Za Groovy Collection… Did someone say candylicious?

(pic credits to her world office)

Seems like the candyman dropped by ZA and added a touch of sweetness to their latest collection. Do you like candy-inspired colors? Yes? Then you’re in for a treat. Check out the latest Groovy Eyes and Cheeks palettes that will be available in Watson stores in Feb!

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A day as a Beauty Scene Investigator (B.S.I)

Last week, I had received an unexpected call. Something gruesome had happened! It appears that several beauty products were reported dead and the crime scene was a mess in Beauty County. So the special agents from Shiseido invited me over to check things out.

So first, the other BSIs and I had a briefing by Secret Agent, Samantha, on the happenings.



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Have you heard of Superdrug?

This is something new for me, yes, I’ve seen their products in Watsons for quite sometime but knew little of them. Off hand, I only know that they’re a UK brand and they should be pretty reputable. Furthermore, the Superdrug products caught my eye due to their really low pricing.

As a self-confessed beauty junkie, I’m ashamed that I have not learnt of this brand sooner. A quick search online shows that they are the United Kingdom’s second-largest beauty and health retailer currently operating over 900 stores in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We currently have 226 in-store pharmacies. Oh cool! That’s something like Watsons or Guardian over here and their website reminds me of US’s

Long story cut short, AS Watson bought them over in 2002. So that is why you see their products all over the Watson stores. In fact, they are kind of like a house brand… It’s like Watson’s in-house products.

So the only product from Superdrug I have tried would be the Pearl shower gel. They were going for 300ml at S$2.00 only! I would say it’s not too bad but if you’re fussy over your shower gels. Then perhaps this is not for you. It’s really basic and the scent isn’t much to rave about. But for the price I’m paying, it’s a reasonable product.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of their other products soon…

Queen of BB Creams – Skin79 Diamonds Preview

Held at The Icing Room @ 313 yesterday, I had fun ‘playing’ with the various products and am already planning what to get on my next trip to Watsons. >.<

Firstly, I’m new to Skin79 and this is the 1st time I’m attending their preview.

It was an eye-opening experience for me as I hardly use BB cream now.

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Award-winning ZA & Majolica Majorca products at SALE prices at Watsons! Check out Aqualabel too :)

Just got one of Watson’s EDMs in my inbox.
And I thought of sharing it…



Remember to get your enhancer if you have not!
My little entry on Aqualabel here. Do check it out!

Majolica Majorca


Woohoo! The award-winning glitter auto liner, lengthening mascara & eye shadow quad at attractively low prices now!
And there’s also a nail art freebie with every purchase.



Their star products available at a discount.
Do remember to check out the famous 2-way foundation!
Previous entries on ZA products available HERE.

ZA Skin Beauty Workshop – Unveiling a new Queen in foundation

HM & I attended this ZA introductory workshop where they unveiled the new Queen in foundation! How exciting, isn’t it? Knowing that most of us grew up using ZA.
And my first foundation & pressed powder were both from ZA!

And because the consumers have grown up, ZA also decided to have a name change from just ZA to ZA-cosmetics. It’s like symbolic to showing how the brand has also grown and matured over the years along with it’s faithful fans.



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DHC in Singapore

DHC is now available in SINGAPORE!
It can be found at Watsons Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Compass Point, Raffles City & Ion stores.

Hmm… why Compass Point? Why not Jurong Point or North Point etc?
Anyway, I am not sure of the price difference.
Is it cheaper overseas or the price range is comparable in SG’s stores?
Update me if you happen to drop by any of the above mentioned Watsons :)

Mandom Cleansing Express Moist Review

What? Mandom Cleansing Express Moist
Where to buy? Watsons
How much? $18.90

This is a makeup remover which I’ve been dying to try.
It’s water-based so no greasy residue on your face after cleansing :)
I’ve seen the adverts and read the reviews but remained a skeptic till
I got to try out the sample thanks to Cozycot & Mandom :)

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Watsons Member Card


Every drugstore junkie should get a Watsons membership!
You’ll get to earn points and a whole load of other goodies!!!
Gosh! It was out like on wednesday I think and I’m quite late since
most of the other drugstore junkies have already gotten theirs.



Check out the benefits they have in store for you :)

And when you join, you get vouchers of which I find the free eyebrow
trimming session by ZA most worth it 😉

They’ll also have monthly specials for members only where we’ll be
entitled to exclusive savings!!

How to activate your card?
It’s simple just go online to
and follow the instructions below.

More info can be found at HERE

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