I No Longer Fall Sick Easily After Taking This Health Supplement


I have long heard of the health benefits of propolis but have been too lazy to take them regularly. It wasn’t till May this year did I chance upon the propolis supplement on iHerb and decided to give it a try. Propolis in Singapore, just like most other items, are pretty expensive. So given this very affordable pricing on iHerb, I was really skeptical of its benefits.


Let’s talk about Propolis first. So you may be wondering, what is Bee Propolis? It a sealant made by bees to fill up open spaces in the hive, otherwise also known as “bee glue”. It is made of resinous substance which the bees gather from the leaf buds of trees and vegetables.

Bee propolis has been used in traditional medicine for thousand of years and is known of its numerous health benefits. But in this blog entry, I will share just a few reasons on why I am taking this supplement. Continue reading

My latest iHerb Loot! (Promo Code In Blog Post)


Just received my latest iHerb loot! Been buying more sauces from iHerb, they have all these organic stuff at a fraction of what you pay in Singapore.


iHerb has over 35000+ top-rated healthy products; with discount shipping, incredible values and customer rewards. I super love the Annie’s Naturals Lemon & Chives dressing, it’s not only great for salads but also fish. I use this a lot on my grilled fish fillets and the taste is simply addictive, which is why I had ordered two bottles this round. As you know, I have been cooking lunch for work and being a big FISH fan, I have been doing mostly grilled fish. So this sauce works great and gives my fillets a more flavorful punch! I’m also trying out Simply Organic’s crushed red pepper, these are great with grilled food, pasta and pizza. 

Asher still has cough on and off, so we are trying out Honey Garden’s Elderberry Syrup with Apitherapy Raw Honey, Propolis and Elderberries. Elderberries are known to improve immune systems which raw honey is known for soothing the throat. Will try and review if it is worth purchasing.

Last but not least, I’m also trying out these Nature’s Plus Kids Greenz vitamins with Asher since he does not really like to eat his greens. Now, spare me the lecture, I know that getting nutrients from the original source is the best. But this is an alternative we are looking at since it can be so difficult to get him to eat his vegetables at home. I heard that he finishes them up without complaint in school though.

If you are a first-time customer, get $5 to $10 off your order when you use this promo code: QRV947 

[Review] Guardian Multi-Vitamin + Minerals Gummies & Guardian Omega-3 Chewable Gummies


As a mother of an active toddler, I find myself often trying out different vitamin supplements to add on to my boy’s nutritional intake and boost his immune system. So when I was given these 2 bottles of Guardian Kid’s vitamins, I couldn’t wait to start him on them.


Here’s a little more info on the vitamins which Asher has been taking for the past 2 weeks…

Guardian Multi-Vitamin + Minerals Gummies, 60s, $23.90

Guardian Multi-Vitamin + Minerals gummies are tasty alternatives to traditional pills or syrups, making them a popular choice even for finicky eaters. Rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals such as Zinc, these yummy gummies provide important nutrients for a child’s immune health, energy levels and vision. They are vegetarian-friendly, with no added gelatine and preservatives, so your child gets the best that they deserve.

Guardian Omega-3, 60s, $23.90

Does junior dread the fishy aftertaste associated with most Omega-3 supplements? Enter Guardian Omega-3 chewable gummies — deliciously flavoured supplements that are easy to chew and fun for children. Each serving of preservative- and gelatine-free gummies provides 50mg of DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids, which support healthy vision and brain functions. The natural fruit flavours also make these chewables a hit with kids, while their cute fish shape translates into a fun experience for the little ones.   Continue reading

Check Out My iHerb Loot! (Discount Code Inside!)

And so I’ve jumped on the iHerb bandwagon! It was a wise decision because the transaction was quick and hassle-free. Shopping at iHerb is so much more convenient than shopping at drugstore.com and having to ship the items via a third party forwarder like Vpost or Comgateway. iHerb sends the orders via international post with a tracking number, but you could also upgrade to DHL or UPS if you need your supplements urgently.


Continue reading

Launch Of Vitamagra, The Complete Nutritional Plan


Last Saturday I was invited to the launch of Vitamagra by Shiro-wa at Marina @ Keppel Bay. The company, Shiro-wa produces beauty & nutritious products which combines natural herbs with non-harmful chemicals. And Vitamagra is their latest innovative health product to be introduced.


It was an informative session with Dr Chia Tet Fatt & Dr Daniel Lim; the CEO of Shiro-wa, sharing with us the science behind this product and why it really works. Did you know that Singaporeans take in 80% more salt than we really should? We also exceed our caloric intake by 60%. We are taking in more unhealthy, processed and fatty foods than before.

This is why we have 21st century health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and the list goes on. This is why Vitamagra was conceived, to tackle such 21st century issues. Nowadays, most folks lead generally hectic lifestyles, they don’t consume sufficient vitamins and minerals from food alone and judging from our food choices, it is no wonder why.

Vitamagra is a nutritional and weight management drink that is suitable for everyone. Men and women, young and old, irregardless of body shape and size. You could consume it anywhere, anytime.


To conclude Dr Lim’s talk, we were introduced to an on-the-go exercise routine called the “Exercise Anywhere Program” you could do to keep fit. It was a fun way to burn those calories.


We were invited to try out the different flavors of Vitamagra. The hot version consisted of dark coffee while you could drink the others such as Original, Chocolate, Strawberry and Matcha (green tea) cold. My personal picks are original, chocolate and matcha.


Thanks to Shiro-wa, I received a generous goodie bag which also includes a tub of Vitamagra. Yipee! Can’t wait to start trying it out and hopefully, I woud be more energized (I so need the extra energy to look after Asher) and slimmer (please make my hips shrink). Do look out for my blog entry on Vitamagra and more details.

Trip down to Guardian & Watsons

What I bought today:

Where? Guardian

Bioderma Sébium H2O Solution Micellaire
1st bottle had no discount, darnit… beauty advisor
gave me wrong info!


This product is apparently highly raved by models and celebs.

Where? Watsons

Life Spectrum Natural Vit E Supplements

They’re 50% off at Watsons.
Utilised my $20 voucher too… :)


Vit E is an antioxidant supplement.
The Body Shop has a range of Vit E skincare because it is good for the skin.
So when it comes to beauty, Vit E is said to help in anti-aging and provide sun protection.
The long list of benefits that Vit E provides also includes preventing menstrual cramps, PMS, increasing and regulating the immunity system, preventing cell damage from free radicals and much more!

I’m lacking this in my supps so thought of getting a bottle to try out :)
Especially since it’s only $14.95 after 50% off.

Wai Yuen Tong Da Hong Pao Slimming Tea for lower body


Yes, my butt & thighs are so much fatter now.
So it’s time to do something before I start spotting tree trunks as legs!
This usually retails for $39.90 for just 10g sachets x 10. Pricey!
But since it’s on discount and going for $19.75. I decided to give it a try too.
I’ll post a review after I’ve finished all 10 sachets!

Bargain cheapo hunters, watch out for sales!
Guardian, Watsons & John Little (Storewide) still having 20% off!

I saw alot of NU REN WO ZHUI DA products at John Little and the much highly-raved
chocolate mask going for $21.50 only! Deduct 20% off and it’s only $17.20.
I’ll be getting that VERY soon.

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