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Previously, I had blogged about the most pampering facial I’d received at Pure Tincture. Just a short recap, Pure Tincture is a beauty spa that offers beauty treatments such as facials, waxing and more. And that is not just all, they also offer a wide range of organic skincare brands such as Pai, Suki Pure, Ila spa, Santaverde, Osea and many more.

I was recommended the Suki range. I have dry skin and these were the products which were given to me for my daily skincare regime.


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[Review] Le Coffret CosmeLED by EstheClinic Paris

I am a fuss-free person when it comes to skincare where the lesser steps involved, the better. Honestly, I can’t imagine having to go through a skincare routine that would take up more than 10 minutes of my time. So when I was approached by EstheClinic Paris, a French group of aesthetic and anti-ageing clinics, to try out their cosmeceuticals range. I got really intrigued and excited about this collaboration. So for the past few weeks, I have been trying out their leading product, Le coffret CosmeLED and now I would like to share about it with you, dear readers!


According to EstheClinic Paris, all the French medical anti-ageing expertise has been condensed into this unique anti-ageing kit that leaves skin looking radiant, firmer and younger. Wow! Upon learning about that, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. Le Coffret CosmeLED is also inspired by aesthetic medicine and includes innovative cosmeceuticals and micro-needle device that acts in synergy to reverse the signs of aging.

The three products you would find in this Le coffret ( also known as small box in French) are:


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My Facial Experience At Bella Skin Care

With more than 2 decades of experience in the beauty business, Bella Skin Care is the place to go for professional skin care services.


Regular facials not only stimulates circulation and removes dead skin to reveal a healthier, hydrated and radiant complexion. It also provides physiological and psychological benefits.

I must admit that I’ve not been faithfully having my facials done due to the lack of time ever since I had a baby. Therefore, it’s no surprise that my skin was lackluster and in bad shape. A skin consultation revealed that my skin was dehydrated in most areas, badly clogged and dull.

The Pure Blossom Treatment; one of the treatments being offered at Bella Skin Care was recommended for my skin type. Designed to boost skin repair and rejuvenation, the Pure Blossom Treatment aims to heal and improve elasticity. Armed with antioxidants such as Vitamin C, CoEnzyme Q10 & Glycolic Acid, it helps the skin protect against sun damage while encouraging skin exfoliation for a renewed complexion.


After changing into the treatment gown and settling down in my assigned therapy room. My face was once again given yet another close-up examination. My beauty therapist mentioned that my skin was dry and sensitive, especially in the areas around my nose, upper lips and the forehead. She also noted that my chin area was showing signs of clogged pores. I was advised to regularly exfoliate my skin to reduce and prevent congested pores.

The treatment begin with the therapist getting me to inhale some aromatherapy essential oil to relax. Next, I was treated to a pampering welcome head and shoulder massage. This was followed by the removal of my makeup, a cleanse and exfoliation scrub. At the same time, a rose scented facial mist was used to soothe and calm skin. Benefits of mist include leaving skin radiant and hydrated.

I dread the extraction the most of all in facials because they tend to hurt so much, in fact, causing me to tear a lot too. However, my beauty therapist’s skillful hands were so nimble and gentle. And guess what? No tears at all too. I suppose that the facial steam did also play a part in opening up my pores so that the extraction was a breeze. My brows which have not been trimmed for ages were also tidied up.

Once all the gunk and blackheads were removed, the beauty therapist then applied soothing lotion to calm my skin. All these while, I was still being treated to the facial steam with rose water to soothe my skin.

Then, the therapist applied the Pure Blossom serum containing CoEnzyme Q10 for me. Having the facial mist on also helped opened my pores to fully absorb the serum’s essence. CoEnzyme Q10 has potent antioxidant benefits, it boosts skin cell renewal, stimulates collagen growth while protecting against sun damage. Seriously, I could go on and on about its wonderful benefits but you get the idea.

As I allowed my skin to absorb the goodness of the Pure Blossom serum, I was given a  hand paraffin wax. Now this is why I enjoy having facials at Bella Skin Care, because it’s almost like a head to toe pampering session. You get a head and shoulder massage, hand paraffin wax, hand massage and your brows tidied up too.

Finally, it was time for my favorite part of every facial; the mask. Here I am enjoying the Pure Blossom mask packed with wholesome goodness of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid.


I was left to rest for awhile with the mask on and I actually drifted off to sleep. Ahhhh.. pure bliss. Hence, I was almost disappointed when the beauty therapist returned to the room as I knew that my pampering facial session was coming to an end soon. But it was not before she indulged me in a relaxing hand massage after removing the paraffin wax. The mask was cleansed off and sunscreen applied to my skin. Next, I was treated to yet another massage known as the goodbye massage which targeted the shoulder and back.


What a lovely experience I had at Bella Skin Care. Much to my surprise and delight, I left the place without any embarrassing post-extraction redness too. My skin also appeared brighter and clearer, thanks to the Vitamin C & Glycolic Acid.


