten their winners. In fact, the lucky lady who won the GUCCI has gone shopping and bought a gorgeous GUCCI bag!

Lia was the blessed lady who got this advance birthday present from MFP. You can head down to the MFP forum to view the VIDEO on her shopping trip to Gucci boutique.

Also the LV winner was just announced only, you may head down to view the VIDEO. Congrats to Dawn, lady luck was indeed shining upon her. She had been aiming for the LV bag and now she has gotten it. Both ladies are active forumers in the MFP Forum , each having more than 1300 posts so far. The more posts you have, the more lucky draw chances you get.

The rest of you envious ladies fret not, there’s still 3 more bags to be won. So if you have not been posting much, then you should start doing so to up your chances of winning. Especially so for the grand draw of the much coveted CHANEL bag… Yes, I will be dying of envy on the day when the winner of the CHANEL bag is announced. (Can it be me???? Pretty pls!!!!!)

So anyway, the draw is still on, please please please PARTICIPATE NOW if you haven’t. And if you do win, you sure owe me a drink at Coffeebean 😉

Winners of Lactacyd V-zone Care Goodie Pack

First of all, thanks for the overwhelming response!

3 winners with the correct answer have been picked at random. Do check under the cut to see if you are the lucky trio!

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