Check out the before and after photo above. Notice how hydrated and bright my complexion appears after the facial. The extraction also helped cleared up the pimples and surprisingly did not leave behind any tell-tale redness.

You can now try this treatment out at a special promo price of S$98 instead of S$168! Now, that’s S$70 worth of savings!!

For more information, head down to their website BELLA SKIN CARE.

Do also LIKE their FACEBOOK Page for updates on news and promotions.

If you have any enquiries, call their hotline:

Bella Skin outlets can be found at:

ORCHARD – 360 Orchard Road
#08-06 International Building
Singapore 238869

MARINA SQUARE – 6 Raffles Boulevard
#03-153 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

JURONG POINT – 1 Jurong West Central 2
B1-60/61 Jurong Point
Singapore 648886

TAMPINES – 300 Tampines Avenue 5
#01-04 NTUC Income Tampines Junction
Singapore 529653

NEX – 23 Serangoon Central
#B1-52 Nex Mall
Singapore 556083

[Wishtrend] Skin & Lab’s C Plus Brightening

WISHTREND carries many wonderful Korean beauty products and of the brands would be SKIN & LAB. I was given the C Plus Brightening to try out but before we go into details, let’s find out a little more about this brand.

Skin&Lab was created based on the results of the experiment with dermatologists. It is consist of hypoallergenic materials passed with strict skin test. This brand used vitamin to supply its effectiveness to your skin directly.

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[Advertorial] Lovera Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum (Goodness of Vit C in a vial)

Everyone’s obsessed with looking younger nowadays. Just take a look around and you’ll find that the markets are saturated with beauty supplements, aesthetic doctors to skincare products that contain collagen and other anti-oxidants.

Also with it being Chinese Lunar New Year, all the late nights staying up with family and friends to chill out or gamble (oops, I didn’t say that). It’s no surprise if you wake up tired, dull-looking skin.

I’m no exception and now that I am approaching 30s in another few more years, I’m determined to unravel the secrets behind looking young and beautiful even without a good night’s rest.

You won’t need to splurge thousands of dollars on botox or resort to invasive surgical means just to look good. We can find the answer to a glowing and youthful complexion in a tiny little bottle.

Curious about this product I’m gonna share with you? Here’s presenting the –

Lovera Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum


This product is packed with loadful of vitamins and Ginseng Extract. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin AVitamin B3 and Vitamin E have both protective and moisturizing properties. They help prevent damage to the skin from UVA & UVB rays. These vitamins also increase the resistance to collagen destruction, hence, promoting skin that is not only healthy and glowing but also supple and smooth to touch.

Ginseng (Extract) is an anti-aging and regenerative tonic. It has a remineralizing activity and offers anti-blotch properties.

And then we have the star ingredient – Vitamin C. Other than brightening the skin tone and lightening dark spots, it is also known to work against wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C plays a vital role in boosting your skin’s health and slowing down aging by preventing UV-induced free radical damage. Most importantly, it also stimulates collagen synthesis and this is essential for youthful-looking skin.


What sets apart the Lovera Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum from other Vitamin C products would be its packaging.

As Vitamin C is oxidised easily and becomes inefficient upon oxidation, Lovera’s unique packaging ensures Vitamin C is delivered fresh and is effective for use.

And it’s real simple to assemble the serum for usage, you can follow the instructions shown on the right side of the box.


STEP 1: Pull the slot upwards in the direction as shown by the arrow on the cap, this is to remove the protective cap around the serum.

Remove the white cap and you will see the red tab below that secures the opening of the serum bottle.

STEP 2: Place the vial on a table to prevent spillage. Then firmly press the red tab down all the way, this is to help activate and release the high potency of the Vitamin C.

STEP 3: Shake the vial vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

STEP 4: Remove the red tab

STEP 5: Cover the vial with the nozzle securely.

IMPORTANT! Refrigerate your Radiance C when not in use, it can be kept refrigerated for up to 10 days. Do not expose the vial to sunlight or heat.


Apply a few drops on thoroughly-cleansed skin on face and neck. Massage into skin with finger tips. It is recommended that you use the Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum every evening for maximum results.

The Lovera Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum is light-weight in texture and the skin feels refreshed after application. As it’s so quickly absorbed, there is no clogging or heavy feeling on the skin.

You can’t even tell that I had applied the product as it’s readily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any uncomfortable layer of film.

After several applications, I feel that my skin appears brighter and glowy. I have some pimple scars which have also seem to faded off at a much quicker rate. This is a product that is worth checking out and you can purchase it from their online store – LOVERA SKIN CARE.

Do also LIKE LOVERA FACEBOOK PAGE  for exclusive updates and promotions from Lovera. Right now, the first 300 to LIKE the page would receive a 7-day sample of Lovera Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum!

So what are you waiting for???

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